UK 55 opens March 11th 2021


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UK55 will open on the morning of March 11th 2021

Speed 1
Unit speed 1
Noble Coins
Smithy Simple tech
Archers No
Paladin Yes, skills
Barb/Bonus Vills Yes Grow/shrink to 1800 points
Church No
Watchtower Yes
Stronghold Yes
Choose start Yes
Beginner Protect 5 days
Tribe Limit 25 No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe
Fake Limit No
Morale Points & Time based
20:1 ratio protection for 1st 45 days on the world
Militia yes
Attack/support gap 100ms
Quest system yes
Hauls full with scavenging
Flags yes
Nobles travel maximum 50 fields
Night Bonus 00:00 - 08:00

No account sitting for first 14 days of the world.
No merges or internals for 1st 30 days on the world
This world will have transfer to Casual 9

On this world, you can send support at villages you are attacking, if you noble the village support will stay, if you fail, the support will visit admire the wallpaper & return home.

(These settings are subject to change)

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No merges or internals for 1st 60 days on the world
What is the definition for "Merges" and "Internals" used in this ruling?

My definition of a merge would be that someone would merge accounts another player, in that they gift their villages and they then join that account.

What about an internal?

To me an internal is the nobling of a village of someone within your own tribe or family tribes that is quitting

What about a forced internal?

Again in my eyes this is where a player is likely being internalled because they're bad/a liability/afk/non-responsive in which the tribe nobles their villages... If the player in question has all their troops out for some reason is this considered a gift and therefore deemed an internal? Does this player now have immunity from teir tribe because if they noble them they will be banned?

What about an external gift?

This is where a player not affiliated with your tribe has offered to gift to you e.g. a noob player or pp farmer who just wants play a little bit longer and has requested immunity in exchange for a later gift?

In my eyes this case is not mentioned at all in the current rules and should therefore not be included in any rule-breaking decisions for this world.

What about gifting through a proxy?

If player A is being nobled by Player B, but Player B is friends with player C. Is it ok for player C to IMMEDIATELY recap the village from Player A after they've nobled Player B?

Surely if Player B informs Player C or an ally of Player C the land times etc then Player A is being used as a prenoble for a gift? Player A has cleared Player B in all rights and Player C is exploiting the situation?

Usually I wouldn't give a second though to this but given we're going down this road of what you can and can't noble it's an important scenario.

Does knowledge of someone quitting make that player immune to my nobles?

If Player A is quitting and attacks Player B and/or an associate of Player B with the clear intention of quitting, this is fairly easy to spot given a players actions such as throwing everything (including spears) at that Player and/or Player B having the information they were intending on pp farming. Does this now make Player A immune from Player Bs nobles / any other party in which Player B shared this information? Is the fact the knowledge is there that this player will not resist in fact the greatest immunity that can be used against Player B/Associates? If any random noob is under threat from nobles can they use this as a shield in which Player B/Associates are now at risk of a PERMANENT ban if they try noble them?

yorkie the second

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I was totally unaware of this rule as i am sure most players are.

While I would actually welcome such a rule, it does need to be publicised....and thought through.

Whenever a rule is changed, a global mail is sent to everybody.

very few tw players have forum accounts and those that do rarely look in the forums.

If you are going to make world specific, breakable and bannable rules these rules need to be communicated with players.

I do not break rules but would happily have nobled an internal in ignorance as I do not read the forums.

It should also be noted that my tribe is currently at war with cymopoleia's tribe, so we are certainly not colleagues.

I have now informed his tribe that I am quitting, and thus if he or any of his tribe noble me I will report him for breaking this rule
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I have now informed his tribe that I am quitting, and thus if he or any of his tribe noble me I will report him for breaking this rule
I can't believe that is what the rule is supposed to prevent. You telling an enemy tribe that you are quitting is like giving away valuable intel which they would be daft to ignore and not capitalise on. imo.


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very few tw players have forum accounts and those that do rarely look in the forums.
More's the pity and more fool them. Back in the day the externals were a huge part of the game, make it a lot more fun and provide an opportunity for spectators to join in.
When did anyone last put up a good old P&P post? Where are all the bragging rights posts, maps and top 10's? Come on people!