UK 4 Player Of Year Award 2011


OK it's nearly then end of the year and no-one has posted for some time so I thought I would tot up the points.
I have given 5 points for the first choice, 3 points for second and 1 for third.

I have also given 5 points to each of the two players mentioned in the final category. The top ten for 2011 are:

1 MrLucaboy - 121 points
2 Harry Jacjk 87 points
3 Sour-Kraut - 43 points
4 Bringbackabuck - 40 points
5 Jimmy White - 38 points
6 Redleg - 34 points
7 Scouseseamus - 33 points
8 Redfella - 31 points
=9 Heckuvaguy - 21 points
=9 Alastor - 21 points

Congratulations to all of the players who were named throuhout the thread and thanks to Redfella for starting it.

Special congrats to Luca and HJ well done and thanks from your tribe-mates.


Yes I did Jimmy

Yes Jimmy,

I did, 1972-1975 Ernest Bevin School, Tooting London SW17, Zans billiard hall was our second home!:icon_biggrin:

Jimmy white

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As you can probably guess, I'm not the real Jimmy - there are quite a few problems there, age and gender being big ones - so I cannot confirm that, sorry. But it does sound very cool!

My friend played a double or quits handicapped game of snooker with him once! Got up to £40 000 and then lost it all haha.


Will be a while yet Cody.

I reckon this time two years it might not be over as we are getting down to the core of the stubborn headed mules who just wont give in.

However don't quote me on this. :p


thanks guys, to celebrate by the end of the year i will have ALL my villas exactly on 9754 points :D (yes most were busy internalling and moving around support i was very busy on this LOL)


i know, i try to be as sad as you but i just can't seem to reach your level :(


Well done everyone that received votes, every player and spectator has made this a very respectable war.