UK36 opens 7th February 2018

Discussion in 'World Start Information' started by dabookman, Feb 1, 2018.

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    We are pleased to announce the opening of UK36 on 07th February 2018 Mid morning

    Speed 1
    Unit speed 1
    Noble Coins Nobles travel max 50 fields
    Smithy Simple tech
    Archers yes
    Paladin Yes (Multiple Paladins)
    Bonus Vills Yes
    Barbs/bonus grow 1750
    Watchtower Yes
    Church Yes
    Choose start Yes
    Beginner Protect 4 days
    Tribe Limit 25 No outside support
    Morale Points/Time based
    Militia yes
    Attack/support gap 150ms
    Quest system yes
    Hauls on
    Flags yes
    Premium Trading Enabled
    Night Bonus Active 00.00 -08.00
    Win Condition 80% dominance for 10 days.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.