UK3 milestones


Player Milestones

Villages (1st to)
2 villages: hoang nghiem 2009-10-30
10 villages: Zero Point 2009-11-20
50 villages: Status.Quo
100 villages: Status.Quo 2010-1-10
200 villages: Celph Titled 05.04.2010

300 villages: lxZerOxl
500 villages: lxZerOxl
750 villages: lxZerOxl
1000 villages: lxZerOxl
1500 villages: SuicidEd
2000 villages:

Points (1st to)
1k: Zero Point 2009-10-25
10k: hoang nghiem 2009-11-06
50k: Status.Quo 2009-11-22
100k: Status.Quo 2009-11-28
500k: Status.Quo
1 million Points: Status.Quo 2010-01-14
3 million Points: lxZerOxl 2010-05-31
5 million Points: lxZerOxl
8 million Points: lxZerOxl
10 million Points: lxZerOxl
15 million Points: SuicidEd
20 million Points:

Opponents Defeated Attacker (1st to)
1k: hoang nghiem 2009-10-13
10k: hoang nghiem 2009-10-28
50k: hoang nghiem 2009-11-08
100k: Violence 2009-11-11
500k: Status.Quo
1 million: Status.Quo
5 million: Status.Quo
10 million: Status.Quo
15 million: *TFT* Herr Satz
20 million: redscouser 2010-07-18
30 million: lxZerOxl
50 million: lxZerOxl
100 million: SuicideEd
200 million:

Opponents Defeated Defender (1st to)
10k: Blackbm
50k: Reduaram 2009-11-09
500k: Mekolp
1 million: Russki 08-01-2010
2 million: Angrychef 23-01-2010
5 million: Ka300m
10 million: Pabi
15 million: Celph Titled
20 million: JFD
25 million: housethatjackbuilt
30 million: Wazzertv
40 million: AstuteUK
50 million: AstuteUK
75 million: Triarii2D
100 million: R1zla
200 million: R1zla

Opponents Defeated Total (1st to)
10k: hoang nghiem 2009-10-28
50k: hoang nghiem 2009-11-08
1 million: Status.Quo
2 million: Status.Quo 2009-12-26
5 million: Status.Quo 2010-01-14
10 million: Status.Quo
15 million: Status.Quo
20 million: Celph Titled
30 million: Celph Titled
50 million: Brokenwing
75 million: lxZerOxl
100 million: r1zla
150 million: R1zla
200 million: R1zla
300 million:

Tribe Milestones

Villages (1st to)
500 villages: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 04-01-2010
1000 villages: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 07-02-2010
2000 villages: ui 05.04.2010
5000 villages: EGG
10000 villages: EGG 14-10-2010
15000 villages: TFF
20000 villages TFF
30000 villages

Points (Top 40 Members) (1st to)
50k points: Rumble (Disaster Zone)
1 million Points: Rumble (Disaster Zone)
5 million Points: Rumble
10 million Points: Rumble
25 million Points: ui 05.04.2010
50 million Points: EGG 2010-07-07
75 million Points: TFF
100 million Points: EGG 14-10-2010
150 million points: TFF
200 million points: TFF

Average Points (whole Tribe) (1st to)
1k points: RA (Red Army) 2009-10-28
5K Points: RA (Red Army) 2009-11-08
50K Points: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-12-01
100K Points: RA (Red Army)
500K Points: Rumble (Disaster Zone)
1 Million Points: Escape
2 Million Points: EGG
3 million points: EGG
4 million points: TFF
5 million points: TFF
10 million points:

Opponents Defeated Attacker (1st to)
50k: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-10-28
100k: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-10-31
500k: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-11-10
1 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-11-16
2 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-11-27
10 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 04-01-2010
50 million: Uninspired / Egg - anyone prove it either way?
100 million: Uninspired
250 million: EGG
500 million: TFF
750 million: TFF
1 billion: TFF
1.5 billion: TFF
2 billion:

Opponents Defeated Defender (1st to)
50k: LOST 2009-11-06
500k: RA (Red Army) 2009-11-22
1 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone)
10 million: Rumble
50 million: Uninspired
100 million: ~CK~
250 million:
400 million:
600 million:
750 million:

Opponents Defeated Total (1st to)
1 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone) 2009-11-15
4 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone)
10 million: Rumble (Disaster Zone)
20 million: Rumble
50 million: Rumble
100 million: Uninspired
250 million: EGG
500 million: EGG
1 billion: TFF
1.5 billion: TFF
2 billion: TFF
3 billion: TFF
5 billion:

This thread is not for discussing the milestones. Post names of the ones, who reached a milestone, here only. If you need to discuss or comment the milestones, open a new thread for it, please.

Only the first player/tribe to reach the achievement will be added to the milestones, because we felt that getting onto the milestones should be an achievement.
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The Rover

Opponents Defeated Total (1st to) PLAYER

congrats to mondaeo, he's been the first to 300kk OD total, more than 5/6th of them are ODD. Congratulations for this, achieved 'Defender o. t. Day'- Award astonishingly 42 times so far.

I'm sorry TFF might been all my fault cause I chose to nuke right them mondaeo villas which were stacked awfully. We better avoid hitting him till end of UK3 so r1zla can do his brilliant job to conquer back the medal rank 1st on OD total :xmas_biggrin:
He even renamed all his villas to 'Master of OD'. I doubt he has more than a dozen nukes left on his account lol

Opponents Defeated Attacker (1st to) TRIBE
two billion plus for TFF, some weeks ago we hit that mark

oh and no doubt we'll soon see someone hitting 2k villages mark! Rumours state SuicidEd will be the glad one just 82 villas missing!
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The Rover

Tripple post ftw! mods don't ban me!

player mondaeo first to 300 OD total. Screens created on 21st December. TW stats tell 300 OD total have been achieved on 4th December 2011.

tribal OD:

DEATH have burst 2 billion tribal ODD

TFF currently have 2.472 million ODA

TFF approaching 4 billion OD total (3,921 million at current, DEATH show 3,102 million OD total)
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The Rover

hats off to Ed again, he's been the one first to 200kk ODA on 05/01/2012 *sobs* :icon_sad:



hehe Stefan...your assault on you know who wont help....

The Rover

it will!! mondaeo loves rearing :heavycavalry::heavycavalry::heavycavalry: which is 23 ODA per killed unit so that's whole lotta ODA for me all mine! :heavycavalry::heavycavalry::heavycavalry:

The Rover

Tribe Milestones

Opponents Defeated Attacker
TFF definitely first to 2 billion

Opponents Defeated Defender
DEATH definitely first to 2 billion

Opponents Defeated Total
still 900kk OD missing for the 5 billion OD milestone

and mondaeo approaches 400 million OD :icon_cry:



Reaction score
Ed was first to 200 mil ODA, I only managed second (sobs)

you might need to add in some more milestones, such as first tribe to 250million points etc. ? we have won it anyways but still might as well show our dominance :)

I Are Teddy

Think it's well overdue for average points milestone now, unless I'm misunderstanding it ?

TFF Average points per player 11.632.590 (11.6Mil)

The milestone was 10mil o_O


2000 vills needs updating especially as no-one in any other UK world has acheived this