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friday updates in the future will include OD and ODA of top 20 as well as players best plunder/hauled/gathered stacks, if there's anything else just let me know.


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Amazing how 4 of the top 5 tribes are allied and you still talk :p

Wish I had 60 friends as well :(

Deflect away from the point as always mate. Truth does that to people.

Yeah our limited dips are working well.. Who wants an alliance with a tribe ranked 100th :rolleyes:

Not my fault our alliances are ranked higher than yours.
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Week 4 / 1 month update (1.5 update really)


notably dominated by Take in the top of the rankings as to be expected. most of the top 20 has quite the achievement record so don't expect many to fail barring their entire tribes collapsing, we've reached the point where for the most part the top should see quite a bit more consistency in who is regularly appearing in the top 20 and these updates, nothing set it stone but we are in far enough we shouldn't have any pointwhores left that hold a top rank for a bit, even without a top oda they will have had to have strong farming and scavenging number compared to the first week or two.


so here i took the top 20 and added in their oda/odd. oda is green if rank 20 or better or 30K and above and red if under 20,000. odd is only highlighted if only over 10k showing decent amount of defense and either cross nobling or facing incomings.

from here we can see who is "earning" verse who is getting "lucky" or likely either getting gifted villages, planned merges, tribe bashing for them (and defensive strategy), etc.

few notable numbers, Hilow2 stands out the most with a whopping 673 oda, however take a look at his numbers, only 2 conquers unless the majority of the top 20 which were almost 2 weeks ago against 500/600 point villages. looks like he rushed academy took some quick caps and since then has just been building up his troops and his two new villages, based on this i'd likely expect some big caps coming in soon since he'd have at least 1 train relatively quickly and plenty of troops based on his od numbers if he hasn't focused entirely on getting those two new villages up 4.5k points in 2 weeks. plenty of history on the account this "red flag" actually shows what could be one of the best run accounts so far.

the next interesting one is Panda2 with 2.5k oda and recently gaining a 5k village a few days ago however looking at the account it was likely a merge or planned internal with the 5k village owner was a previous member of Fort., resources are plenty as yesterday set 9th best in a day for resources gathered so possibly just heavy defense thats got a ton of spears to get these villages built up quickly.

Copyrighted only two members in the top 20 have the 2 highest oda of any of the top 20 with smog and misercordia being 5th and 19th respectively, both with some nice caps and the only difference in points between the two is a maggie wallis village which I think was an internal or merge.

Not too shocking that no one on this list has much ODD. only two have over 10k and 1 in the top 100 in odd at 52 with 27k and the lost village was recapped by a tribemate and the low oda possible suggest the account is defense heavy potntially.

Next in oda leaders and their respective points/rank.

obligatory shoutout to Jimkurmi for leading ODA.


getting out of the way are the 3 no longer active accounts, maggie was intenalled/merged by their tribe likely cleaning troops from the account on villages for tribemates, same deal with arfil, whereas CR7 was apart of the family tribe caught cheating and then got attacked by a bunch of tribes as punishement essentially with vodka family taking both of his villages.

most notable account is Lord Dynia at rank 3 with 1 village (which i had to check if they had lost villages or something) but no must be a lot of unfortunate nukes caught at home by their only nuke that is putting in work. otherwise there's nothing else to notable to mention. Jimkurmi is leading and by quite a bit with only 1 other player within 10k. I think we should see some of these guys on here that areen't already ranked relatively high join the ranks or get internalled/merged once their nukes are gone.

maybe in a few more updates a map will be interesting, i just checked and currently noone in the top 20 is in K45 (may have changed in the past hour or so so there mightve been someone ranked 18/19/20 that is now 21 or something in between the top 20 being grabbed and the map checked.

last thing i did was check achievements leaderboards to see if any names popped out that were sharing x of the day awards to see if there were any farmers/scavengers that didnt manage to make it into this discussion yet, and there was!

currently leading the achievement board rank 47 with 12k points 4 villages and a low amount of oda so flew under the radar was Krieger123 who has won looter of the day 6 times and plunderer twice. personal best plunder of 495K surpassed by only one other and otherwise nearly 150K more than the next highest. krieger did start a week after everyone and is essentially on the rim in K44 so his location has definitely helped, but an amazing job done so far and somone to watch going forward. after that there wasn't anything notable found by checking achievements so an end to the top players thread for tonight

here's to another week of uk54 :) and yes i did get this done on friday like i said I would just im behind everyone timewise so for me its still friday lol
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