Uk servers final world !!!! W24

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Map of the rated



Top player- linukas
Top oda- The unforgiving
Top odd- panicoss

The sky family have grown quiet recently, also some good attacking has seen the main tribe climb to rank 1 oda, now nobles are far more common hope to see some sizable caps to maintain the growth that the obvious pp usage has attained them, unfortunately not much core aggression as yet but as seen on forums some nice rim rimming going on, i do smell some diplomatic ties here so would have to question the rank 1 tribes confidence against neighbors if diplomacy is required. Rank 1 points/oda and rank 1 player all speak for themselves though and despite having a hectic member spread should be a ongoing feature on w24 for a while.
Worth noting sky2 has shrank considerably with Linukas and others moving across meaning the main tribe at rank 1 wouldn't be so had the member line up of both sky tribes remained the same, wanting to look big perhaps???



Top player- alans807
Top oda- hellonearth
Top odd- *Grantorino

Seems to be a improved version of time with a partial merge of some bamn players. Occupies much of the southern cores whilst sharing k55 with sky, seemingly low oda still not surpassing their previous tribe, however i expect this to change over time *chuckle*
This tribe definitely has the most fame whatever thats worth, with a strong collection of players and leaders, i would put a strong argument as to why this tribe is the one to watch. not sure if they have protective diplomacy with sky/BB or just cagey, but something is bound to kick off at some point and be a real test to sky should they commit, interesting times.



Top player- Hypnofrog
Top oda- Katsup
Top odd- Legendry jet (101)!

Think the first most blatant thing to point out is that glaringly low odd, dunno weather its super hugs or people are scared but either way this tribe has definitely excelled at staying out of trouble, this is where things get strange though, the tribe seems to have lost contention on the top ranks and now seem to be a tribe where everyone is of the same standard, but no superstars, or superstars too limited by wotn diplomacy? Its very clear to see this tribe has the tightest grip on their k, in fact are of the few tribes who could call a k theirs. Think these lot could well be going for a dark horse approach.



Top player- gooders17(53)
Top oda- goodboy
Top odd- Gain warnham

Similar to previous we have to address the low low rank of the top player, clearly not about growth this tribe i think if this trend continues they will have a tough tough time regardless of ability, its definitely worth noting that their oda and odd looks much better so perhaps not having the easiest time to but still hold onto a top 5 spot non the less. Sadly this tribe is in no pretty spot and will struggle if they are not professional friend makers, with sky above them, and timing below them either would be a match, to face off both would be so hard, esp considering the trend of top tribe diplomacy we are seeing. I do recognize a few in hear so despite the predicament i would like to see them GAIN at least a few ranks ;) doubt it though.

Final thoughts

I think the most disappointing thing to see is all the above are families on a relatively modest 35 member limit world, that said at least theirs currently no runaway tribes, at present i see 3 equally matched tribes and a few little gems who could do something in the backgrounds if left to it perhaps.

Just remembered this ;)
ODD - Notlime 1.15M (1st) nearly 3 times 2nd.
ODA - Hypnofrog and superhoops are 2nd and 3rd behind Barry (unforgiven) who has now quit.

As a tribe WOTN now hold 1st rank in both ODD and ODA