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Top 20 Tribes: -
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1. Sun is shinin' in the sky
2. There ain't a cloud in sight
3. It's stopped rainin' ev'rybody's in a play
4. And don't you know
5. It's a beautiful new day hey,hey

6. Runnin' down the avenue
7. See how the sun shines brightly in the city
8. On the streets where once was pity
9.Mister blue sky is living here today hey, hey

10. Mister blue sky please tell us why
11. You had to hide away for so long
12. Where did we go wrong?

13. Hey you with the pretty face
14. Welcome to the human race
15. A celebration, mister blue sky's up there waitin'
16. And today is the day we've waited for

17. Hey there mister blue
18. We're so pleased to be with you
19. Look around see what you do
20. Ev'rybody smiles at you

Note, any listings will be totally unbaised.

NOTE: I like calling dibs on these times >:D
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LOL Someone has even copied our W~A~R profile from Wolrd 2 word for word.

lord dan win

1 WOW - A mass recruit Tribe :icon_rolleyes: As soon as a leader leaves or they get attacked, they will drop out of the top 20 guaranteed!
2 Why? - A very strong Tribe, I'm in them and even if I wasn't possibly the best Tribe in the top 20, Leon! aren't in the top 20 yet but Why? and Leon! will easily dominate heavily after Nobles start coming out :icon_biggrin:
3 D~H~D - They left war to make a Tribe made from mass recruiters and now have the best of the noobs, ftw! :icon_wink: These guys are going to Noble soooo many barbs later on it'll be unbelievable!
4 MSF - Well from Nauz's experience of spying, another fail Tribe :icon_rolleyes:
5 [TL] - From Why?'s look into them, another Fail Tribe :icon_twisted:!
6 IS - 100 members, I'm not sure about them but mass recruiting is my guess again...
7 ~LGA~ - A good leader, Dark Arcanine is all I see in that Tribe, if (s)he left then it'd be a fail imo.
8 OOTK - A family on a non-limited world :icon_rolleyes:
9 404 - Strong from W4, not nooby, Ruffus isn't a bad leader and they might stand a chance.
10 ~UTF~ - Mass recruiters again! :icon_evil:
11 T4H - Good W1 Tribe, I think the should stick to W1 though...
12 Escape - Too many members to say they don't have many imo :icon_cool:
13 ZD - Dunno, not mass recruit though (Y)
14 =KME= - Don't know.
15 W~A~R - Epic Fail of a Tribe!
16 Blood - From Why?'s insight, bad I think... Not that sure...
17 WAW!!! - Terrible name, so predictable...
18 »DS« - Dunno
19 W5R - Stay on one world, just because it is the best barb munch world doesn't mean you should spread over here too! lol! My advise is don't be the nooby barb munch Tribe you are on W1...
20 DK - Dunno.


16 Blood - From Why?'s insight, bad I think... Not that sure...
meh, i can live with that. From the amount of dots i can see we arn't interesting enough to be looked at deeper :/

1 WOW too many players
2 Why? Giant noob tribe :p, nah i like monty. Would be nice if he answered my mails.
3 MSF Starkiller123 and s.s elite are nice guys. They deserve there position more than lots of the others.
4 D~H~D Runners from W~A~R. The only thing that worries me is that these guys joined war in the first place
5 [TL] Noobs with inactive leaders
6 IS Nice leaders again.
7 ~LGA~ French name.... :/
8 OOTK They tried every world so far, doesnt look like thers this time either. But its still anyones game (kinda)
9 404 ahh from w4. Wicked01 will get ruffus out of the picture if needs be ;)
10 ~UTF~ Whats with the swirles before letters? everyone has it now. Anyway, second lowest averidge top 20. not good for rank 10
11 T4H why is there an 'H' in the id?!
12 =KME= donno
13 ZD donno
14 Escape Nicely bunched together. Could do well in short run, but wait for the nobling arguments ;)
15 W~A~R ....just no
16 Blood YAY!!! my tribe. nothing special, but nothing bad either.
17 »DS« i have a DSi
18 WAW!!! noob name
19 W5R enough of the letter 'W'!!
20 DK rim tribe o.0


1. WOW obviously they suck. fail
2. Why? don't really know any of the members, but from what I here they are legitimate. Pass
3. D~H~D
Closed Open Limited
speak to andybob50 you must be equal or better then our tribe average.

4. MSF read Nauz's thread. fail
5. [TL] 170
6. IS is in there tribe. Fail
7. ~LGA~ they have 4 dukes and I'm getting a noob stank, but I guess I can give them benefit of the doubt.
8. OOTK They are MSF family tribe lol. Fail
9. ~UTF~ has that ๑۩۞۩๑~~~~๑۩۞۩๑~~~~๑۩۞۩๑ crap in profile. Fail
10. T4H have merged like 3 times according to their own profile. Fail

yeah I don't feel like doing all 20 but you get the idea
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World5 n00b

1 Why? Hmmmm....Considering I am in it. The best.
2 WOW WOW! N00bs ;-)
3 DHD There is too much caps on their profile, giving me a headache :-(
4 [TL] on their profile : 'Founded on the first day of UK 5, we aim to grow strong and be a successful tribe.' LIEZ
5 T4H 100+ Members.. fail!
7 IS Once again CAPS LOCK ATTAX! ;O
8 ZD 3 barons? :eek: They underdone that that, there really should be 12 dukes and 56 barons..
9 OOTK Family tribe ;l no tribe limit world ? :l
10 ~UTF~ Stop sqiggly line spamming me ;'(
11 W A R 'Players wishing to join must have a min of 150 points and a min of 1 soldier for each point.' Dang, I have 150p and 149 sp ;'(
12 Escape What are they trying to escape from?
13 Grrr? Promising, nice average
14 =KME= from w28? If so, fail, + OD fail ;-)
16 WAW!!! Woot 3 barons! I might apply for duke. proberley get it..
17 Blood I have more blood than them when I get a paper cut :l
19 »DS« Yes it has been stated, and I have Ds
20 sWARm Some high players. good OD, half fail half succeed :)

Happy? ;-)
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1 Why? Good, I like this tribe and i'm glad they're kicking wow off top spot
2 WOW No you.
3 DHD Ew, any tribe with an academy on an unlimited recruitment world FAILS
4 [TL] mass-recrtuitment ftl
5 T4H They sucked on w1 so they tried coming here and hugging? haha
6 ~LGA~ I feel sick looking at their COA :p
7 IS meh, idk why but i like the name...
8 ZD I have one of these in my 7x7 grr :L
9 OOTK eeew, no more templars.
10 ~UTF~ considering the mass recruit they arent even a high rank. suckish
11 W A R copy off another world i think? :?
12 Escape nice coat of arms. not bad.
13 Grrr? I like these guys :3
14 =KME= meh
15 NUTS!! woot, good tribe imo. will get far (even though im biased :p)
16 WAW!!! gay name? yes.
17 Blood another blood tribe. ugh
18 W5R not bad compared to some of the other tribes. still not necessarily good :p
19 »DS« I like this tribe.
20 sWARm Very good tribe. Will rival leon, why and nuts in the future.


Just a note for future posters:
So your own top 20 lists instead of flamming others on theirs... please :icon_rolleyes:


Just a note for future posters:
So your own top 20 lists instead of flamming others on theirs... please :icon_rolleyes:
Well said that man..!

1.Why? - My own tribe so N/A

2.WOW - Hmmm 88 members, had over a hundred and going by what War Champion said they kicked those dudes....Serious mass recruiters(which people may dissagree here but can be a good stategie(SOMETIMES) in this case not, Mass recruit kick those who are crud and keep the ones who do well/have good stats elsewhere/eagerness to learn and catch on fast e.t.c),3rd in ODA, probably down to having lots of members as I scanned through and noticed there isnt anyone who stands out in the ODA. They say on their profile that recruitment is closed I noticed this a good few days ago and they were still taking in members and even have a recruiter :/ 4/10

3.DHD - Gahhh Theve taken Mass recruit to a new level, 124 members and stil only 3rd spot :/.......2nd on ODD, I'd say down to being targeted alot as mass recruit tribes are easy targets(IMO) and them havng players who havnt learned how to play properly yet. I hope the good members they have see sense and roll on out of there! 2/10

4.[TL] - Recognise one or two names but not any of any value, I find it ironic that in thier profile they say 'Please note - We are NOT a hideout for noobs' yet feel the need to have 110 members from mass recruiting.....on a plus side at least Slipstream has a decent Sig :p 5/10

5.T4H - Another one of those who upped the rankings by mass recruiting(Dam no member limit grrrr!), for thier sake I hope it aint the same guys who ran them on uk4 or thier doomed(imo). Please if one of them read this with privs change recruitment to closed! I would have expected thier average points per player to be higher for the amount of them they have......I dont think theyl make it past the end of July and thats me being generous. 1/10

I'll do the 6-10 tomoz :)
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T4H were never on W4, its world one u may be thinking of

I beg to differ...I was in them world 4...for like half an hour
Granted they aint around anymore but they were which is why I made my point of them failing if it was the same guys leading them.



1 Why? - Everyone talks about them at length saying how great they are...there no leon thats for sure but they are the best of a bad bunch by quite a way. I have a susupicsion that quite a few members are playing multiple worlds and thats the reason for there slow growth bit of a shame as there are a lot of really experienced players there but they seem to be coasting a bit

2 WOW - kicked a lot of members still way to many...i think we're witnessing a tribe in it's death throes

3 DHD - they merged with MSF and had some sort of acdamy although i think its gone merge + family = FAIL

4 [TL] - Slipstream can moan all he wants about people unfairly calling his tribe noobs but until they actually prove the aren't they can be consigned to the fail pile

5 T4H - There tag makes no sense in relation to there name....oh an they have 111 members...another fail

6 ~LGA~ - claim recruitment is limited please someone put this to the test...106 members FAIL

7 IS - still to many members and no one in there tribe really stands out

8 ZD - 67 members...fewer than most but if you take a look there not brilliant

9 OOTK - they want tribes to become a member of their league.../facepalm

10 ~UTF~ - 124 members shocking when you look at there ODA and then that of smaller tribes with this many members the larger tribes shud have an advantage but they are clearly hugging

11 Escape- 65 members so not too bad but ODA is shocking i think we can see another fail here

12 W A R - 58 members but same as above yet even worse just over 1k OD between ALL of them?!?!

13 Blood - not too bad but still quite unimpressive

14 Grrr? - these guys are alright they shud be fine for a little bit...but there ODA is lacking somewhat

15 WAW!!! - there profile just says noob to me

16 =KME= - bad OD for there rank

17 sWARm - my own tribe so won't say much. except rank 17 rank 2 ODA

And the rest I don't care about....


5 T4H - There tag makes no sense in relation to there name....oh an they have 111 members...another fail
T4H stands for The Four Horsemen, Which is the rank 2 tribe on UK 1. I'm pretty sure a tribe in W5 merged in to them so that's why their profile name is different. I guess they just wanted to keep the original tribe tag though.

Pink Pony

I cleared two T4H members today and might be clearing two others. Is this T4H an imitation of the UK1, ranked #2 T4H? Or is it legit and they've just added and recruited a few newer players?


There are only 2 players from UK 1 that I actually recognise.

I didn't say they "were" T4H from UK 1, It's just the same tribe name.


1 Why? - I'm liking what I see out of this tribe. Wouldn't pick any other to be my last tribe to lead. They're active, sense of humor and will send their last 4 swords just to kill that extra axe. 8.5/10
2 WOW - I'm warming up to them, liking what their doing but they still have problems to settle. 5/10
3 DHD - 4/10
4 [TL] - 4/10
5 T4H - Doubt this will be their world either, 4/10
6 ~LGA~ - I fairly like this tribe. 5/10
7 ZD - 4/10
8 IS - 4/10
9 ~UTF~ - 3/10
10 OOTK - 3/10
11 WAW!!! - 3/10
12 W A R - Something says they'll make it a bit. 4/10
13 Escape - I love the CoA, but they're spread is horrible. Nice guys but they'll choke. 5.5/10
14 Blood - Not horrible but not great. 5/10
15 Grrr? - I like this tribe, future top 10. 6/10
16 =KME= - Eh, below average. 3/10
17 NUTS!! - If they can shake off the past, well snoopy that is, they could do average. Not expecting it though. 4/10
18 NUKE! - Average. 4/10
19 sWARm - Not a bad tribe, looks good. Future top 10. 6/10
20 W5R - Looks ok, could make a future top 10. 5.5/10


1 Why? - Good bunch. Wouldn't want to be a part of any other tribe on this world.
2 WOW - Won't last, but will be around for a little while. Can't see success spewing from this tribe.
3 DHD - Uh... should possibly consider getting a leader/changing profile a bit.
4 [TL] - Not sure what to say. Don't look decent.
5 T4H - Ehh, not sure they can live up to their Uk1 "greatness".
6 ~LGA~ - French name... doubt they'll last in a war. :3
7 ZD - Their profile just annoys me in a number of ways. Poor recruitment standards as well.
9 ~UTF~ - Terrible recruitment standards and too many members.
10 WAW!!! - Blargh. Standard mass recruiting tribe :/
11 Blood - Lol
12 OOTK - Lol
13 W A R - Lol
14 NUKE! - Lol
15 Escape - Lol
16 Grrr? - From couple of members we've scouted, I wouldn't expect much :/ Also, there's a player who restarted and has been inactive for 4-5 days still in tribe >.>
17 sWARm - I'd chance at guessing most of them are pointwhoring.
18 =KME= - Lol
19 NUTS!! - Lol
20 W5R - Lol

Uhhhh, may do rest later.
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Just a point-WAW!!! are LRAG off world 1 (stupid name there too). They are fairly good there so i think they might do better than expected here.


Except for the point that it's very little LRAG players, different leadership etc.