UK4 ~ Settings


[tt]Starts the 24th of February, Between 10 and 15 German time

Settings to be confirmed but will include

Speed ~ 1
Troops ~ 1
Church ~ Yes
Tribe limit ~ 120
Bonus growth ~ 1500 points.

Will update as soon as the rest are available [/tt]


[tt]We regret to inform you that the world will start without awards activated for an unspecified amount of time[/tt]


Game speed 1
Unit speed 1
Morale active (time based)
farm rule not active
Basic defense 20
Fake limit not active
Demolish buildings active
Research system Simple research system
Orientation active

Church active
Army Camps active
Gold per camp 100
Tribe points for camps 1000000
Max armies per camp 20
Max camps per tribe 15

Automatically growing barbarian villages active to 1500 points
Bonus villages Advanced bonus villages

night bonus active from 0:00 until 7:00 o'clock
beginner protection 5 days
maximum relation Attacker : Defender 20 : 1 for the first 60 days

Archers active
Scouting system The scout can see troops, buildings and resources.
Paladin active, can find Advanced items
increasing noble prices Gold coins