The GUARD Family


So i was browsing around earlier today and i came across the GUARD family, now that in itself isnt surprising, too many people find safety in numbers and spam out family tribes, the world usually rights this wrong eventually and until it does family tribes are usually a source of a good chuckle.

No what really gave me a chuckle is that GUARD3 (being the THIRD tribe in the family, no duh) has written on its profile:

GUARD, GUARD2 and GUARD3- Brothers in Arms

Guards of Honour

We are a small group of experienced and efficient players.

A small group... seriously? :L Since when was 101 players considered a 'small group', anyway its nothing amazing, just something that made me smile, thought id share it with the rest of ya


Hehe yeah, no the real reason family tribes annoy me isnt because im blindly ignorant and hate all family tribes its because they destroy the ethos of the game.

The devs put the limits on tribe size etc in an attempt to create more, smaller tribes so there would be more conflict and lead to a more interesting and busy world. Instead you get families who circumvent this and we end up with massively quiet and fairly slow worlds :/


Well GUARD have nothing on the FURY family with amasses a total of 149 members. lol


Family's of three tribes on worlds this small is just madness and a true sign of poor players huddling together in an attempt to achieve something.

That line on their profile is very funny though. Well spotted

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Families are terrible but I really do like the leadership of GUARD. Nice guys.


Oh dont get me wrong i have noting against them personally, i was checking their ODA earlier today and they seem to be handling themselves well. I just dislike how family tribes end up slowing a world down in terms of conflict


Okay, this is awkward...

I'm the leader of the Guard family... Nice to know we're being noticed. Not particularly in a good way though.

We'll see what happens as the world plays out.

I'm confident in the tribe and our capabilities.



The notice was mainly to the ironic statement, then i went on a side track about family tribes, i look forward to seeing what youll be bringing to the world in the months to come!


Something tells me that too many family tribes will lead to incest! on a serious note, it would be good to see the largest familes at war, would be a fairly big one!


Who's buddy buddy? We aren't 'buddies' with any other families lol... Aren't you that tribe that have 40 members and most of them haven't even farmed 10 times yet?


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I would like to wish guard the very best. We will see a lot more tribes emerging now thanks to the WARPed alliance war. I mean, isnt it better to sit on the fence, growing away peacefully, while Inc and the other 13 tribes (lol, 13) bash each other to death? Then they can pick off nice developed villas and quit accounts, thus taking a lead in the world
Who's buddy buddy? We aren't 'buddies' with any other families lol... Aren't you that tribe that have 40 members and most of them haven't even farmed 10 times yet?
ExtremeRiot Dec 30,2012 18:15
Hi Peter,

I am writing to you to invite you to the GUARD family ([ally]Guard[/ally],[ally]Guard2[/ally],and [ally]Guard3[/ally]).

We are an experienced, organised, coordinated and active group of players who are in the best position to dominate this continent and then hopefully the world. We can perform simple and advanced tasks such as sniping as a tribe, backtiming, and coordinating offensive and defensive operations.

We also offer advice to the inexperienced players and we have expert leadership to bring us to victory.

We are strong, and we want to make our mark on this world. With you we can do that.

I look forward to your response, please feel free to ask any questions

Kind Regards,
Leader of [ally]Guard[/ally], [ally]Guard2 [/ally]and [ally]Guard3[/ally]

ExtremeRiot Dec 30,2012 20:21
So what do you think?Any thoughts or question?


PeterDGreat1 Dec 30,2012 22:09
Hi Riot,

If you would like me to ask some questions I will oblige.

What exp. does your council have .... who are the players we are talking about?

Do you have something more to offer than the other 2 family tribes that have already sent me invites?

What is your relationship with these families .... and if you need me to tell you whom they are then it would be another reason not to join yours.


ExtremeRiot Dec 30,2012 22:27
Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back to me...

The council of Guard are very experienced, active and offer all help and advice possible from their very capable heads... I myself have been playing for 6-7 years, my best world being World 21 on .net where I reached 3 million points and lead a tribe with 90 million points to a rank 3rd position in the world.

Well, there's not much more anyone can offer than at Guard, we offer advice, support and we coordinate offensive operation against single or numerous players of different tribes.

We have an alliance with a family, which I'm guessing is one of the families you are talking about. The other family I'm not sure about because their are a variety of small families near to you... I.e, [ally]FURY[/ally].

Either you are lying in game or on the forums. If you refute this here I am happy to forward the whole conversation to any independent party in game for confirmation that the extract above is exactly what you wrote to me. There was a bit more but it is irrelevant to the topic and the only alterations I have made and to underline and bold the relevant portion.

Personally I suspect that the denial of an alliance is the bit that isn't true since I have had confirmation of an alliance from other parties.

If your going to lead a huge family at least stand up and lead it. I am not as set against them as most folks on here but they certainly seem to have gotten out of hand on this world and pretending that it isn't happening or hiding the details of how many hugz are flying around doesn't do you any favours.

In war any tactics that bring you a win are legitimate in my book but you also need to balance it against the levels of fun for the tribe members as well as understanding the capabilities. If they aren't very good on average them it is your best chance ... slim but not without hope ... though any player who has any clue about this game should be able to sift out at least half of the chaff from the wheat and the only reason I can think of for you guys not to do this is that you are putting your points total or number of villages above all other considerations and that in itself is reason enough to fear for your future.

It is a simple thing to take your eye off the ball and get into a race to collect as many villages as you can with the other families that are recruiting anything with a pulse but you do your members no favours if they cannot rely on their neighbours to provide help to each other when it is needed.

After all that you still stand slightly higher than the REV family tribe whose stated aim is to collect as many as they can and internal them nice and peacefully as they go inactive along the way.
I can also post that convo if necessary and thought I would mention that in order to ward of any more denials in this thread.:lol:

I still wish you guys enough luck to at least have some fun and cause the rest as many problems as you can before the dust settles on this world


I have no problem with you posting that on here... which is why I see it is as irrelevant because I'm sure it was supposed to irritate Guard or I in some way...
My post wasn't intended to irritate anybody. It is simply relevant information pertaining to a tangent of the topic that you yourself brought up.

I can't say I considered your feelings either way or whether or not you would have a problem with my post beforehand , but I must say that it is such a relief that you don't!

Though since we are discussing it perhaps you can tell us why you even attempted such an obvious lie?


... Things change... those two messages were far apart in time