Tribalwars Rules, new standard version.


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§1) General information

  1. Please read the following rules carefully and act on them. This will lead to a fair and enjoyable environment for all players.
  2. Be aware that these rules apply for all aspects and features of the game and connected services.
  3. The rules can be changed any time. A change will be announced at least in the forum and on the start page of Tribal Wars.
  4. If in question about the rules, regulations and limitations as mentioned in the following paragraphs please contact the support team beforehand.
  5. These rules are not able to cover all possible issues. The support team is allowed but not required to impose punishments or even ban accounts in cases not covered by these rules.
  6. Please take into account that next to the rules our terms and conditions also apply to our services and have to be adhered to.
  7. The support staff or Community Management personnel will never ask for your password.

§2) Code of conduct
  1. Always treat other members of this community respectfully. The interaction with each other should be friendly and appropriate.
  2. The support team is permitted to punish or ban players who disobey these rules from the game and/or connected services. Bans can and have to be be appealed via the support system.
  3. In the case of severe misbehavior or misuse of the support system the support staff is allowed to exclude the offending player from the use of the support system.
  4. You are obliged to follow instructions given by the support team. The version's Community Manager is the highest instance. Her/his decision is final.
  5. Anything you write may be used as evidence against you in an appeal or other support issues. If in doubt the interpretation of your messages falls to the support team.
  6. It is not permitted to impersonate or pretend to be another player, a member of the support team or employee of InnoGames.
  7. It's not permitted to publish the content of communication with the support team or other players to third parties.
  8. Every player is obliged to report information on errors and bugs to the support as soon as he/she gains knowledge of them. Failure to do so promptly, especially if advantages have been gained due to the bug/error, may result in punishment.
  9. Benefiting from another player breaking the rules may also lead to actions being taken against your account. If you think you have benefited from a breach of rules, please contact the support team immediately.
  10. It is forbidden to request actions or information directly or indirectly related to account ownership or to blackmail, trick or threaten players for such; as well as to instigate a breach of the rules in any other way.
  11. It is not allowed to store, share, publish or advertise any kind of information that violates our rules in the game or any connected platform.
  12. It is forbidden to use external or ingame means to circumvent rules, blocks or technical limitations implemented into the game or connected services.
§3) Communication and Language
  1. Expressions, terminology, media or links to content which displays, approves or invokes politically extreme, pornographic, violent, sexually explicit, sexist, insulting, abusive, threatening or illegal content are prohibited in the game and any connected platform. This includes censored or otherwise altered versions.
  2. It is forbidden to use recognizable brands, trademarks and/or protected names as a part of your account, profile, village or tribe.
  3. It is also not allowed to use the game for direct or indirect advertisement of websites, projects or brands that are not directly affiliated with InnoGames or Tribal Wars.
  4. The communication between players and with the support has to be in English. The support is permitted to stop dealing with requests that are not comprehensible (e.g. use an automated translation).
  5. Player and tribe profiles have to be in English. Short and well known quotes/sentences from other languages are permitted if a correct translation in English is provided directly following or preceding it.

§4) Accounts
  1. Every player is only allowed to have one account on each world. It is allowed to play on multiple worlds with the same account or to play Tribal Wars with several accounts, as long as these are not active on the same world.
  2. It is forbidden to create and/or use one or more accounts for the primary benefit of another account ("pushing").
  3. It is not allowed to gain or try to gain unauthorized access to another user's account. Even the attempt is punishable.
  4. Do not share your passwords with other players. Any violation of this rule is on the players' risk. There is no obligation for the support to assist in these cases.
  5. If you lost access to your account or think that your account has been compromised please contact our support team within seven days to contest the account ownership. After this timeframe it is highly unlikely that we will be able to grant you access to your account again. Please note that rule §4.4 applies.
  6. Controlling another account is only allowed by the "Account Sitting" functionality within the game. Every player is solely responsible for the selection of his/her sitter and it is assumed that the sitter is acting with the consent of the account owner. T his applies to any change done to or by the account while the account sitting is active. Any damage done by the sitter can not be reverted or compensated. If rules are broken by the sitter it is possible that the sat account may also receive a punishment. Please note that rule §4.4 applies.
  7. Users playing from the same device or network (e.g. same household, school, workplace) have to mark this in their account settings under "Shared connection". It does not matter if this happens once or regularly.
  8. It is prohibited to use temporary/disposable ("trash") emails during registration . Doing so might result in the exclusion from the game.
  9. Every player is responsible for the validity and security of his/her account and the data entered.
  10. It it not allowed to to mask your identity, origin or any other information related to you or your account. Violation of this rule may lead to punishments or exclusion from the game.
§5) Bots and Scripts
  1. The game has to be played with the supported browsers over the official web versions or the official and updated mobile apps. Any kind of action in the game has to be done by hand or by a selection of permitted scripts and tools only.
  2. Bots, tools, scripts and other means which provide automated actions or replicate and/or allow access to premium functionalities are forbidden unless explicitly permitted.
  3. A detailed description for the creation or use of scripts and tools can be found here . These are a binding component of these rules.
  4. An overview on which scripts can be used in the game can be found here . The use of any script that is not explicitly permitted there might lead to punishments or the exclusion of the account from the game.

§6) Other
  1. It is not allowed to sell, buy or offer accounts, parts of accounts or external services related to accounts in exchange for Premium Points or any other benefits. The only exception are gameplay elements or features which are a direct part of the game and designed to interact with the in-game economy.
  2. The transfer of Premium Points between players happens at the risk of the participating players. There is no obligation for the support to assist in these cases. Please be aware that Premium Points received by players might be removed retroactively, for example if they are subject to charge-backs, gained fraudulently or are gained by a violation of the rules outlined here.

Server specific rules such as UK script rules will remain for now.

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The change has been postponed for at least one week.