Top 5 Tribes


As the world is coming to a close, I thought I'd start a top tribes thread. Interested to get some opinions.

Apologies that it's not too in depth, not playing this world. Just my two pence.

(12.109.316 - 7 members) - Strong start, dominated fast, no real retaliation from many tribes, though it seems after the first waves, most of the other tribes lay down to die? Maybe afraid of their size? Looking at their dominance, they're spread fairly thin and this could lead to support and snipes being scarce. Overall, they appear to be a powerhouse, although looking at activity, only half of them taking the world seriously.

Wrekt (5.495.431 - 6 members) - Rim tribe although they seem to be organised, rank 2 in the world after starting late. Major barb munching, although tactically speaking their cluster looks secure because of this. One of the few tribes that are brave enough to take on the rank 1 tribe it seems, looking at the conquer stats.

K55.3 (3.337.960 - 7 members) - Part of a family tribe, hug to win? I heard through contacts that this tribe tried to organise a coalition against Love, however I don't know what happened to that? If they organised this as well as they play, I don't see them lasting.

K55.4 (2.297.284 - 4 members) - The latest installment of the family tribe. Recruited ex Math members when they disbanded...point whoring to win. Don't really care to say more, read above.

GoBbLe (1.266.051 - 6 members) - Last tribe to hit the 1 million milestone. Another rim tribe who seem to be in a few skirmishes with Love, though from the stats, it looks like they're holding their ground, taking a few caps from Curious George and Fatalll. Not sure what this will mean for the end game, but it appears at least some tribes have balls.

So, will there be a war between the rank 1 & 2 tribes, or will Love continue eating their allies for the win?

It would be nice to see a war, as this world has been an all you can eat buffet so far. With the recently updated win settings, maybe Love will have to work for it. Time will tell...



Great write up, thank you, I heard Love have a lot of haters, so they might not cross the finish line before confronting a challenge too far.

As for every other tribe but two, then we'll have to wait and see :)