The Sins of O.O


Apologies for this not being as pretty on the eye as previous declarations, our graphics guy hasn't been available since this was written!

We the members of KnK, an organisation devoted to nuking and nobling all villas not currently belonging to us hereby declare war on OCCULT ORDER, known also as "O.O". The reasons for war are NUMEROUS and IRREFUTABLE.

O.O members are known to worship the "musician" Lionel Richie (post-Commodores). This IN AND OF ITSELF is reason enough for war, but we are thorough and shall name many of the O.O sins against us and World 7 alike.

Trafficking in exotic animals, which we cannot name here because they are too exotic to have been named. Except for Elephants.

O.O members are KNOWN CANNIBALS. They consume barbarians and their villas on the first and third Thursday of every month in a truly bizarre ritual that includes bingo, and blood pudding. Whose blood goes into the pudding? None may know, but has YOUR kitten or puppy recently been lost?

Members of the OCCULT ORDER wear pastel bedazzled sweatshirts with green C&A Cords, which are offensive to all.

OCCULT ORDER is actively campaigning for Nick Nolte, immortal alien insect queen, to become President of the Earth and Moon and maybe Mars, who will then use his android army and the evil brainwave machines of the Daleks to enslave the human race.

The war will end when any or all of the following conditions have been met:

  • All OCCULT ORDER Villas are within the hands of KnK

  • Alchemy is once again taught in public schools and at university.

  • OCCULT ORDER [O.O] changes their name/tag to the following: Rimmed by KnK

  • Lionel Richie returns to Saturn, vowing never again to visit Earth or any celestial body inhabited by humans.

Thank you for your time.


+1 PnP. Not as great as some, but definitely worth while :).


I have to say i am hugely disappoint, the only thing i had look forward to since the N.A.P ended, when i sow the report of the declaration first thing i did was go to this forum, but no fine art work this time


No pleasing some people is there. I've already explained why it isn't pretty, and unfortunately due to time pressures we couldnt wait any longer.

How about you come up with one chaz? To this day I think were pretty much the only tribe to have produced pnp on this world. Would be nice to see someone else have a go.


Pablo took the words right out of my mouth, PnP's arent limited to the biggest tribes in each world any tribe can make them, there meant to be an entertaining read which I think this one is anyway


'tis true, I made one on UK8 at rank 20! And one at rank 36.

What's the difference between Chemistry and Alchemy?


Chemistry is dealing with all matters, including solids, liquids and gasses. Alchemy is the study and practice of trying to turn an ordinary metal into gold.


Ah, thanks.

The Elder Scrolls didn't prepare me for this one!