time to shut up sb00cky


hey he left, as i say stats will always look good when tribes noobs are targetted, but, yea no tartan ur stats dont look so hot, and compare, if we read all the way up^^ i care what happens when you run out of easy growth and weak help players, that for me is the instrestin part of w13.

What sort of person talks about their tribe mates as "noobs" and "weak"? Perhaps this is why XpRd have a much more cohesive band of players than help! We get on with each other, we respect each other, and we all want the same thing.

Sure some players are better than others. As has been pointed out, there are many better players in XpRd than me, but who cares. We all have our role to play, and we will get there together. But to describe your fellow team mates as Weak and Noobs, just shows disrespect to the hours, days, weeks and months that they have put into this world.

Poor show on this one D1


thier all noobs and they know it :icon_twisted:

slaggin my own tribe off is my number one past time, as im sure abusing me is thiers.

you speak about cohesion but i imagine you guys arnt a patch on ours, ask martin he represents friendly neighbourness


Well that was quite a rambling post wasnt it. Yes I would admit to going through some struggles as of late, but apart from a couple of people on this world, most people have had their ups and downs.

With regard to my barb nobling yesterday evening, yes it is perhaps a little hypocritical of me, yet overall my barb nobling percentage will stand the test against anyone elses, but as Zippy has pointed out a move to a friendly neighbourhood was very appealing to me. Or maybe I just felt like renovating a small selection of properties, in an area that in the near future could be "up and coming"

But as many people have said over the years "one battle does not win a war", so we need to look at things overall, rather than just recent history, and as we all know I do like my stats.

XpRd vs Help! War rankings - time limit - Forever

21Zipperty ZogHELP!2417119.017.33467.256.906

I apologise for the slighty crude table, but hopefully to those with an un-biased nature, it shows, that overall I have comitted a relatively decent effort to our war, certainly better than those in this forum topic.

Barbs Nobled - Time limit - Forever

sb007ck - 37
D1mension - 249
Zipperty Zog - 274

So again looking at the situation overall, it fairly clear for all to see how the 3 of us regard barb nobling.

Fair play to your work in the last week D1, you gave one of our members a pretty hard time.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Few things here.

1. I am not the original owner so the points attacking of mine compared to both you and d merely show i do more. As i joined alot later than both of you in this war and yet am not that far behind, even though i have the biggest front agaisnt the Hap who quite clearly destroys anyone she sets her eyes on. Where as you have the comfort of having the hap's/andy's on the world on the front to protect and keep the enemy down.

So to me those stats i dont think shine any great light on you? The barb ones do, but as i posted and mailed i merely thought it was hypocritical to post about others doing it then do it yourself, can't really complain if you do it. Just didn't seem much like the person who posts/talks usually to say somat's wrong then do the same?

2.The area isnt up and coming. It's Already got the friendly neighbour, and the rank 1 so the only way is for my area to lose value with me moving out :icon_cool: and being replaced with a less friendly person :icon_razz:

3.The barb nobling stats don't really show the true story at all, you have Hap who destroys accounts single handily, so you can afford not to noble to keep up, Add then the fact that again the barbs you take are never in your area there almost always in the core of others. Which as previously stated is fine by me, its a cheap tactic but it is a tactic.

Finally ill say this hopefully for the last damn time... Bock please you seem a decent bloke but stop claiming your "TRIBE" is better, you have a good SMALL group that are good. But that's less than half of your tribe. Help admittidly has more inactives and less active players but the bunch we have couldn't be closer, ive never played with a better group.

Where as your Xprd that you claim are so good compared to us, well Hap/Andy/Steam/Hawk these 4 in paticular carry your tribe. There are others like yourself/cheetah/matwar/castiel maybe missed 1/2? (New one not that old one for gods sake) that noble help. The rest however jesus they may as well give the villas to hap and andy and the world will end MUCH quicker. I mean Take the first 4 mentioned out of it and i have serious doubts you'd ever win conquers agaisnt us again on a day by day basis.

Now im sure the same can be said for us But i don't go around saying how my tribe is much more cohevsive etc, when really we're the small bunch out numbered, less time (Less co's), less points and yet still play each day for each other. Easy to play when your winning, not so easy when your losing. Which i think Myhill is a perfect example of, couldn't handle joby incs and soon called it a day. Where as you look at Ww/Me/D/Krunt/Joby/Olive who all get tons of incs and are still here.

Anyways im rambling abit now, point im making is i don't agree with you even the slightest, as again winning is easy as proof of Geomon/Beer/Bardi/Steffan/Zgharta etc who all sit around enjoying the free ride while the haps/hawks/andys/steams of the world carry them. Try being behind and staying around, its not so easy and several of your members have proved on other worlds when the chips r down they can't hack it. (Your group excluded as i say i have respect for them for the skills they show).

No offense to those decent xprd players who i know first hand have skills :icon_biggrin: merely find it funny that the credit goes to Xprd as a whole when its really a small bunch of individuals who are damn good.

~Much Love to everyone from the friendly neighbour hope you all had a great Xmas! (D/Bock i hope you both had coal from Santa as you were mean to the ever friendly Zippppyyyyy ~ D for being annoying, bock for wasting lots of my time over the past 6 months.)


the original mask, and the original help whom now make up this tribe were on the rim, we should even be here and of been wiped by the massive core tribes, but no, refused to die we did and took the core tribes place as a rank 2, when mask was at its prime before our top 2 players quit, it is arguable xprd woulda got a kicking, they were as i see it the top 2 attackers on the world so whilst already being a underdog from the rim we had to take our top 2 players quiting and our rank 1 turncoating.
take this and add it to a rim help and bc who were no bodies on the rim as the original core help was gone nation.

with those 2 we tribes we have players who have faught against the odds sometimes when the stats are down to fight back and end up on top, majority of help should be very proud they even got to this stage let alone still with fight in thier bellies.

n who knows, we took out a larger enemy than xprd before after taking loss's initialy, why not again

hazza hazza :lol: