TIR declare on SAS and the 'secret plan'


better late than never

i missed the last few weeks of this world, i was busy at work and knowing the world was ending lost a bit of my drive for it. hence why i missed this thread, makes interesting reading, well not really,

however i have to say, what a load of rubbish, back room skype chats?! clearly they are not tactics?! i think Hitler said the same once (well not skype)....or some guy that lost a war

For the record! every other tirbe tried 'dirty back room skype chats' and diplo, its just they failed! end of. The tir diplo was better, there ops were better, sas were out planned and out classed, i don't mean to put them down by saying this, nothing wrong with coming second, i think some one once said something about the measure of a man is how great his enemies are, or summat....yes i remember its a game.

as for credit, who gives a toss, SAS and this hollyrose bloke (or women, whatever you are) don't give credit to TWI, to me this just gives them more credit, the silent soldier working for a tribe(s) knowing he wont get his name in the hall of fame.

i might add every major tribe in world 11 had family tribes.....its just tir won, i know it would be a different story if another family tribe had won, although u can be sure no one would catch me spouting some of the stuff that ive seen in here had i lost, or in holly rose case, well who gives a toss what his/her story is.

P.S my morales stop me for saying anything positive about matt

now i beg ya, some one have a dig at my spelling and grammar - if any one still cares


I always wondered what would happen, unfortunately the Gotcha! pw got changed on me again during a particularly boring season, so i gave up trying to get back to play, however well done TIR, but it would be great to see a world won by pure gameplay and teamwork rather than merges and agreements in future, maybe the nap option should be removed would be a good idea imo, then you know who your enemies are i guess at least.

Like i said - Well Done TIR :)