Tribalwars Speed = Broken Product



First fifteen minutes into a round and I get locked into the faulty bot protection for five minutes. Is this a joke?

I am genuinely questioning whether or not this is a practical joke by the mods or something because I am just confused by this.

Now I am not blaming the little guys like Brian the Messiah etc who do an excellent job. I am pointing my finger directly at Inno, this is an ongoing problem which nobody seems to be doing drat about. If you guys no longer care for the game and its player base can you just delete it rather than tarnish its legacy.

This is a disgrace, people are paying money and they want a working product.

PS. Farming scripts (LA Enhancer) are legal on .UK speed. What is the excuse??

- Pat
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Looks bad, any updates on this matter? My friend from writingpeak and I were having the same issues. Can that be a captcha bug and not tribalwars one?
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I've got this cpatcha bug on many websites too. Best help is reset it by clicking the circeld button, on the left to the headphones. One or two times, then you get a solvable captcha booooooooy


OMG it was so hard and confusing creating a forum account!!! Well if you prefer speed use Safari or Opera since they excel in rendering speed and are fast in executing javascript. I don't use either of those because I prefer customizability, and no browser matches that abstract writing services of Firefox. But Opera's stopped to work as well

Patris Mortem

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The problem originates from a faulty or bad IP address assigned to you by your Internet provider.

The solution is tried and tested. Whereas you're renowned for being the local attention seeking retard.

Kindly remove yourself.

Patris Mortem

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And I suppose you do? if you're going to make a statement like that then don't be so vague, at least provide an explanation.

Anyway, Necromonger is my account and I have resolved the issue following the steps above; the thread can be closed.