Top 10 Players

I am Shifty

Not really an ego boost, just your personal opinion on each of them - It doesn't have to be good. For example I don't care if you write complete horrible stuff about me if its your honest opinion...


Don't have an opinion, bad or otherwise regarding those players as havn't had the pleasure of any of them knocking on my door :) I do tend to find the majority of the top players are co played, or operate within tribes who vigorously account sit. Must be hard to evaluate their performance as an individual.

Four Seasons

RankNameTribePointsVillagesAverage points per village
1misschiffSHAC4.2691Great player, holding rank 1 with one village, will certainly stay there for a while or be class to it for long time.
2PacmonWG4.2652Questionable first noble, Larger targets in close proximity to his village yet he settled on the one his. I personally would of taken the higher one but each to there own really. New to the top10. With nobles out i dont think he will still there.
3Assassin222WG4.0181Still lurking in the top ranks, will surely stay up, Sure his frst noble will be a good one. We look on and wait.
4Bazza The BraveSHAC3.8891New addition to SHAC, friendly chap, Knows his game, Will surely stay top 5 after his first noble.
5FullmetalprophetWC :)3.8232New to the top, Got here with a quick conquer, Dont think he will hold it as others with equal points noble.
6The DexWC :)3.8102Good first conquer, well best to date, Will not stay in top 10. Low points on first village. People will noble on pass him.
7Four SeasonsSHAC3.6891-
8GLHFSHAC3.4611Dropped a few ranks, sure there focusing on troops. Look forward to seeing a good conquer from these.
9free.hairSHAC3.4022Why he didn't take the chap next to him is beyond me, Personally i would of done. Not sure what his reason is with that conquer :/
10Ad InfernumSHAC3.3301The Daily LOTD and POTD. Has to much free time on there hands, Look forward to the coming weeks to see what these guys muster up. Sure it will be something good. Will remain top10 for the near future.

I am Shifty

Ad Infernum is the daily POTD we are the daily LOTD :x :icon_wink:
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Rank 1 Assassin222, Should hang around the top 5 for some time(still ranking high on w11), nice od, pretty good area, should do well.

Rank 2 andyh370, After a victorious world 1 looks to be back for some more, though I'm never sure about top players who start with an internal or gifted village, maybe they have what it takes to stay up, plenty of targets in mediocre tribe could see him grow fast presuming he has the means to do it.

Rank 3 Pacmon 2nd top 10 to get 3 villies, Like the rest of his tribe may struggle for larger targets due to proximity don't think they will stay

Rank 4 misschiff Its a shame they opted for the barb as first vill, with such a large 1st village and a few better choices in the area could of held top spot, not sure of their ability so cant say whether they will hang about.

Rank 5 Ad Infernum one of the top farmers in the world, with a co-player and the ability thats got them there the only way is surely up, has targets dotted around them and a nice od to boot. Considering his day late start as well its an impressive start

Rank 6 Captain-lightspeed Lowish first noble(though not a barb) this guy does look a little bit crowded by his tribe so unsure where his next nobles are going to come from, not sure will hang around in top 20 for too long.

Rank 7 Bazza The Brave Seems world 1 didn't have quite enough barbs to keep him content, can't fault his growth though from playing with him before i know he does not have the ability to back it up, if left alone may grow quite large(perhaps not top 10 quality) but as I and others ive seen will tell you, quite a poor player.

Rank 8 NukemLukem Internal first noble, its hard to rate. This fella is nicely placed on the edge of shac's k and could expand south like wild fire, plenty of targets with likely no diplo or tribe members under feet.

Rank 9 cheetah277 Always nice to see a fella nobling bigger peeps, don't think he will hang around but liking the aggression on someone with 2 villies, think his future will go the same way as Aod's, looking good atm but will not be playing in a few months.

Rank 10 Four Seasons Some people's favorites at the start of the world, a good farmer and aggressive player, should climb the ranking I would of though, may struggle to find some sizable nobles though.

Rank 11 GLHF Another highly rated account, and one of the top farmers, up to now hasn't been challenging the top ranks, although they have made it clear they are not rushing acad's, I imagine they will climb in the next few weeks.

I apologize Ive been out of the game for a year or so a lot of new names I'm unfamiliar with.

PS did 11 due to pacmon's recent noble :)


I will always be playing :) haha just depends how active i wanna stay lol


Rank 8 NukemLukem Internal first noble, its hard to rate. This fella is nicely placed on the edge of shac's k and could expand south like wild fire, plenty of targets with likely no diplo or tribe members under feet.

My thoughts exactly lol.......good read


By the powers invested in me i resurrect said thread, but instead of rating sir farm a lot, oh i lost my nuke ima quit now,
can rate players with a little more resolve

1 haphaz XpRd 4.150.821 427 9721
2 Pacmon TMNT 2.812.778 285 9869
3 andyh370 Mask 2.782.162 288 9660
4 vortex.popescu XpRd 2.531.120 268 9444
5 Fruit Twist TMNT 2.234.060 227 9842
6 pangela Mask 2.016.336 212 9511
7 xlapa Mask 1.966.047 196 10031
8 Hawk 01 XpRd 1.853.288 203 9129
9 Assassin222 XpRd 1.820.771 197 9242
10 SteamTRAIN XpRd 1.784.119 188 9490

Warning, i go into detail so please if your not a fan of lengthy posts, here i made a rate specially for you.

Pacmon, sucks
Andy, brill
Vortex, poor
Fruit, average
Pang, smashing
Xlapa, awesome
Hawk, ok
Assassin, decent
Steamtrain, super

1, Haphaz 8.5/10

Always hard to rate the rank 1 player without being biased.
Growth wise they are truly bossing things at the top, thats not to say they wont be caught but for the moment, nice bit of air between her and the rest

Rank 1 oda, to be expected, i imagine this account is more O, as usually indicated by good growth, taking both farming awards almost every day, n averaging about 80-100 million a day.

Rank 18 odd, xprd have picked their wars carefully from day, and have come on top pretty quickly. so add in a bunch of nancies who darent attack mean hap finds herself untested through no fault of her own.

As with all high ranking accounts, does the rank emulate the skill?

2, pacmon 3/10

Tough to score well an account we are not sure hasn't given up the chase and playing or not, wont be in this list for long, the original plan was for Fruit twist and this account to merge, meaning a sure bet rank, which as stated im certain would mean the pac account being rank 1 would not suggest he is the top player ability wise.

Rank 8 oda, This considering he's been calling the shots of the dominant tribe in the area is piss poor, a player of his size being walled off by diplomacy and recruitment should still find a way to be top 5 oda, the fact he's been thee shot caller for 2/3rds of world 13 just shows either how, lazy/poor/turtling he is.

Rank 3 odd, Not a bad score considering it all pretty much came at once, though some criticisms can be made, this player seems to not know how or when to dodge, how or when to snipe and seems to try stack the lot, its now looking like for his impressive odd, he has lost most of his troops, so in a sense, a poor defender.
That said he has 2 of the most aggressive and able attackers on this world shooting at him, so how much his fault and how much is it to those players credit, you decide

Soon to lose rank 2 and i think will go down with the rest of his tribe, been in the competitive ranks for a while, but in the end its about the fight in the player, not the ability to grow.

3, Andyh370 7/10

Andy n mark, what can i say, had my ups n downs with these 2 fella's but seems we have found a mutual love of head collecting, n theirs plenty to go around :D

Rank 2 oda, always good to have oda rank surpassing size, and if you scale oda with size one could argue that with less nuking power they surpass hap in nuking efficiency, only see this rising further and perhaps is a legit challenge for haps rank 1 in both size and oda, what they lack in farming ability they make up for as i say head hunting, xprd seem to have locked their best asset away in a cupboard whilst these boys can have a world of fun gypsy hunting.

Rank 38 odd, whilst they are my team mate i am able to be critical lol, and such low odd is a scar of moving tribes a touch too often for my liking, that said one cant help if a tribe you join falls apart.

They now have a pedestal to achieve all they want in w13 and from what ive seen, they are well up for it and will welcome the wars, and no doubt give any would be attacker or defender a run for their money.

4, vortex.popescu 5/10

Ill be brutally honest, i don't like the look of these, imo xprd showed weakness in recruiting, they beat nation. Granted, this fella sticks out as a great potential for recruiting, then when you look at how they got their, i struggle to find enemy village conquers.
This account has got to where it is purely on internals and barbs,or enemies being internelled themselves the fact xprd could of just eaten this guy and have imo far more useful villages is a mistake.

Rank 5 oda, Wow i didn't realize the internals didn't leave acc sits :p

Rank 96 odd,
:icon_razz: Aggressive internals eh, perhaps when the sitter clicked support to empty vill they slipped n clicked attack

lol sorry if i sound harsh, 1, im a bit of a krunt (inside joke) with opinions, 2 easy target :D

5, fruit twist 6/10

Also due kicking out of the top 20, perhaps will sustain a touch longer than pac, but days be numbered.

Rank 3 oda, Very nice, now id be able to compliment the driver if i had an idea who it was, the gypsy crew don't deserve good words as a whole, but nice work gypsy fruit ;), seems very weird considering they eat barbs and internals almost exclusively but the stats don't lie, may take rank 2 oda, depends how busy andy is, that said the account itself is on a slippery slope.

Rank 16 odd, I expect this to rise sharply, probably end up rank 2 odd before going down, theirs quiet a jump to rank 1, and i dont expect the account will fare well under fire, already seen evidence of mega over stacking tripling thier loss's when nuked. I have a feeling this will go the exact same way as pac, try and block everything at whatever the cost troop wise, then just get pummeled.

As always tough to see positives on a not that bad account but position wise with the limited ability of the driver means they are gonners.

6, pangela 9/10

After hap this fella could have the biggest nuke count, very aggressive player with the experience to be lethal, 2 time world winner n its easy to see why, so far a very pleasurable experience working with not only a good player in their own right, but functions well in a team.

Rank 4 oda, A great score in its own right again punching above their weight, in touching distance of rank 2/3 for oda so expect some healthy competition with andy :p

Rank 25 odd, Some would say untested, but having spoke with pangela seems this isnt the case, its a combination of well nuke them before they nuke you and a more snipe and retake form of defending. Doing this means pangs never going to score high on the odd score, yet will hold themselves as a solid defender with the nuking power of a much higher ranked account.

Ability+experience+team play+activity, ses it all really, a great asset.

7, xlapa 9.5/10

Oh dear where do we begin with mr manos :D, im a egotistical little git but im happy to say xlapa is a way better attacker than myself or imo probably anyone on w13.

Rank 6 oda, Punching above his weight as to be expected, but i don't think the rank tells the full story, when xlapa is low on nukes he seems to have little stabs at players and come home with a collection of vills.
When he has nukes in large supply he goes away to plan(to the point where you think your being ignored lol) and comes back with some evil opp, that often seems to gain him and the tribe a nice supply of villages.

Rank 19 odd, Xlapa i know 1st hand was tested under heavy fire early game by the firm boys, after one failed opp they opened up recruitment talks, so for all their failings they could spot talent lol.
Do not think less of this player due to rank 19 odd, his timing ability and sniping are excellent, n after i kindly added cancel sniping to his arsenal (credit where is due mr manos :p) he truly would be a tough rock to shift, if you survived his relentless village swiping that is.

All in all a smashing tw friend and it may sound biased, but i think his name is definitely in contention for best player ability wise on w13.

8, Hawk 01 6/10

Not seen or heard much from these guys, though have steadily climbed and hung around the top spots for a while

Rank 29 oda, By looks of things a massive under achiever, seemed to start off with loads of internals, yet since has gone 40/60 barbs to enemies, that being the case im surprised the oda not being higher, looking at thier position perhaps its cause his enemies have been walkovers so has yet to see someone who defends villages :p

Rank 128 odd, Well that confirms it, its not a criticism but seems like this fella is just demolishing the rim, hence the oda/odd.

Hard to judge how much of a asset he is, i guess if his job is to just grow big in safe zones and send d to frontlines, he's doing fine, cant be much fun though.

9, Assassin222 7/10

Another recent world winner, assassin seems to be rated by most people i talk to, i dont think he is up their with the best, but a solid player which any tribe would be happy to have. Also impressive to say he's a rank 1 at start up and maintained top 10 since then, very impressive as all so often ppl who excel at start up are often long gone by now.

Rank 23 oda, I have a feeling alot of the reason he is under performing was diplo, that said he was i believe part of the leadership mix in wg at the start, so has had influence on a world level.

Rank 72 odd, Also not tested, i have heard assassin isn't bad at defending so cant place too much fault on him for no one having a stab.

Ether way not a noob so should they come under fire expect this to rise before they fall over, unlike some of the ex firm/wg crew....

10, SteamTRAIN 7/10

The 3rd w1n in this list, the w1 winners sure miss taste of victory didnt take them long to come back lol, after hap xprd's best?

Rank 14 oda, Strange to see oda below size for this player, that said been on the rim and not really grown into more competitive core, sure when this fella get them self busy in a war will rise.

Rank 152 odd, One of the biggest accounts not to have been barely touched, they have dominated thier area so no od to be gained from the pickings, but he's the sort of player who wont fall over to a few spiaradic nukes, so expect them should someone try rimming them to deffo go down with a fight should down be the way they be headed.

Nice size account but not much to go off stat wise on this world, that said people who know him or played with him rate him highly, and should conflict arise i think we will find his stats most impressive.

Players to watch out for:

11. Iso-robbie, Decent player as far as fighting is concerned, maybe wont out farm people but if you rim or out last ppl above you, be sure to climb ranks.

15. Brrando83, I rate to be of similar ability to steam, just hasnt grown as well, but non the less a tough cookie considering those 2 will be working together against whoever they fight.

21. WeekendWarrior, Sadly it would be wrong of me not to stroke the big mans ego. A top player who imo would would put majority of top 20 to shame on the battle field, just a late starter and tough times earlier on held back growth.

28. Rage/cottonbud, Im always terribly confused what to call him lol, top player who again is a late starter, once he fights off the gypsy ambush his power farming will see him top 20 and beyond, also worth noting this guy knows how to scrap.

30. d1, the best player on w13 Lol ok I wont go on a ego trip :p, but after being near forced into farming by ww and having a good wing man with xlapa I hopes to be worth a mention, After mighty wayne im the next best defender tw has ever seen, n those who know wayne get the joke ;)

(plus its my post so biased as ya like :D )

Also kudo's if you read this far.

(can't believe is just said kudo's)



ty peeps.

be nice to here some more rates by others, don't have to go proper detailed, but something to read be good :)


k I'm volenyeering topdoginthehood to fire up a rate :p