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Hello, dear community,
today, we sadly have to inform you that we will no longer allow the usage of the Browser Extension with the name 'Tribal Wars Train' or any spin-offs that will use the same mechanics, as it is against our rules, §7.5 which says:
A script may not focus or click the Attack, Support, or Send button on the rally point/attack confirmation page.
We politely request you stop the usage of the said tool within a period of 14 days. Of course, any previous usage of the tool will not be punished in any way. Continuation after those 14 days will result in a warning and further usage after this warning will result in additional steps.
We know that a lot of you use this tool, but in our current efforts to reduce cheating, we sadly have to take those steps to make Tribal Wars a better place for all of us.

Please note this does not apply to speed worlds where the ban is immediate

Your Tribal Wars Team