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No not really, just tricking ppl into forum activity, muhahaha

Any ways figured id do a top summin thread cuz nooooo one else will (or cares lol)

will probably be way below my usual standard as i dont know anything about this world or the current "good" players,

Unlike previous threads gramma flames, personal insults and nastyness are all appreciated in this thread as its most likely the only way to coax forum activity from peeps. 100 pp to anyone who makes me weep???




First glance is good to see rank 1 tribe hold the top od, all too often, he who point whores the most gets rank 1 as apposed to he who fights most, which seems a bit silly but glad to see at this early stage od and points being hand in hand

Positioning seems quite risky and spread out, perhaps it will pay off and give the members alot of space to farm and grow but looks easily exploitable, i feel more continent orientated closer knit position fairs best but if left unchallenged, ample growth potential

Actually recognize some of the faces in their, some are quite good in Gain warnham/dark necro, but unfortunately i also recognize a few serial noobs, (by serial noobs i mean ppl that are pretty terrible and consistently join every uk world and be noobish, yet plod along anyway)

future wars will possible emerge with sky family, if their not hugging holding nap's. failing that i expect their western members to get picked apart by more clustered tribes in the area.


Unlike Time sky sits at rank 4oda 5odd, less impressive stats, that said thiers always the argument of what does od mean at this stage of the world.

positioning is just as spread if not more than times, all over the shop, without strong individuals i fear this rank is short lived as the tribe almost has no core

can safely say i dont know or recognize a single player in this tribe, so either nobodys or have rose to prominence in my year of absence, based on thier growth id say the top half are alright (consistently out growing times top players) however thier bottom 50% seem really sluggish, so a very mixed ability tribe

Same story as Time as far as wars, except if any local tribes have owt about them should just pick these apart, so so spread


Oda matches rank so fair and they have a good share of top 20 for rank 3 tribe

where this tribe differs vastly from the previous 2 is its position on the map, i would say out of all the tribes this has the best spread, optimal for tribal attacks and defense, also poised well for growing space. honestly even if this tribes skill level is a touch below others in the area, thier spread across k44 couldnt be better imo

again no idea who these peeps are. their seems to be less of a spread in the members growth, relativly steady across the board. i like that though, tribe who have 1 or 2 stand outs and alot of dead weight are not tribes at all imo

this tribe should be able to avoid any major wars for foressable future and just claim thier k, assuming they dont do anthing stupid i think its relativly safe to say they will out last the 2 tribes above them


think my favourite of the top 5, recognise a couple of them and the only top 5 tribe to out strip thier points rank with thier oda rank, so a aggressive tribe it seems likey!

Positioning of this tribe is also heads and shoulders above the top 2, slightly more tightly packed than WOTN which means will be a tough lil nut to crack, but could be stepping on each others feet a bit. think they could benefit most from the spread of the top 2

similar to sky in the member spread, top half growing convincingly but some real sluggishness in thier

much like WOTN no wars, continent domination seems the way fwd, that said if anyone wanted a piece of this tightly packed bunch, good luck...




Time need to disband n form some new shit with thier best, maybe some time/SKY group
SKY need to sack off thier family tribe shenanigans and pray no one spies thier tribe layout on twmaps
WOTN future rank 1?
BAMN ally with WOTN and noble the spread out top 2
:icon_twisted: expect good things
SKY 2 GTFO family noob

reeeeeally TL;DR

TIME 6/10
SKY 5/10
WOTN 8/10
BAMN 8/10
SKY2 -5/10



First of all, Thanks for making this post! interesting to read, and agree with quite a lot of it.

I'd like to comment a reply on my thoughts, but I'm tired and can't be bothered right now.

I think someone should do another one of these, but with top players/ predictions of top future top players. stir up some more contraversy :)


:lol: Nice read and even though I'm in sky myself!! I couldn't agree more..but time will tell.


Does the OP believe progress is made by a whole tribe's stats or by the leadership of a select few?


Does the OP believe progress is made by a whole tribe's stats or by the leadership of a select few?

I dont understand the question

are you asking is a whole tribe important for success vs just key members?


I dont understand the question

are you asking is a whole tribe important for success vs just key members?

Just key members.

And please confirm you wrote this ...

d1mension on 26.08. at 23:53
Dear hitmanern,
It has recently come to our attention that you have been building settlements in this hemisphere. As should be well aware we track all building/recruiting and all alien movements our side of the map.

As of 23:15 on the 26/08 we see your tribe and its partners actions to be in breach of our "acceptable expansion in DEAD controlled territories policy"

As such i now shall sternly put forward our tribes wishes to be enacted withing the next 48 hours:

Your tribe is to immediatly disband and no longer seek out collaborations within the northern side of the world, no tribes/groups of 3 or more of the current members should be present.

The penalty for not obiding will be to feel the full force of Dead and quick demise shall surely follow.

I hope to respectfully hear of your surrender and submission in the coming hours.




Oh haha, yea i usually harass top tribe dukes at start of world, usually for shits and giggles but it does also serve the purpose of deciphering who has a stick up thier arse and be rubbish to deal with, and vice versa who will be sorta duke id wanna have relations with.

alas that tribe disbanded and dispersed, so 0:1 to you ;)


but he was in sky when you sent that message, we still here haha :lol:


I would like to admit, we at WOTN in K44 possibly are having the easiest time of our lives.

The only 'threat' was Device who are coming to an end, as here's an actual message from his leader to us lol:lol:

-Avenger- today at 18:25

What about an apology?

-Avenger- today at 18:17

Yeah but you can understand why cant you surely? And i didnt mean any harm behind that

nathan55 today at 18:09

Unfortunately we feel it would not be in the best interests of our tribe to offer you an invite. If you require a reason for this it may be worth your while reading through our previous conversation.

Kind Regards,

-Avenger- today at 17:58

Im willing to disband tribe if i can have a invite?

-Avenger- today at 17:56

Can i have an invite? And deathdancer?


lol how sad, he's lucky it wasnt me, id have his profile turned into a shrine for d1 to "prove his loyalty" before saying no


Always nice to feel appreciated ;)

Interested in your summary of SKY2 since both us (WOTN) and BAMN both have academy tribes.