Top Players


I disagree with that, there are some new players in these world that came from other servers that no one still knows who they are lol and what they are capable


Top 5 Players if anyone even reads these anymore...

Top 2 will be gone fairly quickly always the same
-- Not in any particular order

Judas the betrayer - top oda could be due to a recent splat by Gods, easy to guess if you give their profile a read, most enjoyable.

Agoraphobia - no idea what it means but think people should be scared of this one for sure most resourced farmed in a day by far and Co played by 3 guys, will be top 3 in no time.

Wardy and Nibs - after recieving a taste of Wardy first hand some time ago will not be surprised to see him higher up the rankings soon, good farming and all the rest.

MrRainbowTickleMonster - Top villages plundered, top achievements, will proba ly end up top ranking too.

Angry Turtle - Good stats all round and up there in the rankings reckon these two will be here to stay for awhile.

I'll keep it to these 5 for now not something I usually do but in the fun of things why not.. Plenty of talented players out there but looks like Daft has the strongest group, still early days and plenty of handbags to be thrown about yet so I wouldn't hold your breath for now :)