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I like che55er5419 top 10 not done by points. . . . . Shame RBL only got a mention no info though :p maybe its because they have only been up and running a matter of weeks and have only just made a start on their first war. . . . I do believe there will be no downwards movement for a bit though
don't know to uch about them yet but they look gd


It can be hard sometimes talking about other tribes when not much known about them, stats normally tell 80% of the story anyways.


1 W1NGE - Top of the box tribe well run.
2 GO - allied tribe like the people like the council good to work with and chat to.
3 Fate - very disorganized tribe seems to lack comunication
4 DOGS - My tribe as Duke one of the best tribes on any world I have played in. always active and always open to new ideas from new players good mix of trusted old players and very very exsperienced players. but then I am there duke :)
5 HONEY - Have done well at the start with some players way ahead of the cirve had problems and been at war with DOG's thought they would have done better but they have always been in the top 10 with few players
6 MAD - I know that these guys split from an old tribe. been told they work well by my allied tribes.
7 =GA= - do not know them so no comment
8 ~TE~ - do not know them so no comment
9 HD - great bunch of people to talk to and are what this game is all about work well as a team done well saying where they are and the spread of there players from the start.
10 iMMo - WHO? sorry another I don't know or have had no comunication with.

Tempest55 AKA TB505


To fill in TB505s top 10

7 =GA= - a good tribe, control theyre K well will a few attacks from Fate and HD
8 ~TE~ a small tribe, but have grown well and good average points for theyre size
9 HD - theyre not that active within my K, got a boost of points when they merged with -DOD-. Their ODD shows theyve been taking a hammering
10 iMMo - a new tribe, formed from the remenants of KiS and Time, the ones that didnt join W1nge anyway. Point whores in my opinion, with a sprinkle of ill used talent here and there.
11 DE - My tribe, well throughout these top tribes forum its been said we wont last long because of the K were in. However weve out lasted many tribes who have come for us. May be coming into loggerheads with W1nge sooner or later.

Duke of DE


To fill in TB505s top 10

9 HD - theyre not that active within my K, got a boost of points when they merged with -DOD-. Their ODD shows theyve been taking a hammering
Duke of DE
- also shows we been dishing out hammerings to those who visit us without proper visas :icon_biggrin:


I don't play this world anymore, and never knew a lot about the top, top tribes, but I'll pass on my opinions of a few of the tribes that I remember dealing with...

Fate - One of their guys lost about 20 nukes taking a 5K point village, that's all I have to say on this count.

MAD - Their top player can't build a proper nuke, nor can he send a decent train. Not had the majority of the player-base to fight with though. One of their dukes lacks all maturity and manners.

=GA= - Seen a few decent nukes/trains from these guys, but again, their top player actually resorted to sending several defence nukes at one of -DoD-'s (RIP) players' villages. He took the village, but he lost many villages' worth of troops for it. A few decent core players, with a load of clingers and pointwhores, in my opinion.

H D - Had good communication with this tribe and they excel at support, not the best attackers, but I never noticed any ridiculous mistakes either. I think they have survived due to a team-based ethic and by sticking to the "troops win wars" ethos.

~RG~ - (I'm assuming this tribe is still going), good group of players who were scattered/late-starters on this world. I see them doing quite well for themselves on the rim, even if they do have a few time-wasters in there.


2 GO - my tribe currently at war with fate and PHX winning both wars
3 Fate - I think they will fall soon as they are being hit by atleast 3 tribes and dont seem to work together well
lol, hardly mystic meg are we?


His opinion at the time LOB, he posted it on open forum trying to keep a thread active not so some tube could laugh when he was found to be wrong months later. Get your kicks elsewhere saddo.


I agree with LOB. As predictions go, it was so wrong as to laughable even at the time. It may have been an opinion but one that those of us in Fate knew was factually absurd. To say that we couldn't work well together and would soon fall just proved that the poster had little grasp on reality, as subsequent events proved. As for GO, whatever happened to those guys anyway? :lol:


Nothing to lie about. Or do you think it's really necessary to reply to every foolish wrong opinion from every misguided poster on these forums. Perhaps Napoleon was right when he said "It is impolite to interrupt a man when he's making a mistake". :icon_biggrin:


Possibly the Last TOP 20 Review.

Possibly the Last top 20 of this world:


Going to Win the World under the win conditions. However may not win the overall War. Some good active players, Top on OD/ODA/ODD, Solid number of Top 20 Players. Would like to see more from their other players sitting at the back of the tribe TBH.


My Tribe. Naturally a little Biased. Good bunch of people, willing to fit for the tribe and other members. Second for pretty much everything. However winning the World war and will likely win when the end comes. "May have lost the world but they will win the war" comes to mind here.


Not seen too much from them, a few good/active members. Betrayed a few times by some players, however majority remain active. 5th Obverall OD, not much increase lately of activity bar the few members. Predicted rank is 4th based on history of players leaving and current growth.


Some activeness within this tribe. Some good recent OD scoring, early years were promising for Nobling, now seems to be barbs and being nobled by DWF, hope they turn it around. If they do expect them to remain in their current rank.

5 DWF2

Basically they are a free meal to DWF and majority are being internalled. Nothing more can be said here. Predicted rank 7th or 8th, once the internals are completed.

6 iMMo

Not much Growth nor OD for this tribe, inactive members with only a couple players doing anything. Granted not many enemies for them to attack nowadays. Likely end position 6th where they are now.

7 H D

On this world since Day 1. Close nipped bunch of players, out lasted a lot of enemy players and tribes. Hats off for the amount of battering they've had over the many months of playing. Members willing to fight till the end. Predicted end rank 7th maybe 6th if they start mass Nobling Barbs or the enemy.

8 D.C.

Allied to DOGS. Only a few active members, originally created to backfill the number of requests to join DOGS, the select few are getting stuck in with the war. Expect them to remain in their current rank unless the active merge into DOGS.

9 ~TE~

Not much known other than Stats TBH. Seems to be only one or two active members OD and growth wise. Expect them to remain in their current rank at game end.

10 T-N-P

Some nice growth by a couple of players. Majority not very active, but get stuck in and have been active in making their way to the frontlines with DWF. Expected end rank 11th if they decided to merge or 8th if they carry on their current growth.

11 Noble

Shear numbers giving them their rank. OD fair but not good. Nothing really spectacular from this tribe, Internals and Barbs mainly nobled. Expect them to remain in their current rank.

12 HiCcUp

Two members, active, very poor OD rank, will likely either merge or remain in current rank till end.

13 **N**

Very little OD Growth other than top player recently. General growth poor and 74 point barbs being nobled. Very noobish tribe for their rank. OD not too bad, but mainly ODD. Expect them to be around same rank if not lower.


Very inactive of late, hardly any OD change in the past week. OD overall score poor based on rank. Expected rank to be at world end lower than 15th if other tribes take an interest.

15 Vortex

3 members. Poor OD poor activeness and even poorer Nobling record. Barb munching their way to nothing. Expected rank not much higher than they are now.

16 J C S

Nothing much, poor OD, poor activeness and generally will be close to exiting the top 20 at worlds end.

17 O.O

Always created on every world and never does well as a tribe. Generally being picked off at random by any tribe that wants a new village really. Expect to be around 20th maybe less at worlds end.

18 DSG

Not much to add. Being attacked by iMMo and loosing. OD Poor, activeness poor and will be around 19/20th at game end.


Another Solo player, cannot even call a tribe. Expected rank same if not lower.

20 Solo

Yet another Solo player. Expected rank lower than 20th by game end.
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