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All scripts must be approved by the Support Team. If you are not sure if a script or tool is allowed you should always ask the support team first in a support ticket. A list of allowed scripts can be found on the forum.
The following rules apply:

All userscripts (greasemonkey/tampermonkey/…) or tools (such as extensions/browser addons) with similar behaviour are forbidden.
Scripts can only perform one action per click with the exception of renaming commands, villages or report titles.
Scripts may not interact with the Farm Assistant without specific approval from the Tribal Wars team
A script may not automatically send information or react to an event on your account
A script may not focus or click the Attack, Support or Ok button on the rally point / attack confirmation page.
Scripts can not send an attack on your behalf and may not be used to send troops automatically or with fewer clicks than usual.
A script may not interact with the Premium Exchange

The Tribal Wars team may disapprove scripts at their own discretion, even if the script adheres to the rules outlined above.
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