The End is Nigh :/


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I would like to wish all the quit members of evol the very best in RL and future worlds. Thanks for giving us all here in W.A.R a very good game, and i look forward to staying in contact with some of you, and possibly playing together or against one another again. Its a very hard thing to quit, i admire you all for it, iv failed miserably myself many times. Take care James & guys

God speed, Gix
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Congratulations. Sorry that you are left with 10 months of boredom before you get the win. Just couldn't see the point investing time and money to fight a lost cause. Too much inactivity and no ability to internal was a bad mix.

Be alert to the fact paladins revenge has a tribe and will have more mega's unless you guys keep nobling. Be embarrassing to have the mods win this world after they tried so hard to ruin it ;)

No doubt we will cross paths again as I can't see me staying away for long.


It's God's speed btw

Probably wrong phrase to use cos it means safe return.


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meh to trolls

ya james, we'll have to keep on fighting Paladins revenge until we hold majority of the megas. I quite liked the settings of uk 10 tbh, needs a little more thought ofc, and maybe the tribe member limit was too high


Best of Luck to all those who have left. It was a fun world, and the speed was perfect for me rebuilds but slow troop speed.

The lads/ladies in Evol have been a solid bunch of players, and in fairness to your inactivity problems, it never stopped you with constant ops. Some poor War lad always seemed to be a victim for a few days lol.

Good banter both sides, and Hopefully we will see some of you again.

Take Care James, Dean, Martin.... the whole gang :)

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It's a shame it ended before I could join up again, but ah well, to new horizons and all that. It's always difficult when you have two tribes left at end-game, one or two players quitting can set a tribe back weeks, if not months, of hard work.

Congratulations to W.A.R, shout outs to Roy Rage and Turncoat? (Richard) for the banter!


Bye Gix. We couldnt take it anymore! Nice playing with you on Us and playing against you on uk
The best of luck in RL and in future worlds. Now I just need Uk6 to finish!

Thanks for the game guys.


Hi all.

Still here and there. LOL although i dont play here no more. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK.

Some great characters. Was a blast.