Tips for advertising your tribe

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Cat Like Thief

So you have a great new tribe and you want to recruit new members...

Heres a quick guide to the show you what information your potential recruits will want to know!

Subject Line

Firstly the subject line should state that you are looking for new members and your location.

Bread and butter stuff i know, but sometimes recruits dont want to open every thread on the page to find a tribe near them!

Tribe recruiting - K42
Looking for new members in K76


Presentation is important, potential recruits will judge your tribe based on your advert, so make it shine!

Check spelling, punctuation and maybe stick your coat of arms in there!

The Post

Ok, so in the post you will need the information you think is relevant, you won't need all of this information but it gives you an idea of some of the stuff recruits will want to know.

Trying to fit all of this information into the post will cause potential recruits to fall asleep by the 15th paragraph. Cherry pick the important information, you can discuss the small print later...

Tribe name
Goes without saying, people want to know who they are signing up for!

Are you only recruiting inside K23?
Will you accept border tribes?
How about members a bit further away?
Will people inside the church radius of an existing member be accepted?

Other tribe information
Let people know about your tribe, ambitions, style of play, target number of members... etc

Let players know what you are looking for in a recruit and in particular...

Is recruitment based on experience?
Is there a minimum point level or rank that players must obtain?
Maybe a minimum amount of troops?
Are IRC, Skype or any other programs required?
Is a Premium required?
Is there a trial period?
Will you need to account sit potential recruits?

This is more than enough to get your recruitment post going, try and inject some fun, everyone loves a clever tribe slogan!
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