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Discussion in 'UK 4 [World Closed - Win Condition 100% Tribal Dom' started by Jimmy white, Nov 20, 2010.

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  1. Jimmy white

    Jimmy white Active Member

    Sep 28, 2010
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    You then? ;P lolololol
  2. SammyK

    SammyK Guest

    You are all my Minions

  3. Phlipster

    Phlipster Active Member

    Sep 16, 2009
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    Steve you are my minion!
  4. Son of plunder

    Son of plunder Member

    Oct 1, 2010
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    well Cant realy say much About top 10 not bothered about them so much due to world 7
    but id say wet and FATE 1 on 1? end up going nowhere
    and im sure plenty agree
  5. SammyK

    SammyK Guest

    Im no one minion lol

    And im also fed up with ppl going on about W7

    Every other world on uk servers still has life in it .
  6. onetruth

    onetruth Guest

    Christmas Day Growth

    Proportional increase in points (whole tribe) 25/12/10 - 26/12/10.

    BW +0.98%
    ~w~p~ +0.49%
    Cold +0.46%
    HELL +0.20%
    Z~P +0.19%
    WET +0.16%
    ~UR~ +0.15%
    +PEST- +0.07%
    =FATE= +0.06%
    =WIP= +0.01%

    Those at the bottom of the list will have been merry with friends and family, perhaps enjoying a sherry with their maternal aunts or standing for the Queen's speech. They live well balanced lives, with TW being almost wholly neglected over Christmas day.

    The middle part of the list is populated by oilrig workers, recovering alcoholics and the deeply lonely. They may have had a turkey sandwich and a tin of fruitini for their Christmas meals, and perhaps had one eye on the Bond film while they built up their Hiding Places and recruited a few hundred rams. It is unlikely that they will have gone the whole of Christmas Day without some human contact, but for many this will have been no more than a call from a son or daughter from another continent, pulling a cracker with a wee-scented relative, or a friendly nod to the street retard. TW continues to be their life's perpose regardless of which Son of God's birthday it happens to be.

    Those at the top of the list are an exclusive yet diverse bunch. Christmas dinner for many will have been a reasonably hearty meal cooked by their culinarily inept mothers, followed by a retreat from the family to the safety of TW interspersed with bouts of self-love. Others will enjoy a rare moment of good-will from the screws on the nonce's wing before medication then back to the cell to plan the Boxing Day launches. For the rest of this group, Christmas Day was completely unnoticed, except that for some reason the regular supply of pizza to the front door never came. They sat in their filth, curtains illuminated by the ever-familiar laptop backlight, without knowledge or care that the outside world had spent the last month crying because there was a little bit of snow.

    In summary:

    Cold - Ice
    +PEST- - Fresh Snow
    the rest - Slushy Snow
    ~UR~ - Yellow Snow
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  7. I think you pretty nicely summed up this world there :D
  8. Radarr

    Radarr Guest

    Haha :lol: Loved that! +REP

    I would but I need to spread it around some more!
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  9. fighter435

    fighter435 Guest

    last time i knew when i was in ~ur~ they started mini war in colds main k
  10. Here's the tribes ranked on their average points per player. Slightly swayed by the one man tribe at the top :D

    1 - =WIP= - 2.402.907
    2 - =FATE= - 1.026.892
    3 - ~UR~ - 798.897
    4 +PEST- - 758.309
    5 - WET - 640.003
    6 - BW - 576.582
    7 - HELL - 350.094
    8 - Z~P - 325.718
    9 - Cold - 74.919
    10 - DNK - 70.520
  11. Radarr

    Radarr Guest

    Haha, well I must say I have a feeling I may have another Defender of the Day award coming up.

    /glares at WET.
  12. scouseseamus

    scouseseamus Guest

    I was going to wish you good luck, but then thought, hold on a minute, he's the Enemy personified.
  13. Olis750

    Olis750 Guest

    He is all that is wrong in the world. We, WET are the righteous warriors fighting for good and peace! We wage war on the evil beings known as... =FATE= and their FATE is to be wiped off the face of the earth for their part to play in the evilness... of evil things.. in an evil way!

    Sorry got a bit carried away, =FATE= aren't that bad...
  14. Jimmy white

    Jimmy white Active Member

    Sep 28, 2010
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    If all that's true Olly, I believe we may have joined the wrong tribe :/
  15. Radarr

    Radarr Guest

    I have a test tomorrow. Thanks for making me do an all-nighter people :icon_confused:

    I think WET are doing a great job at Rank 1 but they're yet to face the full wrath of me... and probably never will but y'know :lol:

    Awwww, love you too Olly!
  16. Are you quitting?

    Rad/frisky you are a good foe. As your leader is fond of saying "war is good".
    He wasn't referring to DRebel's tribe when he said that.

    Good luck with the exam. Don't fail the exam because of TW. If it gets too much just quit and give me your villages. Ok?
  17. Adellion

    Adellion Guest

    Your full wrath? Are you going to show that off while waving a white flag?

    Why do I feel Radarr is trying to copy my forum persona?
  18. Radarr

    Radarr Guest

    Na, not quitting. Then again I have been considering quitting TW ever since I joined :lol:

    Thanks, likewise... you just won't leave me alone!

    And obviously - you'll be the first person I contact. :icon_razz:

    It was going to be purple :icon_cry:

    & Nope, not trying to be an 'ego-poo-head' :icon_razz:
  19. mrlucaboy

    mrlucaboy Guest

    Think it was more you guys who needed the luck ;)

  20. redleg

    redleg Member

    Jul 15, 2010
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    we're fine in WET we have the luck of the Irish