The sad state of JOKERS


Jokers well their tribe name says it all - a joke!

This world has really been garbage, this is the first actual forum post since its beginning. This world has been dominated by jokers for the entirety of the servers creation, I know what you may be thinking 'Wow they must be pretty good dude'.

Let me stop you there.

Jokers are only winning this world by recruiting, recruiting any potential competition to them because they are too scared to fight them and too scared of having any other competition. (Also I think around 500k pp has helped them a bit)

Mad Men have been doing well this world for being so disadvantaged, taking several villas from jokers, however the joke just gets better. They could be doing even better though and have a fighting chance.. if 2 of there top players didn't get recently hijacked. As if having more points than all the other top 10 tribes combined wasn't enough to make jokers feel safe, they needed to hijack a 80k player and a 50k player from their only close competitor at this point madmen had around 800k and jokers around 2mil. (I say hijack, they were probably more than willing to leave and joined in a heartbeat after receiving an invite - always remember lust before loyalty)

But the joke gets even funnier. Wow quite a group of players they have brought up, surely they have enough players, surely they don't need to recruit any more players from competing tribes. Oh wait, they do! Next up is Gods! - You may not think GODS1+2 were very competitive tribe but half of jokers OP on GODS1 which was probably at 150k points at the time got destroyed (mostly because i hopped over to gods1 and single handedly sniped all the trains (which were actually posted on the forum and tagged by our members lol), which saved around half the villages because majority of jokers are incapable of anti-sniping) Gods had around 500k points combined and were certainly a thorn in their side. But once again it was clear to them that we would be a challenge to take out - but why would you ever try and take them out when you could just recruit their top players! So they did! goodbye three 35k point players !

But wait.. The joke just keeps getting funnier. One of our top players that hopped to jokers was sitting a player in the old GODS tribe, I myself created a new tribe to get rid of the dead weight in our 2 old tribes, and I invited the player that this new jokers member was sitting into our tribe(without knowledge he was now being sat by a jokers member), with about 150kpoints and 12 members at the time, so he coincidentally joined our tribe on the sitted account, and our forums had a bunch of information on about our plans - he didn't state any exact reason for joining our tribe but claimed not to share any information with jokers (apparently joining a newly created tribe is integral to building up the village you are account sitting - the tribe of which is also coincidentally surrounding your actual account and are now enemies)

There's more ... so i created this tribe earlier this morning and invited players I though were valuable, and yet i am told that we have more than one spy in our tribe YES you heard that right jokers (a 2 million point tribe) are spying on a tribe with 150k points! I guess it would just be too difficult without the info. P.S the poaching mentioned above, was just from what ive noticed im sure they have poached even more

I'm sure jokers have spies in every other tribe thats a possible threat to them. Oh well I don't expect anything less, just wanted to let everyone know that an easy way to winning a world is by spying and recruiting any potential competition, although this has been happening for a while im sure :)

incoming forum post from jokers where they brag about opping us now and winning 2.2mil+ points vs 200k.


Read bottom up

Somehow knows about attack plans on our forum and brags about it in message

Proof jokers, with collectively 2.3million points are using spys in a tribe with 250k points - PATHETIC!

The saddest part is that I thought everyone in my tribe was trusted after reforming the old gods tribes...


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Doesn't matter how long you've known a player, they've always known an enemy longer ;)

or at least that is the outlook you should hold as a tribe leader!


Yeah well the recruit to win nonsense has been put to bed now