The Moon - Flat Earthers Rejoice! find out why inside (special edition)


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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again .
R. Jordan

A World Begins

Bright eyed, bushy tailed and with a little spring in your step. Just under 3,000 of us joined this world. Some like me joined due to a pandemic which had torn our daily lives asunder, for those that did welcome back to that habit you thought you had once left behind. Start-up was ferocious and bloodthirsty, players frantically refreshing their tabs to ensure they were the first to the market place, shouts of 'PP abusers' slowly quietened down as time went on. Hours quickly turned into days and days into weeks. Players and tribes fallen and from the fires have emerged new contenders.

Things have shaped up nicely in the last few weeks, the UK at least we have started to take those first tentative steps out of the pandemic and World 49 and its players are starting to turn their eyes to the flags waving above the Great City. The Barbarians are quaking in their boots as they can begin to hear the dreaded noise of munching.

In the 87 days that have passed we have seen much happen, the Moirai have spun us many knots in the tapestry of fate that that they weave.

A very important question was answered; Will we win? - WWW, one does not have to spell out the obvious, the once dominant tribe has now been tossed aside, players having split into FearFactory or the Asylums. Barnsley had a brisk whirl through the tribes of K54 before departing with a Barb! This has left us with four strong contenders have emerged from the early stages;
  • The Village People
  • Nacho Average Tribe
  • FearFactory
  • The Alcholic Asylums

An invitation to introduce themselves has been sent out to the four tribes. Once appropriate responses have been received they will be published

A Few Thoughts

Each tribe and its leadership have distinctive qualities and aspects which draws your eye to them. Maybe TVP as you have once again got that one of their songs stuck in your head, or perhaps Nacho because you are feeling a little peckish. The Asylums are the instant draw, I for one have possibly drunk one too many during this lockdown (one wonders if a quick Cosmo would suffice for an invitation). And Fear then the epitome of a mixed feeling of dread and reverance, Fear Factory, can they show us how it is done and become the masters of their own fate?
0706 Map.PNG

All 4 tribes had the opportunity to create a perfect 4 coloured pie chart, sadly this has not been realised. I suppose there is always another world....

Solely concentrating on those big 4, one would be forgiven in thinking that the light green of the Asylums was certainly in with a strong chance of winning. Yet of those 47 players, only 20 can attain the illustrious winners badge, perhaps this is why they named themselves after alcoholic beverages? Once they sort themselves out or are sorted out the North of the map will make a bit more sense and the truth shall emerge. Was it a case of over-recruiting and a series of poor decisions or is there a master weave that we are all unaware of.

Fear at least got the pie chart memo of trying to secure their continent along the rim (an indication of things to come?) In all honesty, they do have a strong presence in the centre as we find them holding villages across 3 continents and these have yet to be dislodged but who would want to work with a front line that big? Skilled diplomats can only take you so far. The dead-weight will have to be cast aside afore their hopes of a shiny badge are dashed for ever.

To the north west lies the black of NACHO, not quite the steaming bowl tortilla and cheese that I was looking for. Nacho, an amalgamation of former enemies and the result of a failed merge. They have yet to prove themselves but are holding well in the centre of their continent certainly primed and ready for what is to come. Having only 5 of their players in the top 5 OD rankings leaves much to be desired but I could be yet proven wrong.

It is unarguable that TVP are in a strong position and at time of writing have nearly double their closest opponents villages, one could argue due to the lack of a family tribe. Time will of course tell as to how this world will continue to shape up and one would expect changes to happen over the coming weeks and months. Egos will of course be needed to be kept in check for The Village People to succeed.

As Bob Dylan once sang, "the times they are a-changin'" and I shall endeavour to keep you all in the loop


Challenge yourself
(answers next edition)
What is the highest grossing film of all time
Who sculpted the Angel of the North
How many James Bond actors were there
How Long is a Chinese name
What is the only letter in scrabble to hold a value of 5 points
Which city is further west – Edinburgh or Bristol


The Tribes

The Village People
Rank 1 - 12.859.196
ODA - 26,11 Mil.
ODD - 5,19 Mil.

TVP currently hold rank 1 and with their ranks bolstered to the full are certainly looking primed and ready for the upcoming wars that are sure to happen in the coming months. So who are TVP and how did they come about?

Led by a triumvirate of SWDXB, Charlie0112 and HotLikeDat, the tribe has certainly gone from strength to strength from the worlds onset. A chance coming together of friends gave Charlie the opportunity to get this tribe set up. Alongside SWDXB they got, people talking and before they knew it a small family had formed. HotLikeDat joined the world without prior knowledge of the tribe, but recognising talent and experience was welcomed into the fold and naturally assumed a leading roll. A winning mentality certainly helps in driving its members forward; with TVP having a different player leading each of the scavenging and looting charts.

Notably they have not yet been tested by another tribe on a serious level. A few skirmishes here and there with tribes on a smaller scale and with less organisation can fool one into thinking that this tribe is in for an easy ride. When questioned on this, TVP acknowledged that one of their main challenges would be in keeping players in line and satisfied; 'Much like real life, not everyone is going to be happy' one member is quoted to have said. Three months of solid team play, aside from the in-joke of the tribe "warhero" and they have stayed united and to an outsider impenetrable.

The bar is certainly set high for this tribe and should they manage to keep their Pandora's Box safe I fully expect TVP to be present in the later stages of this world, anything less would be of a massive disappointment to themselves and the wider community.

The Asylums
Rank 4,5,6 - 6.118.941 , 5.558.637 , 3.245.858

ODA - 14,39 Mil. , 11,23 Mil. , 6,37 Mil.
ODD - 7,58 Mil. , 6,82 Mil. 2,43 Mil.

The Asylums were somewhat of an enigma to me, how to classify three tribes in these standings. Combined their prowess surpasses that of TVP by a few million points yet as ISO ROBBIE rightfully points out, 'the settings will make a difference, the focus will be on the Great City.'As a whole one could assume that the vast majority of these villages could be internalled at some point hence their inclusion as a three rather than individually.

Conceived by El Patron a man, whose silken touch flows like that of a particular tequila a few may have sampled, with Panther prowling by side, the two have rustled up a few unimaginable concoctions, inspiring and leading their inmates forward, Panther and El Patron run a disciplined unit bolstered in wit, experience and dedication to their craft. I would expect some fantastic ideas to be flowing through their bottles as they swig their way forward this world. Previous world victories are a testament to the depth of this group and as they say 'with great age comes great wisdom' I have little doubt that an epic drive to always be first runs through to the very core of each tribe mate.

Until I am proven otherwise I see little need for a family of 3 tribes to be competing from the North of the map and despite the combined tribes having a very respectable score for this stage of the game. Individually, VA and EA would not have made this list as they are somewhat behind the other tribes and I do not see much of a future for them at all. Careful planning must go into their next few months to ensure that they are fighting at the very end. Get it wrong and it will become a sorely talked about defeat due to an early mistake of over recruiting.

Time will prove me wrong, of this I am sure and one would expect one of The Asylums to be with us to the bitter end and for that I am excited. I hope the first round is on the house when the world is said and done.

Rank 3 - 6.582.842
ODA - 10,95 Mil.
ODD - 9,94 Mil.

Holding firm in the centre of the map, albeit surrounded on three fronts, FearFactory have certainly earned their spot in the top 3. With respectable ODA and ODD scores for this stage of the game, one could summarise that Fear have played well to stay in a strong position as we move into the mid-game. Successful ops and a consistent approach, has allowed Fear to shrug off the threat of an early exit and over time they have carved out territory nestled neatly between TVP and The Asylums.

An ensemble of friends from UK48 decided to give UK49 a shot. Rather like when Apollo and Hermes were young, Twig123 and Tommyfish2020 have kept this tribe on its toes. 'Smart early-game recruiting and calculated decision making has allowed us to establish our dominance south of the Great City.' Twig123 tells me. A series of successful ops has allowed Fear to push through towards the rim and establish themselves as one of the 'Big Four'. With ranks filled with experience and guile there is little doubt every member of the FearFactory is ready to go all the way.

Although they have been tested somewhat in the early game little has happened as a whole that has really proved their mettle. The usual troubles that tribes face this tribe internally will however be somewhat less likely with the members having a somewhat closer bond between them, this tribe could have the mettle and strength to outwit the rest.

I am excited to see what these players can bring to the table over the coming months and I speak for us all in echoing the statements from above. Anything less is a disappointment.

Nacho Average Tribe
Rank 2 - 7.007.679

ODA - 16,05 Mil.
ODD - 5,11 Mil.

A clear second in the standings and with possibly the most alluring name on the map. Nacho is the phoenix that arose from the fires of the NWNP and DBTTOS debacle. Having formed with the sole aim of being the dominant force in their continent, Nacho is certainly not a name to be ignored. Cleverly put and a constant reminder of food ensured that my eye was caught early on.

Naturally the strongest will lead, and between Bosch, evo589 and franky 4 toes, the tribe has quickly grabbed their continent firmly by the scruff of its neck. As one member discloses, ' this tribe has heaps of potential but certainly lots of challenges to yet come.' One of their biggest regrets liesin forming this tribe so later on and when they deliver lines such as this when asked for a joke

A 99kg man asks his friend “if I eat 1kg of nachos, does that make me 1%nacho.?” His friend replied:
“Well the human body is made up of sodium, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. So that practically makes us 100% NaCHO”

It leaves you with little doubt that they are right. They certainly should have formed sooner or at least this post should have started sooner to immortalise lines like this.

Much like TVP they have not yet been truly tested, and a hastily formed tribe from the shattered remains of a failed merge, it will take some time before we will see how Nacho perform against a combination of tribes who have been together since the first village opened its gates.

If we do not see Nacho by the late game, its either because I got extra-ordinarily hungry or due to another collapse of the tribes internal structure. Yet with a whole continent to expand into I see little worry for the tribe in staying put until the very end.


The Artisans and The Musicians

Stalking through the swirling dawn mists, The Huntsman crept his way slowly through the hills just outside of his village. A harsh snap of a twig drew his attention and out of the murky shadows stepped a deer, plump from the sweet berries which adorned the bushes of the woodland glen. Slowing his heartbeat and steadying his breath, he carefully notched a bow to the lacquered string of his bow and took aim. As his focus settled on the target, a cacophony of noise erupted from behind him. Startled the bowman spun on his heel and staggered back in shock at the sight that greeted his eyes.

For as far as the eye could see, the entire valley had become enveloped by a sea of soldiers. Listening carefully The Huntsman could begin to hear the drums driving this unstoppable force forwards. His face grew pale and he clasped his bow so tightly that the splinters drove deep into the palms of his hands and a small pool of blood began to form at his feet. In a flash he was on the move, feet pounding on the rocky mountain path, each footfall like a hammer in his ears. He must ring the bell to warn them. His family, his friends, his village, FearFactoy were all in the gravest of danger. War now stalked his hills, the hunter and become the hunted.

The Feared Trumpets of War boom their summons from the mountain tops, to arms! To Arms!! The Age of War has come. Shattered are those dreams of peacefully farming and earning those sweet premium points which keep you all well fed. Now comes the time of sleepless nights, frantic clock watching and broken hearts.

Watching from afar, The Huntsman collected himself and began to mentally count the banners. They streamed and whipped in the cavalry’s wake as it began to make its way into view from around the riverbend. As The Huntsman counted he soon realised his task was futile. They were all here. He could hear the clinking of the coin chests of the nobles. ‘Those fat! Greedy! Lazy! pumped up jack-rabbits’ he thought to himself. He knew what was coming, the merciless slaughter, the pillaging, the destruction and to top it off the new noble in the charge. They were all the same. He silently watched them come, before slinking away into the shadows. Time to prepare for the fight to come.

The water boys were running up and down the military convoys, quenching the thirst of the soliders. Previous disputes over land, riches and borders long forgotten, the Lords and Ladies of The Village People had assembled for their first crusade against Fear. The plan was simple, hit them hard, hit them fast. The command tent, quickly established on the edge of the battlefield soon became a hive of activity. A few axemen, arms rippling from the strain of their fearsome weapons muttered amongst themselves noting each member of the tribe. The three leaders were here, resplendent in their armour. SWDXB with their mighty claymore Nightstalker, Charlie0112 with his legendary axe ‘Foe of the Wicked’ and HotlikeDat with his Minatour, something so deadly even its description would defile the page. The two cavorting around the fire in matching golden armour were Canigire and Muh3, with heavy coin purses these two would make even the Norse god Loki proud. Fernandomagnata, the most powerful of them all was stood off to one side gazing into the distance. The Borolegend, L. Hernani and Fruit Twist had just arrived, jumping off their horses bellowing for their mead horns. King Ammy a king of nothing but name, proudly showed off his new longbow ‘Artemis’ capable of piercing a target from 1337 yards no matter what stood in its way. Grimly Fiendish with his scythe stolen from death himself just sneered in disgust as the rest of the tribe eventually appeared. Although they were part of his family, there were his cousins from the outer realms of their empire – country folk. Mightymac, Matthias, HotlikeDot (a very distant relative of the leader HotlikeDat), Lady Gytte, Marney and Spelly marched in, swiftly followed by Paul T and Masters ,the famed telepathic twins. Very soon bickering could be heard carried over the din of the incoming army it was Wicked, although this time he was alone. The man was on a mission this time round, and he even had remembered his cavalry. On the recieving end of the tirade was Lifeiswar, growing purple with rage at the insults flying his direction. An extravagant man known for his tremendous and lavish feasts thrown in his halls on a weekly basis. A sudden crash brought the tiff to an end and they all turned to face their leaders.
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Friday 12th June

The world rings with the sound of battle. Allegiances between the four have somewhat been revealed aside from the obvious hostility between The Village People and Fear Factory. Somewhat surprisingly The Asylums have partially revealed their hand in joining the hostilities against TVP. The rather delectable Nacho remain the dark horse, focusing on securing the continent while keeping a wary eye on the proceedings around the lands of the Great City.

The first day was certainly a bloody affair. TVP hit hard and fast in the morning, legions of axe swarmed the walls and the Fear Factory line began to buckle, aside from a few strongholds just short of a century of villages fell to the gold of the TVP nobles, a few smart plays and individual stratagem allowed Fear some re-caps and snipes however they were few and far between. Of note though, was the involvement of The Asylums, who perhaps chancing although this is as likely as Twig123 wanting to make a comment on his bold claim of sacrificing his troops for his tribe. A pre-arranged agreement is obvious to most yet obscured perhaps by how little they actually did, only having taken 4 villages to 12 Fear recaps and TVP striking five short of a century.

Despite my previous expectation of a hard-fought war between Fear and TVP, this initial foray has suggested a major issue within the Fear Factory. They have been consumed by the very thing they were supposed to create, Fear.

Henry Ford once said ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ Fear have proven once again that he was not wrong, they may have come together at the beginning, yet they have failed to keep together and have so far succumbed to heavy losses in both territory and players. General Richa hoisting a Banner of Independence and consistent raids and skirmishes alongside a successful second battle has certainly driven another nail in the coffin of Fear Factory.

Despite a few false starts, The Village People have certainly hinted at the might of their military prowess, muh3 certainly did jump the gun yet this little to dissuade the attacks from TVP. With a well-co-ordinated assault, they certainly have proven their worth and will certainly not fall as easy prey to the upcoming Asylum Offensive.

While little occurs to the west of the Great City the east is going to be of great interest to us all over the coming months. The Asylums have certainly shown their cards and it will be of great interest to us to see how The Village People will handle taking on a family of tribes. Once we see what Nacho decides clearer battle lines can be drawn on the maps and a Great War can truly begin.

Let us just hope the declaration is better next time!