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Dear players,

Tribal Wars just turned 19! To start off the celebrations, the mighty raven will open our vault again, for a limited time, to grant you the chance to get mystical items to aid you on the battlefield.
The doors to the vault will open on July 13 at 14:00 PM and close again on July 18 at the same hour.

Announcement_19 (1).png

Once per day the vault will reveal its content to you. Before you can choose, the items will be shuffled and hidden. Now you can select one tile to reveal the prize hidden behind it.
You will be allowed to open one tile for free every 24 hours. Twelve hours later another free choice will be granted to you. But these are only valid for the current day, so make sure to use them before the timer runs out!

Next to the items, you can win there are three raven favors you can get. These are also shown in the bar below the banner. One will allow you to open the next tile for free, another will reveal one random tile to show you what lies beneath and make it easier for you to decide if you want to have it and the third one will automatically double your next choice. Remember that all of the favors your reveal are automatically used for our next selection; they even carry over into the next day. But there is no way to save them up for later. So choose wisely!

Once you have unlocked all tiles you either have to wait until the counter in the upper right corner runs out, or can decide to refill the tiles. But beware! The items will be the same as before; you will not get a new selection. The items in the vault will only be replaced with different ones once the timer runs out.

We wish you all good fortune and may the raven bring you good luck and fortune!

Your Tribal Wars Team