The factions of Mask

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The factions of Mask

Since the dawn of the world, Mask have been sat on the northern rim, through our merciless exploits we have smashed our enemies, certain factions in mask came about, through chivalrous competition mask has grown stronger and stronger, and within the factions have grown strong as a team, but outside the factions, fierce bitter rivalries take place.

On the west we have d1's and xlapa's faction, we have a solid mix of my defending and xlapa's attacking all mixed up with the rest of our brilliant team.

We have the central faction with Our juggernauts, Andyh, pangela, the cabbie and northern rim destroyers, these guys are serious nukers not to be trifled with.

Situated on the east, we have a squad so feared, they unnerve players with years of experience, they make up the largest faction in mask, but with such size also comes the renowned talents of cotton, WW and chloe.

We have operated under the mask banner for some time and through our competitive nature have done the business on anyone in our way, but with such fierce competition amongst the squads, someone always goes too far.

On March the 1st, the sun goes down, a bunch of sleepy mask players lay down their dead, we've washed down our sorrows and lay'd down our heads as we recharge for another day of war tommorow. But not all are feeling so slumber-sum tonight, a certain doozy is a foot and going in squad 1's tent.

A unspoken deed is done that night, and the 3 factions now grow ever apart and things grow ever turbulent.

In actuality ^^^ this is a legend we invented just for Maxine

Please sit back as me and Rage demonstrate how to catch a fish.

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:03
Woah, what's happening here then? Why has Tom left??

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:04
ooo very sharp dont miss a trick do ya :D

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:06
No course I don't. ;) what happened??

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:08
cotton has declared war us and is firing, still talking with him atm

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 17:56

might be looking for a new tribe soon in all honesty so im not bothered about any agreement

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:58

Ah really? Where??

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 17:58
notsure yet but any were is better than here atm :(

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:59
What's happening??

Really, me cotton and wayne(WW) were pissing about, but it seems Maxine's attentiveness were her down fall. Call me a opportunist :p

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:08
cotton has declared war us and is firing, still talking with him atm

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:08

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:09
internal squabbling, he's unloading nukes, so will have some explaining to do, else we wipe him off the map.

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:10
:/ he seems like a bit of a loose cannon! Who was he squabbling with?

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:12
a few of us, im thinking mask will split in 3 ways in next 48 hours unless somat major changes.

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:17
Damm, why???

Let us know if we can do anything to help! x

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:19
we got lots of good players, but ego comes with it sadly, and ego's clash, guess fighting major wars aint on the cards any more

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:23
Why isn't fighting major wars on the cards anymore?

Who is it who's causing the trouble?

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:31
cuz we will have 3 mini tribes instead of 1 big tribe.

and each of the 3 will want to fight one another as its getting personal

Theirs 3 major sorta sides

1 is headed by cotton, and covers most of the eastern side, his would be the largest

2nd one is headed by andyh, thats just him pang and doozy

3rd one me n xlapa are on the west with a new others.

Us 4 do not get along at all, weve had death threats the lot.

But our tribe peace keeper (toon) has managed to keep it as just a rivalry, where we work together for good of the tribe up till now.

Thats when doozy slept with xlapa's rl girlfriend, xlapa went nutty and wants doozies head, so has been making the all 3 sort of factions fight more.
Atm if he attacked, the tribe would just teat xlapa as a traitor, but if xlapa gets the 3 sorta factions to split, then he can effectively war with doozies lot.

So things get more heated everyday, just what xlapa wants and when we split, i forsee a instant declaration

phew, sorry its a long story :/

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:38
Ah so has this split always been kinda noticeable?

Wow, that is a long story! :/ kinda weird too actually, how has the xlapa and doozy thing come about!? :/

If any of that happens though, XpRd will come from the South and crush you all.

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:43
we have squads, and the factions per say are very similar.

It started with which faction was doing the best, then arguments with who was better, then full on abuse.

well im really close with xlapa and he and me head up the west squad, doozy and xlapa used to be really good mates, but then when things got bitter on tw they did in rl, and doozy did the dirty n seduced his then gf.

Before it was just game stuff, but now its rl as well, ppl who are close in rl have fell apart through ppl being way too serious, so now i think its a matter of time.

Like right now cotton is nuking xlapa, yet doozy has invited him back, this wont sit well at all with anyone not in doozies pack.

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:49
Ah that's not good. :/ not good at all! :/

People shouldn't take the game so seriously. :/ doozy is the cabbie right?

Ah so there is internal attacking going on then? Why is cotton attacking xlapa!?!?

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:51
yea doozy is on cabbie acc.

Yes, well soon as i saw cotton attacking, i kicked him, but doozy re invited him, and striped my privs im now trying to get hold of doozy cuz its getting out of hand.

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:53
Why did he take your privs!? I thought you were co-Dukes? That does seem out of hand!

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:54
because i kicked cotton

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:57
Seems you were kinda in the right, and you're still co-Dukes, one Duke can't strip the other of privs!

So have you two fallen out then?

d1mension Mar 06,2013 17:59
A duke can demote a duke and promote to duke

well if he doesnt give back im gunna side with xlapa on this, sure he wants war, but he hasnt been underhanded in all of this.

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 18:00
Yeah I know technically he can, but not ethically!

Hmmmm he does sound like he has been kinda underhanded, shit stirring isn't exactly up front!

Seriously though, how is warring him on TW gonna sort out his GF?! Sorry, but I think that's a little bit pathetic. Not meaning to offend anyone there, just what I think. :/

d1mension Mar 06,2013 18:03
i guess its his only outlet, i dunno, i just try n lead the boys, but their making it impossible

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 18:06
Kinda ridiculous if you ask me, sorry. :/ yeah, I know how you feel, people make it hard for us. :( I've been lucky here, such a great group of guys/gals. They make it as easy as they can for me.

d1mension Mar 06,2013 18:14
Aye just hope it calms down n cotton is dealt with, but im not confident

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 17:59
What's happening??

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 18:01
how long you got?

in short there seems tobe some hate towards me and a few guys down this end of the map all over some stupid faction rubbish :(

anyways i got kicked because i sent nukes at Xlapa who if you asked me gave me the full permission to on skype. X was saying they could beat me hands down but was not laughing when i launched.

Dam mess if you ask me but D1 will be getting nuked any minute just sorting states, the Sod thinks he can kick me

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 18:05
I've got all night!

damm, so the tribe is split??

Ah that isn't right of X, but at the end of the day, you're tribemates aren't you? You shouldn't be attacking each other!

The 'sod' was probably just trying to do what he thought was right at that moment in time, and tbh, I think I would have done the same spur of the moment thing if I found out a player in my tribe was attacking another!

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 18:12
yeah good way of putting it, totally split atm :(

X has been pushing for a fight for days so's D1, both with the our faction is biggest and strongest on this server rubbish

nah D1 has been looking for an excuse to kick me as i think secretly he wants this war, note this thou if we goto war me and the guys near me will win without a doubt

So we have tossed out some bait, bait made itself look tasty, now its just about how much fish can get Maxine to lap up :D

d1mension Mar 06,2013 18:23

Ram (606|410) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 76:07:06 id:14434104

Ram (612|414) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 70:59:41 id:14434105

Ram (588|387) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 69:55:23 id:14434106

Ram (595|392) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 69:25:15 id:14434117

Ram (578|429) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 57:10:38 id:14434234

Ram (568|398) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 55:32:34 id:14434240

Ram (574|392) Cottonbud Mar 06 2013 59:36:56 id:14434247

I was just doing my job as a duke, but nuke me.

Ok i think its clear now, things about to get nasty.

If we split and became a tribe of me, [player]xlapa[/player], [player]olivenb[/player], [player]Gesler[/player], [player]toon[/player]

Would you be open to talks with us.

we are thinking perhaps join as some form of academy to your tribe, we are all close, i could link up with finale fantasy and am solid to any xprd attacks, and the rest will strike at the heart of mask factions.

If help, helped us, you could control all the northern k's pretty quickly, and i assure you, we are valuable members.

Just i feel the rest are nuts.

Are we open to perhaps becoming a brother tribe of help?

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 18:46
Hmmm that's not good. :/

You've put me in a hard situation here. :( I can't guarantee we'd be up for talks straight away, all depends on a number of things. But in the future, if you're still about, we should be open to talks.

This leaves us open for XpRd to crush. :(

d1mension Mar 06,2013 18:55
its going to be bloody though, u guys will be rank 2, and a stronger rank 2 with us?

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 19:03
We don't know that yet though do we? We will definitely be open to some kind of talks at some point, but can't guarantee it will be straight away. I have to think about what would be best for [ally]HELP![/ally], and the best thing for [ally]HELP![/ally] would be to sit on the side lines for a while!

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 18:42
Ah shit that's a pain. :(

Who are you guys with? And I thought you and D1 get on? XpRd will come up behind and crush you all if you start fighting each other. :/ will ruin the world for everyone.

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 18:48
D1 started it tobe honest with you.

I am gonna get Zog and others to join me, but pointless leaving yet as Help! would use that as a chance to jump on me while i fight Some mask players

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 18:51
Wait, so what are the sides atm!? Where does every player in [ally]Mask[/ally] stand?

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 18:54
well theres 3 factions that really count Andy and cabby and pang

then there D1 and X and then there me and the eastern bunch

Toon to his credit is devided the rest don't really say much

The Lonely Island Mar 06,2013 19:02
So [player]andyh370[/player], [player]pangela[/player] and [player]The Cabbie[/player] in split 1.

[player]xlapa[/player] and [player]d1mension[/player] in split 2.

[player]Zipperty Zog[/player] and [player]CottonBud[/player] in split 3.

[player]toon[/player] is neutral.

Where are these players:

[player]the bagman[/player]
[player]The Painted Man[/player]

Seems like most players aren't involved!

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 19:05
here is an image of the groups

CottonBud Mar 06,2013 19:05

With out further ado


That Maxine's a plonker :p (but a lovable one)

My thanks to tom/rage, for helping me take down the lovely Maxine.

Beware!!! might just be you next time lil fish!

Corrupted Rage

Nicely illustrated D1 :) Was a blast baiting Maxine :lol:


You absolute rotters, doing that to my loveable Maxine!

Had me laughing throughout though :D


Haha, had me laughing when I found out too, and took my mind off results day (tomorrow!) so thank you for that!

And very well played to you all. ;)


You join a club of many who I've managed to lead down the garden path :p

Good luck with results btw



I think I would've been much worse than Maxine though!

That is not an opportunity to try such a thing on me Mask haha.