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We really would appreciate the feedback please


Thanks! This is going to make forced internals much easier.

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Interesting and certainly a very good advantage from a leadership perspective. Could also help weed out spies etc. But I feel like from a player privacy perspective, it should be opt in?


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Massively overreaching and vulnerable to someone from tribal council defecting and having screenshots of an incredible amount of intel that would be detrimental to previous tribe. Opt in will be close to valueless because tribes will just start operating a open view or boot policy.

It's far too exposed to abuse, if you are in a war and all of a sudden the enemy knows exactly what villages are off/def, where all tribal support is, where it is going etc.

In a game where full tribal loyalty is at best questionable, this update could potentially endanger the integrity of the game.


I'm curious as to the legalities - both RL and ig - when somebody shares the info this will provide, outside of the tribe?

To take the premise of the previous post a step further, even if the player is banned for sharing the info (which will be incredibly hard to prove) I've seen whole councils of a family tribe plot the internalling of their extended family tribes .... and once the damage is done to an acc. , we all know, TW will not undo it!

It looks like it may be an excellent tribe tool, yet I am sure, there are very few players that do not expect it to be turned against them at some point or other.

It would be nice to have some reassurances that measures will be put in place to deal with this when (not if) it happens, that are more than the usual, tut tutting and stern finger shaking which most rule breach punishments incur.

I am positive, this information will be exploited to the detriment of many players and while spying, back-stabbing and infighting and all hugely fun parts of the game I look forward to seeing how this 'improvement' - that has so obviously been designed as a double edged sword, with no option to opt out - works over time.