The Great Siege

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Dear Community,

today we want to lift the curtain and reveal a new feature for Tribal Wars: The Great Siege

To be able to offer you something new for our 15th birthday, without changing the game you know and love, we have created a new endgame condition.

In this scenario the tribes of the world must fight over the control of one massive city. To win you will need to be witty about your strategy. Do you storm the city with as many troops as possible? Do you try to take a way strategic parts of the city from your enemies? Or do you attack their villages, while their troops are trying to take the city? The decision is yours!

... of Districts
On each world starting with this endgame you will find the city at the center of the map. The city can vary in size and consist of several districts. These districts work like normal villages, except that they cannot be renamed, they always have a loyalty of 1 and traveling to them always takes the same amount of time. Even from districts to district. Additionally, the districts have a defense malus (negative modifier) making it even harder to defend them. This value of the effect varies between the districts, but districts with a higher value will also grant more influence points, which are needed to win the world.

... and Boroughs
Influence points are awarded to the tribes for each district they hold, but depending on the borough they belong to. While the amount of districts can vary between the worlds, the city will always consist of four boroughs. Each borough awards influence points at a different time of day. These are 10am for the Town Square, 2pm for the Financial District, 6pm for the Crafting Quarter and 10pm for the Harbor (no, there are still no ships in Tribal Wars. Sorry!). To gain influence points your tribe will need to hold the districts at these exact times. This is the only way to gain influence points, so the tribe need to ensure that it can hold its districts when the timer of the borough hits zero and resets. So make sure your defenses are solid, or make sure to throw all your troops against a district, to try and take it last second. To spice things up a bit we implemented another little twist: Once a tribe reaches the threshold of 40% of the required influence points the costs of gold coins will be automatically reduced by 10% for everybody in the world. This continues with every additional 10%, until 90% of the required influence points are reached and gold coins are down to 40% of their original costs.

Lets go to war!
We hope you enjoy our new endgame. While it isn't very complicated, holding the districts will be! So make sure you have a battle plan and choose your targets wisely.

We would also love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in this thread!
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