The (probably) Best Thread of All time Ever!


Ha well maybe not but I got your attention so there you go (and didn't rickroll you either so well done me!)

Now as we will be spending heaps of time farming and such like on this world and getting up silly early to check that no one is not farming us or you know being nasty we will need other things to do....

So with the view that sharing is always good I thought why not tell everyone what you like to do when not farming/being nasty.

So post up in the following categories in music or time wasting please when not waiting for your farmers to come back or this will be a long start up.

1: Best website for wasting time
2: Best Happy Song
3: Best love song
4: Best Sad song
5: Best Film (of all time)
6: Worst Film (of all time)
7: Guilty Pleasure
8: Best Motto
9: Best book
10: Favourite cartoon character

Winner will receive a paper Well Done Me hat and the TW communities everlasting awe and appreciation

Note to save Phil posting here that Innogames in no way supports or endorses the competition and the prize of the paper Well Done Me hat and if/when said hat doesn't appear will take no part in adjudicating this dispute or take any form of measuring exactly how much love the winner now has from the TW community. Please always read the instructions and please do not set your heart on receiving the aforementioned Hat which at this point doesn't exist but your scribe might indeed make your one if your post is awesome and post it to you if this would complete your life (and you ask nicely) Note that young nieces and nephews will help with making hat and that it might not turn out all that well.

Good luck to all and lets try and keep the spam to I don't know gargantuan levels!


1: Best website for wasting time - Work :D
2: Best Happy Song
3: Best love song
4: Best Sad song
5: Best Film (of all time) - Theres Loads
6: Worst Film (of all time) -
7: Guilty Pleasure - TribalWars ;)
8: Best Motto - patience is a virtue
9: Best book - Twilight Saga o_O
10: Favourite cartoon character - Naruto Uzumaki


1: Best website for wasting time - TW - god knows ive wasted a lot of time on this game but if im waiting on farming then i might dabble on 8 ball pool lol
2: Best Happy Song - Party All Night - Sean Kingston (silly song but me and the boys nominated it our holiday song when it came out and its stuck with us ever since lol)
3: Best love song - I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men (its a classic and they're awesome)
4: Best Sad song - Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis (For personal reasons)
5: Best Film (of all time) - Theres too many
6: Worst Film (of all time) - Again theres a lot but i remember falling asleep in the cinema when i watched The Amytiville Horror 2005
7: Guilty Pleasure - Made in Chelsea
8: Best Motto - Regret the things you, not the things you dont
9: Best book - Dont read
10: Favourite cartoon character - Havent watched cartoons since i was a kid so dont really have 1


1: Best website for wasting time : TW obviously
2: Best Happy Song : ask me that any other day and I will answer differently but right now I think 'Our song' by Taylor Swift (her soundtrack is being played atm). guess that's how music works -.-
3: Best love song : love story - Taylor Swift
4: Best Sad song : Soledad
5: Best Film (of all time) : Lord of the ring trilogy. I'm sure if I watch it again and then watch movies like Inception I'll say Inception is better but no movie ever gave me that much joy and excitement.
6: Worst Film (of all time) : Pulp fiction. didn't even understand what It's about. there wasn't even any story. highly overrated.
7: Guilty Pleasure : Scratching the socks marks on my leg.
8: Best Motto : I CBA - saved me from countless struggles -.-
9: Best book : erm haven't read many but I liked Hobbit.
10: Favourite cartoon character : Lelouch from Code Geass


Lord of the Ring films are awesome, best trilogy by far, all 3 films were epic

Im hoping The Hobbit trilogy is at least half as good


1: Best website for wasting time

The national lottery, one day maybe i'll win, maybe.

2: Best Happy Song

Can I pick my theme tune? It's awesome Super Ted, Super Ted....

If not erm, picture the evening, new years eve 2012, Me, Spotty, Mother Nature on one side of the bar, Texas Pete, Skeleton, and Bulk on the other all giving each other the evil eye, then, like magic, on comes Gang Nam Style, we rode those horsies all night, until Pete reckoned his was faster. Anyway happy days.

3: Best love song

Shaggy, Mr Luvva Luvva, thats all about love right?

4: Best Sad song

Has to be that titanic one, always makes me sad, why did they play it so much its like a never ending headache.

5: Best Film (of all time)

Cat Woman, actually no idea what the film is about, watched it maybe 1,000 times, Halle Berry is good in it though.

6: Worst Film (of all time)

Superman, why make a film about a superman when there is me, when will i get the recognition i deserve.

7: Guilty Pleasure

Mother Nature, don't tell her though...

8: Best Motto

"He who dares wins, Rodders", the legend that is Del boy.

9: Best book

How to get rich quick, I haven't finished it yet, but have high hopes.

10: Favourite cartoon character

I guess I can't pick me, I like Dog Tanyon, but I cant understand if his mum is lady from lady and the tramp, that makes him english, but his dad is snoopy that makes him american, why is he in the french army?

Hope I get the hat....


Is it late for me to sneak in? :icon_redface:

Nah just kidding, that's disgusting, Milwall.


1: Best website for wasting time : Facebook

2: Best Happy Song: Avicii ~ You make me

3: Best love song: erm... Faith Hill ~ There you'll be

4: Best Sad song : Frank Sinatra ~ Softly as I leave you

5: Best Film (of all time): Pulp Fiction or Batman Begins or Lotr: The Fellowship of the Ring

6: Worst Film (of all time): Digimon movie (I remember being bored as a 7-8 yr old so it must be terrible)

7: Guilty Pleasure : Home & Away (Rhiannon Fish <3 )

8: Best Motto: Good, better, best...never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is your best

9: Best book: Rot & Ruin by Jonathon Maberry

10: Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta or Kakashi Hatake ( Although technically neither are cartoons)


1: Best website for wasting time: tw or youtube
2: Best Happy Song: Shiny Happy People - R.E.M.
3: Best love song: Let Her Go - Passenger
4: Best Sad song: Ocean Spray - Manic Street Preachers
5: Best Film (of all time): Don't really have a favorite but The A Team has to be up there
6: Worst Film (of all time): Again don't have one but Oblivion has to be one of the biggest disappointments
7: Guilty Pleasure : Has to be tw
8: Best Motto: the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance
9: Best book: Inheritance By Christopher Paolini
10: Favourite cartoon character: Snoopy


1: Best website for wasting time: TW
2: Best Happy song: Connie Talbot - Happy Song (She's so adorable <3)
3: Best Love song: Shania Twain - From this moment on
4: Best Sad song: Evanescence - My Immortal, Christina Aguilera - Hurt, or Celine Dion - My heart will go on
5: Best Film (of all time): Don't have a favorite
6: Worst Film (of all time): Don't have one
7: Guilty Pleasure: Also, don't have one. :p
8: Best Motto: Its not how much you fall down, but how many times you get back up, i think thats how it goes.
9: Best Book: Anything from V.C. Andrews
10: Favourite cartoon character: Uhm, tweety bird?
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1: Best website for wasting time - Tribalwars
2: Best Happy Song - Hot Hot Hotter - Laidback Luke OR Wake me up - Aviici feat. Aloe Blacc (two gods).
3: Best love song - Boat on the river - Styx
4: Best Sad song - Let Her Go - Passenger
5: Best Film (of all time) - CRANK (JASON STATHAM!!!)
6: Worst Film (of all time) - Mega shark vs. Giant Octopus.
7: Guilty Pleasure - I like to drink?
8: Best Motto - Wer den Pfennig nicht ehrt ist den Taler nicht Wert - Who doesnt honor the penny doesn't deserve the Dollar.
9: Best book - Alex Cross Series by James Patterson
10: Favourite cartoon character - Robin Hood from the Disney movie.
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I am Shifty

1: Best website for wasting time:
2: Best Happy Song: Avicii - You make me
3: Best love song: It wasnt me, That's to do with love isn't it.. Not in a good way but yea
4: Best Sad song: I don't have any:(
5: Best Film (of all time): Ooooohhh... Uhm... Lord of the Rings any of them
6: Worst Film (of all time): Uhhh.. I always turn them off and forget.
7: Guilty Pleasure: Substances
8: Best Motto: I'm better than you
9: Best book: Holes
10: Favourite cartoon character: Cartman