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[tt]Settings for UK10

Start date: 22/08/11

World Settings: ~

  • Speed: 1.5
  • Unit Speed: 0.625
  • Noble: Coins
  • Smithy: 10 Tech
  • Archers: Yes
  • Paladin: Yes
  • Paladin Weapons: NOT ADVANCED
  • Bonus Villages: Yes
  • Barbs and Bonus Grow to: 3750
  • Church: NO
  • Choice of starting location: Yes
  • Beginners Protection: 4 Days
  • Attack/Support Gap: 250 ms
  • Tribe Limit: 40
  • Tribe leave: Turned off Feb 1st 2012 (means no leave after this date)
  • Outside support: No
  • Fake Limit: Yes
  • Farm Limit: No
  • Morale: No
  • Militia: Yes
  • Night Bonus: Yes 00:00 – 07:00
  • Loyalty drop: 16 - 37

Now you have probably read all that and are sat there thinking whats different, well read on and all will be revealed. The first and most important difference this world will start with a specific end date 25th December 2013.

The second difference is all about the team play ethos we want to encourage, starting from Feb 2012 when the tribe lock comes in a mega village will appear somewhere on the map. It will have a higher wall and lots of troops, and will take team work to clear and noble the village. These villages will appear once every two months with the last one appearing in June 2013 each village will become progressively harder to clear as the world goes along.

Once the last village appears you then have just over five months to the end of the world, and the winner will be the tribe that holds on to the most special villages.

Prizes will be announced at a later date.

Forgot to add this world will end as it starts no reductions nothing

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