The Only W13 Paper - The Moon


Few corrections needed in this issue,

WC :) are allies with beano and ops and LR unsure what the referral is to them eating up the alliances....

But last night WC changed hands and leadership and FENIX was born..... Again will post up more info and what the move is when I get some time or drop me a mail in w13 just very busy at the min.

WC :) are allies with beano and ops ? Nope never got passed a NAP with us


I never really looked but beano was defo there as they joint the war and did very well for a small tribe. Very surprised




Page 3 may also come out today, depending on certain factors! Otherwise please enjoy :icon_cool:


Good good nice to see bazza getting some credit for once....... Cue extra abuse to make up for it. Your next task xprd interview lol

good work :p


nice work dekiller - I need to keep my head down in future...never had so much mention on the externals.

Help look like a nice little tribe now and Fenix should focus on the likes of Nah and remnants of Cruz to grow as they have WG and TMN to the north and XPRD to the West and OPS to the south. Their diplomacy is very important here and I am thinking that XPRD and Help want to go at each other.

WG are war shy, have been from the start, OPS show some agression but with most of their players near XPRD which side will they take?

WC had good relations with XPRD, in fact 2 of their members are ex WC however I am unsure if Fenix and XPRD are good bed fellows.

Now the tribe running has come to and end for me I will enjoy life as a by stander... good luck to all


Flags - Banners of glory or is it time to put up the white flag of surrender?

A little break from the ordinary style, but this is a special edition on flags, I know there are some guides already out there, although there were, what I thought a few errors in some of the guides, but I may be wrong on that count.

As we all know, Flags are one of the new in game features, which not only add another layer of technicality to the game, but also provide another form of challenge amongst friends and allies - who can get the best flag!

So what flags do we have?

Resource Production - This is a fairly simple flag, it increases the amount of production done by your mines in the village, in a sense, the official description says Plant the Resource flag among your workers and watch as they grow to new heights of resource producing efficiency. So how much of a benefit does this actualy give you?

Early on in the game, this flag must have been regarded as a god send! It provided an extra number of resources, depending on the flag that you had, on top of what you farmed! The value added of course increase as you get better flags, from the level 1 grey flag which only benefits production by 4% to the level 9 flag which provides increased production of 18% with the standard increase between all the levels set at 2%.

Late game this flag's use will be of most use in new villages that are conquered, but apart from that I fail to see a wider use for it!

Recruitment speed - Self explanatory really, it reduces the time taken to produce your next nuke. Once again the official description does not provide much in explanation apart from Training of your new troops can be accelerated by raising the Unit Production flag in your village, as a reminder to all that their efficiency is not only expected, but required. But it does tell you the basic use of the flag.

Early game, I would argue that there has to be a trade off between this flag and that of the resource production flag, do you want to have more ressies from your mines, or do you want to have troops built faster so that you can farm more, and earn troops that way? In reality it depends on your style of play, but there are a few tricks one can use, such as swapping the flags around, as troops built when the recruitment flag is up will retain their reduced time, thus if you have the patience and commitment, it is possible to alternate between flags, so that you can achieve the optimum efficiency.

Late game this flag will be of great use, imagine the advantage of having your troop recruitment time cut by 20% at the highest level! Your nukes will be ready in alot less time and will give you a significant advanatge over your enemies who may not have such a flag.

From the level 1 flag to the level 9 flag there is constant increase in efficiency of 2% starting from 6% at level 1 and ending with 20% at level 9.

This is a great flag which could prove to be a game changer!

Attack Strength - Inspired by the flag they know is flying in their village, troops from a village with the Attack flag will fight all the more fiercely for what their ruler demands of them. So what to say about this, well your troops fight better, bearing in mind it is only the troops that were sent from the village with the flag, so will a level 9 flag with a 10% increase in fighting power really make that much difference?

Early game, yes such a bonus will help, but then early game especially for new players you will be lucky to have a better flag than a level 1 flag where the bonus is only 2%. It is the same for late game, you are launching your nukes against a stacked village, only 1 village has this flag, there will be no real effect, now consider launching your many nukes from villages which all have an attack bonus. The offensive power in total will start to climb, soon when you have those 30 offensive villages all with a 10% bonus, the culmination of all the offensive power will mean that these nukes will add up. Take this as an example, I have a nuke with offensive strength of 633500, 10% of this is 63350, now 30 of these bonuses leaves us with an offensive increase of 1900500, added onto 19005000 that means we have a total offensive power of 20905500 giving a bonus the same as hitting with 3 extra nukes.

So a good flag, more suited to late game purposes where this flag could be very effective.

Defence Strength - Rally your troops to greater defensive measures by flying the Defense flag. This flag I am not too sure about, reports that I have seen, suggest that the defense flag covers the troops which are stationed in a village, thus with a stacked village, it becomes even harder to take it, as one would expect. As a result early game especially in the first few weeks of players strengthening their hold on the continents, a stacked village with a good defense flag, will make it very hard to take. As before with the offense flag, the level 1 flag is a 2% bonus and works its way up to a 10% bonus at level 9

This flag will most certainly have a big impact on this world, but even more so on future worlds as more and more people will get higher level flags, but after a while I foresee a balancing as people start to work out ways of beating the flags.

Luck - Luck flags allow their owners to predict the outcome of their attacks by manipulating the "Luck" factor in battles. These mysterious flags will force luck as near to 0 as the strength of the flag allows. If a battle would have -20% or + 20% luck, a 6% flag would force the luck to -14% and 14% respectively. Everyone in the early stages of world 13 seemed to be very lucky or unlucky depending on what way you view it. The luck flag, as explained above balances out the luck of all battles. How useful this is, it remains to be seen. Thus there is not much to say on this flag

Population Capacity - Encourage your population to accept less spacious housing and allow you to further expand your village by hoisting the Population flag. This is certainly a rather simple proposition, and will certainly help in the late game. With this flag, at for example the highest level you will receive an extra 10% population, another 2400 population which can be turned into troops. The only downfall that I foresee with this flag is that once the extra population has been broken into, before you are able to change the flag you have to make the population is back to the required level, thus this would be good for nobles and churches, depending on how you play. This flag as with the offensive and defensive flags starts at 2% at level 1 and works its way gradually to 10% at level 9.

Reduced Package Costs - Pressure the nobility to lower their service fees by raising the Packages flag. Ok, so now you also have the opportunity to reduce the costs of producing those noblemen! Does this however signal the end of coins? I am not sure, but even if it does, it does not really matter, either way you still have to produce nobles to take villages. With this advantage, the cost of nobles can be dramatically reduced. From a 10% reduction at level 1 to a 24% reduction at level 9, and believe me the reduced costs are a god send at times, especially when it allows you to produce more nobles at a cheaper cost. So this flag is really beneficial for both late and early game starting from when you can have your first noble!

Haul Capacity - Grant your soldiers the strength and endurance they need to carry more loot home from their forays into other villages by inspiring them with the Haul flag. Well this is just farming made easier, although if used in correlation with the farm assitant the FA wil not take into account your ability to haul extra. But this is certainly very useful in early game, allowing you to farm a lot more, but once again you have to prepare for a trade off between this flag, resource production and the recruitment flag.

So those are the flags, to reach once level 9 flag from scratch without buying the premium packages it will take you a lot of flags, and I really do mean a lot!

I calculated (so this may be wrong) that to do so you would need as follows to get the top flag:
1 Level 9
3 Level 8
9 Level 7
27 Level 6
81 Level 5
243 Level 4
729 Level 3
2187 Level 2
6561 Level 1

More may be added later but this is a start!


If it does carry over to next world, the haul capacity imho will be better served then the extra res during the startup phase..


proly first 24/48 hours res is best, then hauls , then hauls/unit production


yeah same old thing lol what do you have around you etc: 4 barbs to farm i would go haul, 1 barb like my luck would go with res..

But yeah up until pump out some troops the res flag for defo..


Hi all

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I think dekiller will be done with his inquest into pc hacking in the next few days and shall be back to corrupt our minds soon.

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