Troop Templates tutorial


1 - Go to the rally point and select "Troop Templates"


2 - You will be given the option to create a new template. Fill out the unit amounts for this template and give it a name. When you're done, click the "Create Template" button.


3 - Your new template should now be listed on the right side of the Manage Templates section. Selecting templates from this list allows you to edit them. Clicking the red X will delete them. You can create new templates instead of editing existing ones by selecting "Create new template". Premium Accounts may create up to 20 templates.


4 - Find a village on the map and choose the option to Send troops. You will be taken to the rally point, which should now include a drop-down menu with your templates listed. Choosing a template will fill in the specified army.


5 - Find a village on the map and look at the Village Information. From here you can select a template and click "Attack" to be taken directly to the confirmation screen.