UK 4 Player Of Year Award 2011

Discussion in 'UK 4 [World Closed - Win Condition 100% Tribal Dom' started by redfella, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Jimmy white

    Jimmy white Active Member

    Sep 28, 2010
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    Didn't even get a mention... :'(

    Hehehe, just joking. :) Luca is a great player, shame I never really got to fight you first hand. :(
  2. sour-kraut

    sour-kraut Guest

    My top 3 ranking concerning player quality:
    1) Battleaxe - left too early
    2) Luca - when on really good... but not on enough
    3) Adellion (smile? account) - huge c**k, but was one of the best player on W4

    From a "who do I want to play with again" point of view (excl. Nothy - you can't rate her enough as co!):
    1) Most of =Fate= - out of the the final 17, we had only 2 going yellow in Dec/Jan, no inactives, no sat accounts since summer 12! Great tribe, even though we had some rough patches and only the council knows how close we were to folding it at one point..............
    2) BBB/Dave/Al -> team players that made the tribe succeed! Kudos!
    3) The original JW and the original Battleaxe: JW for the fun part, Battle for the gameplay!
  3. Jimmy white

    Jimmy white Active Member

    Sep 28, 2010
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    :) would be great to play again. :)
  4. redleg

    redleg Member

    Jul 15, 2010
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    I'll give the Wet perspective.....

    Early days...
    Sir Knighty.......the beginning
    Morning Willow....the inspiration who made we want to succeed
    Phlipster.....the analyst


    Heckuvaguy .....was a noob and became a friend, a machine and a rock
    Scouseseamus.....another machine, always there, always dependable
    Redfella.........the most aggressive player I ever met, would frighten me and I love a row
    Harry Jack....the heart and soul of WET, what a player
    Shaneyboycian.......nobody will beat me

    Late game...

    Mazzernan....what needs doing ? I'll help out
    Bigtroll.......we can win this world
    Jimmy there, everywhere

    I reckon our team at one time was the best ever, unfortunately the real world took over.

    I salute you all, and all of FATE, it was fun, and we all played with dignity, apart from one player who we all know ruined this world.