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  1. LightyJo

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    Will run to the Top 10?! Probably not? Will it be updated weekly. Almost certainly not! But anyway welcome to the launch of UK42's top tribes thread which will begin with the very best of intentions and lets just see how we go from here!

    Now as always I will state that I don't really know what goes on in other tribes so if there are glaring errors then please correct me, nicely, and if necessary I will post a grovelling apology which, may or may not, be heartfelt.

    So without further ado let us release those TFF cameras (kudos if you remember those!) and see who are UK42's Bobby Dazzlers and who are the Marcus the Mad's proof readers.....o_O

    No 1: END Points: 127k ODA: Rank 1 202k ODD Rank 4 35k 19 members 39 villas

    Plenty of stardust making their line up look like the guest list of a Jennifer Anniston birthday bash (with a few slightly lowering the tone) they are spread out over K54 as only a decent pre made should. Remarkably they have had no tribe changes and bar the recruitment of one a few days in have kept to their original line up. I am guessing the spare spot has spawned more beggy invite mails than Donald Trump to a 2 for 1 fake tan offer but so far they are content with their lot.

    Caps wise a mixture of good villas and PP abuser quality necessity caps. ODA rank 1 and bar one big hit of ODD on one of their members not really been troubled much but then they can only do what this world presents them.

    Short term expect more of the fantastic growth as they enjoy the free buffet part of the world. Medium term their only real issue is keeping their members happy and replacing those that don't last the course. Long term will they get bored? Probably but they have enough late gamers in there to maybe last the course with some strategic recruit nukes and merges.

    No 2 DREGS Points 112k ODA Rank 2 162k ODD Rank 10 19k 20 members 36 villas

    Another premade and another decent line up though these guys are more mid to late gamers than the Rank 1. A lot more chopping and changing here and looks like a few leaving and then re joining hinting that not all has been smooth sailing. They have a PP big spender here hoovering up tiny villas which has lifted their villa count but done little to make their caps look anything other than ordinary. Some decent takes here and there but this aside positionally they look strong and if left to grow will be battling it out for the top spot all world. Some competition in their K but unless these other tribes have sitters for early Sunday mornings cannot see them taking Dregs down. If the other tribes do have some USA players then Dregs might just struggle a wee bit

    No 3 NE Points 110k ODA Rank 3 103K ODD Rank 9 22k 20 Members 39 villas

    Good spread of villas and have some diplomacy issues to resolve shortly nothing to really worry them early doors. Again they have some PP spenders and again their caps are average if I am being generous. The big plus with this tribe is that they have a few very experienced players in there that should be able to lead this tribe to if not glory then at least a well done you pat on the back mentioned in dispatches journey.

    However, if given time I think they will dominate their K, change a few of the line up for some of the quality that is lurking in their K and give anyone that fights them a very good run for their money. I do feel that they might have members that prefer barbs to the red meat of other players but no tribe is perfect.

    No 4 Or Err Points 85K ODA Rank 5 85K ODD Rank 8 22k 18 members 34 Villas

    An eyebrow raising profile page and an equally diverse member list making this tribe so uncool they are actually super cool. You are given no kudos if you wipe the floor with them and ridiculed if you didn't and sandwiched between END and the Dregs K one of the big beasts will need to take them on at some point.

    Caps wise they look very good and also show signs of having opped a local tribe as well which shows teamwork. Yes there are small caps in the mix but most tick all the boxes for what you want as a first cap (area permitting of course). One to watch and if they continue as they have been this pre made should go far or go down in a blaze of glory and fake tan...!

    N0 5 STD's Points 85k ODA Rank 6 92k ODD Rank 42 4k 20 members 31 villas

    Am not sure if this is the family tribe or main one or if they just doing an early huggle and merge as folks drop out. My normal issues with family tribes is offset ( a bit) by a quality member list that should be able to handle a non outside tribe support feature. I still wonder whether keeping it to one tribe wouldn't be better but could be convinced, if given wine and chocolate in sufficient quantities, that early doors this is a brilliant masterplan. Caps wise again nothing to wrinkle your nose at and they ARE packed full of mid to late game players. I want to like them but is a family tribe....idk.

    Positionally they look good (well you would with 40 members lol) and this is UK server so no one going to dismantle them early doors and say pfft family tribe bad.

    Ok I like them but with reservations.

    Ok I now need to do school run so will try and finish this list later but I might gloss over numbers 6 to 10 :p
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    No. 7 TXC

    Absolutely no chance at doing anything, and I can see a few of their players switching to other tribes. Their top few players definitely just PP boosted, and do not look impressive to say the least.

    No. 8 UAD

    0.000000000001% chance of ever surviving late game. A few might leave and join other tribes, but I do not see any quality within this tribe.

    No. 9 EXC

    See above.

    No. 10

    See above.
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    Gets back from school run...! OK welcome back to Uk42's as and when I can be bothered update of the top 10 tribes. So let us see who are this week's chart toppers and who are Marcus the Mad's Valentine Pig competition secretary (so many entries their workload must be horrendous :rolleyes:

    No 1 (+1) Dregs Points 630k ODA Rank 1 (+1) 1 million ODD Rank 19 (-9) 105k 18 members 128 villas

    First up am not including the zero point members that you can't kick without losing some pesky tribe experience which is a pain for all tribes (Booky fix this please!) so that is why they are at 18 not 20 for those of you that delight in spotting my tiny really no need to mention inaccuracies...!

    Anyway calmly seizing the top spot Dregs growth has rivalled the share price of a dot com start up firm as they have dined lavishly at the free buffet on offer but not exclusively (see what I did there is like Basil Brush writes this for me I swear). Decent caps as well as being merciless on those bonus barbs and only one cap against (a recap and with the no outside support rule they can blame Booky for this).

    Tucking into EXC tribe yesterday as a first OP looks like some are a little rusty or love their sleep too much but maybe it was change of day from their usual Sunday morning time that confused some of the members. Am sure they will only tighten things up or the 8am arrival time was more of a suggestion this time round?! Some high ODA for the villas gained shows that the free buffet is at last orders and quite a few showing no ODA jump at all means they have more left in the tank. Tomorrow morning then?!

    This aside they look very strong even when you take into acc that some of them love to splash the premium around to quite a staggering degree. They have plenty of areas to grow into still before taking on the bigger beasts around them when having points high troops shy members might be an issue.

    No 2 (-1) END. Points 511k ODA 909k Rank 2 (-1) ODD 159k Rank 10 (-6) 17 members 135 Villas

    Last week's table toppers down a spot and with more villas taken than Dregs shows they either love their bonus barbs more than Romeo did Juliet or they spend heaps less premium. If I spent more time researching I would tell you but think is a combo of the two especially when I look at my farming returns...! Still packed full of the great and the good they have lost a few members to the shining lights of real life but have at least got their leavers to ahem leave before being internalled thus not having dead accounts sitting in the tribe. Still not recruiting they must really love the "canz I join am ace" mail or have folks in mind to fill their spots. I sense a recruit nuke or two might be out and about shortly.

    Stats wise they do not seem to have run any timed ops as yet but then they are in the thick of their free buffet time and hoovering up the tribeless, the infirm and the awful. Only caps against are cross nobling on bonus barbs and a recap from a very angry Portuguese player who broke Google translate as he let them know his views on villa swapping.

    Whilst Aki leaving will be felt keenly they do have obvious areas to grow as morale and the loss of bonus barbs begins the slow down of the free buffet for them. 3 in the top ten for killing folks in a day and two for the farming shows their quality but also that they can still move up a gear or two. If they can run a decent OP then they will be fighting to regain their Bobby Dazzler hats stolen off them by Dregs.

    No 3 (=) NE Points 433k ODA 885k Rank 3 (=) ODD 83k Rank 20 (-11) 17 members 100 villas

    This week's non mover who do appear to have formed a mini me tribe! Normally I would have a little rant about this but as their K has a few families living there maybe they have done this just to level the playing field?

    You have to say that, after Dregs, they have the easiest K to control and whilst is no pushover they have suddenly read the "How To" guide on the free buffet period of this world. They have also rimmed two of my graduated apprentices the swine! One was an internal mind but still!

    Members all bar one showing great growth, good caps and again hunting down those poor bonus barbs. Have to work up to their first op to remove the other tribes in their K but good line up and ticking every box that needs ticking at this stage of a world. No doubt they will be looking at Dregs long term but this far in they are looking good.

    Ok I need to go make some tea (fish pie tonight in case you are wondering) before my own little tribe return and ask why tea is not ready and I say I was doing the top ten tribes. I will be back and probably with wine so if you are in positions 4 to 10 be a little worried!
  4. LightyJo

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    Ugh edit feature is awful so I will be naughty and do a double post (something I hate)

    No 4 STD & STD's Not going to link their ODA and ODD as makes my eyes hurt trying to see

    Is it just me but if you declared on them would your war dec state "have penicillin will travel!" Lol Maybe just me anyway our dinosaur and sugar loving friends are keeping to the family tribe line. I think it has slowed down their decent members growth and they have members in other K's that must be looking over their shoulders a wee bit. I am informed they are badly led and I hear terrible tales about what it is like to be a minion in this family. They have let END into their K and whilst their caps are ok they are hitting tribes rather than the free buffet feast that should have been theirs for the taking.

    Yes they have picked off what they can but part of me (well pretty much all of me to be honest) thinks had they just kept to 20 they would be in a much better position. Yes they have some decent members but oh my some dross and when push comes to shove I can't see them holding off the bigger beasts. I think some of their shining lights will jump and then it is curtains for the rump although I think a new tribe will emerge from this debacle.

    Could have been oh so much more if well led.

    No 6 Or Err (-2) ODA 426k Rank 6 (-1) ODD 78k Rank 23 (-15) Members 13 Villages 68

    My tribe so couldn't possibly comment!

    No7 TXC No No No No!

    Family tribe and have to say our food for anyone close by. They have a few "names" in there but expect them to jump ship/be recruit nuked before the final grisly end

    No 8 ODA (NE) 158k points and 45 villas

    Some quality in there but a barrier between NE and Dregs. I cannot see them lasting long but I can see them causing a few red dot reports as they go!

    No9 1215.

    No. Awful location and just food now alas as at the start had some names. Lucked out on starting spot and did little to solve these issues

    No 10. TXL.

    No! Family. Awful and am not looking!

    So ends this week's top 10. Apologies to those in the lower reaches but is a small world and I see this as a three way world. Dips will be key but a lot of munching to go before the big beasts make a play!
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    1 [​IMG] DREGS

    They have gained quite a decent lead at the top since the OP. However, their rank is clearly complimented by the seemingly bottomless pockets of their top members. Excluding the top 2 moneybags who I am not familiar with, the tribe seems to be split down the middle in terms of ability. I imagine they will continue to do well and inevitably end up fighting END for the spoils
    2 [​IMG] END

    My tribe...

    I would place us in a very similar position to Dregs except we are much more enclosed by other tribes with less obvious routes for easy expansion. A solid group of players who have played together previously (minus myself) so I don't foresee any issues to arise in the near future and growth will continue

    3 [​IMG] NE

    Never really heard of any of their players. Blessed by their positioning on the map and will most likely continue to hide away in k45 for as long as possible to give themselves a chance later on. Im curious to see whether they will stay strong as a tribe into the future or their top ranked players will look for a new home
    4 [​IMG] STD
    5 [​IMG] STDs

    Gonna group these together for obvious reasons. If I was STD i would be rapidly looking to use their large numbers to gain a foothold in k45 as the south of the world is likely a step too far for them at this stage. They seem to follow the trend for the other top 5 tribes by having a handful of competent players followed by questionable players. Interestingly though the presence of a family tribe could prove extremely beneficial as they have managed to get a very solid core of players. They could end up being darkhorses for the top spot down the line.

    Alas this is more my opinion than any sort of update but meh
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    sry, but i'm not moneybags and don't have bottomless pockets.
    otherwise - time will tell) I still know very few people on this server to evaluate other teams))
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    Lol are you saying you're not PPing your vils? o_O
  8. New Member

    Jul 11, 2014
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    Lol =)

    Why ask nonsense?

    any more or less experienced player who knows what tw-stats is, sees that I spend a lot of premium-points.

    and any person who has finished primary school and who can read will understand that I did not write about it)

    I wrote - that did not buy pp. and play without donat, using only gaming opportunities. I would share a secret with you, but judging by your question, it will not help you.

    in any case - to all unbelievers, I can easily provide my account in another world with premium logs to confirm my words)

    PS. I apologize for oftop. I look forward to the next reviews by tribes
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    What’s the update on this ladies
  10. LightyJo

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    So we all agreed this is more a month and a bit update thing from now on yes?! Those who disagree shout now? Silence.... Excellent we all agreed then month and a bit update it is!

    Pops copy of minutes away and without further ado let us see who is this weeks (sorry sorry month and a bit's) Bobby Dazzlers and who are Marcus the Mad's Last user to post here prompter.

    No1 (Non Mover) Dregs 3.991 million points ODA Rank 1 7.77 million ODD Rank 1 4.23 million 20 members 577 villas

    Up to 66 tribe changes now as this tribe internal squabbles continue to amaze and amuse (well those of us not directly involved) and I wonder if their ODA would be quite so high if their "internals" were all willing. The black sheep has angered the Dregs PP spenders and even the leader with toys being hurled, hissy fits and tantrums abound and I hear that he is now going to co play an acc in END so see if the rows follow across...

    So with 87 plus caps against themselves Dregs have been slowed by the internal (see what I did there huh!) issues and part of me wonders whether had this been resolved at the start by kicking the offending (again lol) acc early would they be a more cohesive tribe by now and the rest of me thinks they would. Still a tribe to be feared and definitely now that the issue has been sent to END (do we call this an argument causing nuke IDK).

    Have batted away the END op against them but failed to make any headway against END themselves shows that the tribe issues have made eyes wander from the tasks they should have been concentrating on. Will this failure to stop END barb building on the frontline come back to haunt them or will they show us all that they are worthy of the top spot and not be known, on this world, as recruit nukers par excellence but little else. They have the players but I am slightly concerned about their ability to work as a team as so far I think this has been lacking. If proverbial socks can be pulled up and the mails stop being "I quit" rage ones then I think they will be fine. If not and the backline members are just in no red dot itus land (is a TW disease unknown to medical science but causes boredom inducing symptoms and an inability to log on after a while) and without any targets to keep themselves amused they might struggle. Diplo with NE should mean that they gank on END but so far am not seeing any signs and is all the signs that life is not all rosy for Dregs at the moment. Still I hope that they have hit the bottom and that they step up, several gears, and give us a war to chat about for a while to come with END.

    No 2. (Non Mover) END 3.497 million points ODA Rank 3 6.82 ODD Rank 5 1.86 million 18 members 517 villas

    Only 32 tribe changes for our second placed tribe and 59 internals showing that they have also had to slow growth by eating sleepy members. Also fans of recruit nuking and with a mixed bag of results with some great additions to their line up as well as ones that immediately quit. They had complained of having no front line with Dregs but this was speedily resolved when a few accs jumped to Dregs and they have a front line running all the way across to K's (pfft UK world so this sounds way more impressive than it is!) . Definitely showing that they work as a team and may be stretched a bit when NE join Dregs in the big war but only one NE cap against them which looks like a cross noble or the NE player was told when to arrive by a player knowing they were doomed...! Bar this and a barb tussle END have no red dots against them though NE have yet to enter this war and Dregs have not run a tribewide op against them.

    The world settings suit the defender and END have been making barbs shiver in fear as they beef up their frontline inter spaced with tribe wide ops against rim tribes to keep the membership on their toes. TW stats shows some very impressive timings in the main. This ticks all the boxes for me on what makes a decent tribe. It is clear they have a plan and their members are happy in making this happen and having internalled their one idiot they should be up for the fight with Dregs and NE though will see how they handle the ex Dreg into their midst! Lowish ODA shows that their internals don't fight back and despite the best efforts of Dreg players sending ramless nukes their ODD is lower than you would have expected when fighting the ranked one tribe.

    Still looking at their front line they do have their work cut out to start moving forward but so far for me they have been UK 42's best tribe (bar of course new upstart W00t!)

    No 3. (Non mover) NE 3.484 million points (plus 250k family tribe) ODA Rank 2 7.56 million ODD Rank 10 900k 19 members 477 villas

    Points wise nothing between NE and END but a lot fewer villas showing that these guys are not as fond as barbs as the rank 2 as their ODA also shows. Their ODD is pitiful mind (not that this shows them in a bad light just shows the UK server now really has hit the bottom as folks don't fight back against the big boys and girls but this is a rant for another day)

    47 tribe changes tells a tale of some recruit nukes against our penicillin lacking tribe (I never bought in to the sugar coated dinosaur thing am sorry) and the odd squabble here and there too. They have munched on the rim tribes though am not seeing signs of coordinated arrival times which might be that they didn't need to (I can feel the rant about quality of UK server building but will fight it!) which is fine but means they might be a little war rusty when they go against END which they will need to do shortly unless they are of the fence sitting "we will fight the winner" type of tribe and if they chose this route then I will pity the barbs around them and also feel they will lose and deservedly so.

    Still got a decent line up though I see the bright lights of RL have taken a few and they have got to the No 3 spot by feasting on the misfortunes of others and will see how they go when faced by a decent tribe who mean business. Mind you they can only deal with whatever hand they have been dealt and so far have not gone wrong bar possible wrong choice of diplo but time will tell!

    No 4 to No 10

    Am sorry but they are rim tribes or holding pens for recruit nuking by the big three later. Morale and pesky 20 to 1 rule keeps them safe for now (unless near END who bore of barb munching and take them one week by week).

    As per if you spot any mistakes then let me know (nicely mind) and depending on how I feel will write grovelling apology and send out an amendment

    So see you in a month and a bit!
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    Seeing as this world is pretty much at endgame stage already thought I’d do a little update.

    Rank 1 - Dregs and NE Family

    Got some good players in the tribes, early on looked like it was gonna be a very interesting world with a few promising tribes battling it out. Hasn’t quite gone to plan as normally happens when family tribes are about but is shaping up to be a fun world for END anyway. Rank 1 for ODA and ODD so these two have been busy hitting anyone but each other, be interesting to see if this family tribe expands at all or if they stick to the 3 tribes they have although a bit of reshuffling of members between them due to the no outside support rule is standard for a family tribe at this stage.

    Rank 2 - END

    Won’t comment on my own tribe as everyone knows we are perfect.

    Rank 3-10 - Rim Tribes

    These tribes could have a say in the winner of this world at one point but I imagine some of the larger plays will be recruited down the line, family tribes do like that. If not I’m sure they will be getting ready on the rim for a bit of defending further down the line.