Top 10 ODA


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Sending support to barbs gets you more resources than actually attacking them dudes....
Also barbs sometimes give a little pp for helping them :icon_wink:


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R1 ODA is wasting troops... 10k lool no way she had an army big enough to get minimum losses for 10k ODA
It really depends with the other 9, only person i see there that isnt wastinf troops is prob Red... the others are probably fighting and not clearing farms.


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I tend to disagree though. Rank 1 ODA is rank 4 in points. It would appear that he has been able to farm quite well as a result of his clearing. Most of my ODA was from shortly after BP ended, so at this stage I don't think it is unfeasible for someone to have 10k ODA and still have a sizable army.

I would tend to look more at someone like Mr.Yellow?. He has 4.7k ODA at 733 points. Either he is losing too many troops to effectively farm his clears, or someone else is farming them *hehe*.
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Hadn't checked the leader board but 2 things:
1 I dont know how recent R1 gained his ODA so he might have already been a top ranked player so being R4 doesnt nessassarily mean that he ...let his troops die... efficiently? If this happened recently
2. Being high up in the rankings does not mean that he is really farming well on a p2w world anyway

But i see where you're coming from


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Well, it appears I was wrong. Pistache is either hunting Hall of Fame achievements, or he really doesn't have many troops left. Perhaps he tried and failed to clear strenghts.

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It seems the top 10 ranked players aren't working too hard to gain their points. Only 2 of the top 10 ranked are also top 10 ODA. So fair play to them. The rest, of which I see three players from Jedi and some which have good potential to continue there early fire power. However, some of the top 25 ODA and even top 10 ODA are stuttering there own growth for killing troops. I could be wrong but just my thoughts.


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I'd rather have my troops out farming than getting ODA at this stage of the game. Give it another couple ;)