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And ipads for the winners! Oh and the extra stuff below... Please make the prizes count Mods, it was a very experimental world frought with extreme problems through out. To say the winning tribe (locked together for 18 months) deserved the win is an understatement. Thanks to all the members for remaining active. It was a pleasure to play alongside you, and im proud, humbled, to have served you as duke. And thank you all for your time and patience with me, I know im hard work! A massive thanks to Clara for putting up with me as her co lmao

Since this is our 10th anniversary world, and in we do stuff differently :) the TW staff has decided to issue some bonus forum prizes in addition to the other prizes that will be given for the worlds' winners.

The winning tribe of UK 10 will receive special UK 10 Avatar badges, a color and a title!!! The badges have already been made, but we are open for ideas on what the title should be and color issued for the winners. Some rules do apply:

  • The title and color will only be applied to one forum account

  • The forum account that the color/title is applied to MUST match the in-game account
This means that if you are co-playing, only one account will get the forum title/color, and only the account that matches the in-game account will get the forum title/color. For example, if I played under an alias and co-played with Tracey, only the alias forum account would receive the badge and title/color, my jp68plus1 account and Traceys account wouldn't receive them.

Any input on color and title would be greatly appreciated, hope y'all enjoy!!
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Congratulations! I learned a great deal from UK10, but I think the most important lesson taught me that I will never play a world with such settings again. Inactivity and inability to act on it really ruined the immersion.


Accountability - this is my first and last post on the .UK forum.

I have been playing TW for the past 7 years and I have NEVER endured such a farcical scenario. Players, through loyalty to their tribe have paid good money to see the mods experiment with not only settings but with individuals who in turn have now become complacent with the ethos and ethics of this game.

Do I want an Avatar / Ipad or my money back ? Perhaps all three....


Finally, the world is completed.

UK10 was a very strange world indeed. The settings were truely unique, and interesting to say the least. I have to say I found the speed really nice ; decent speed for building troops and ressies, but nice and slow for troop movements. It made suprise attacks very difficult, and afforded most of us playing a measure of sanity and real life. Couple this with the extreme difficulty in attacking someone ( no supporting until you take a village, large attack gap, fake limit ), meant it really was a defenders dream. I have to say even though I sat many an account under fire, with others, I found the world a nice world, not too stressful or never too difficult.

It was the tribal lock-ins, inability to attack inactive tribemates, and the poor decisions/mistakes made several times by the game, meant a lot of players were left feeling trapped and hard done by.

But apart from that, we had a great tribe at W.A.R. I don't think I've ever been in a more active tribe. Everyone had their quiet times, but there were always several players plugging on, battling away. I suppose that's what makes a tribe great, when one player is waning, another is waxing, creating a good balance overall. Players like Chickencatch and Eagle Girl, never seemed to slow down at all though, which is a credit to both.

Evol had some great members, and the war started off as very fair. I would enjoy playing against them many times over. I salute them for the efforts, and sympathise with their activity issues. It's not a nice place to be!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to personally apologise for any outbursts I've had whilst on UK10. Before this world I was a very easy going, forgiving person. This world brought out a side to me which I'm not very proud of. I've always been the type of person to be very open and honest to people, no matter the costs, but I feel I perhaps got wrapped up with this too much here. To Gixxer, and Eagle Girl, I'd like to particularly apologise for any of my tongue lashings at you both. As I say, I'm not one to keep my opinions to myself and I always feel openess is best long term, but with both of you I should have been more patient and understanding. I feel it's only right to finish the world and reflect on some of the bigger mistakes I've made, and I feel this as my biggest regret of all.

So to all members of W.A.R., I'm very proud to have been in this tribe, to have played alongside each and every one of you. It's been overall a great world, and I will genuinely miss it so much.

To Lisa, you will not be forgotten.



was a unique world and well done to everyone that got to the end despite the little issues along the way! Well done for winning the world WAR and kudos to those who knew they wouldn't win but sticking it out to the end.

Always enjoyed reading these forums too (mostly)


Were more big issues than little, but regardless. Congratulations W.A.R.


Have to agree with you there CP, and I wouldnt say it was a fair world.
Nevertheless, Well done W.A.R