Typography for Beginners


Thanks a lot Robbie.

I forgot how much tutorials blow up on DA. 70 favourites and 400 views in less than a day.


Ok i have made myself this new sig. Tried to use a new font and tried to make the text be styled better. What is everyones thoughts on my new sig?

Lover not a fighter

(not to go anymore off topic, but...) well Raven, the only legible part is the Raven part, placement is bad, the tiny writing under it is a step up, but I feel it's executed poorly and doesn't contribute to the effect.

Patris Mortem

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Anyone about with a decent knowledge in GFX?

Trying to figure out transparent background sigs like the one above.

I have added the alpha channel and cut and saved my image as a .png file, everything looks right and the transparency is there but when I upload to a website (here) I get the white background.
Does the site still support this? is it my file preferences? (I have tried playing with them)
Still not sure what I am missing - can't find info anywhere.

I have tried saving it as .gif as that file supports transparency too; didn't work either.


Ps. I didnt want to make a new thread for this
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