The most awesome tribe: TLC - TW Loonie Corps


TLC is now recruiting. The TW Loonie Corps is looking for members all over the world. Join now or be forever lost.

This is your ultimate destination. And there is nowhere else to go. No other tribe compares with us. We are ferocious, we are relentless, we are omniscient, we are - we ARE!!!

Been feeling blue lately? Join us!

Been rimmed lately? Join us!

On the run? Join us!

Don't know the difference bwtween hc and lc? Who cares?

Feel you've seen it all before? You haven't!

There is no reason not to join us!

This is an elite tribe, run by experienced members from w51. Everybody is welcome.
For an invite contact kelbee

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun now!

Kelbee, your faithful duke.
**duchess, actually. How could I forget?
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