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UK 4: Milestones

Player Milestones

Villages (1st to)
2 villages: THE RAINMAN 20/03/2010
10 villages: Smile? 11/04/10
50 villages: mggege 08/06/10
100 villages: Smile? 31/07/10
200 villages: Reverend Revelry 26/10/2010
300 villages: scouseseamus 18/01/11
500 villages: mrlucaboy 01/06/11
750 villages: sour-kraut 26/09/11
1000 villages: sour-kraut 14/02/12
1500 villages: sour-kraut 16/09/12
2000 villages:
3000 villages:

Points (1st to)
1k: Smile? 08/03/2010
10k: Smile? 25/3/2010
50k: Smile? 16/04/10
100k: Smile? 05/10
500k: Smile? 24/06/10
1 million: Reverend Revelry 08/08/10
3 million: scouseseamus 22/01/11
5 million: mrlucaboy 05/06/11
8 million: sour-kraut 16/11/11
10 million: sour-kraut 24/02/12
15 million: sour-kraut 02/10/12
20 million:
25 million:

Opponents Defeated Attacker (1st to)
10k: Vera Causa 13/03/2010
100k: Smile? 17/04/10
500k: Smile? 23/05/10
1 million: Smile? 21/06/10
2 million: sour-kraut 26/07/10
5 million: Smile? 16/09/10
10 million: mrlucaboy 09/12/10
15 million: mrlucaboy 23/01/11
20 million: mrlucaboy 02/11
25 million: mrlucaboy 01/04/11
30 million: mrlucaboy 22/04/11
50 million: mrlucaboy 20/06/11
75 million: mrlucaboy 13/12/11
100 million: mrlucaboy 29/02/12
150 million: mrlucaboy 13/08/12
200 million:
250 million:

Opponents Defeated Defender (1st to)
10k: Unknown, please PM if you know with proof
100k: Unknown, please PM if you know with proof
500k: BattleAxe 18/05/10
1 million: Smile? 30/05/10
2 million: Smile? 27/06/10
5 million: SHERLOCK HOLMES 05/09/10
10 million: atillathefun 07/11/10
15 million: lewi192 12/10
20 million: atillathefun 23/01/11
25 million: atillathefun 24/01/11
30 million: atillathefun 02/11
50 million: atillathefun 24/03/11
75 million: mrlucaboy 08/11
100 million: mrlucaboy 23/11/11
150 million: JIMMY WHITE 09/04/12
200 million: JIMMY WHITE 02/08/12
250 million:
500 million:

Opponents Defeated Total (1st to)
10k: Unknown, please PM if you know with proof
100k: Vera Causa 04/03/10
500k: BattleAxe 08/05/10
1 million: Pl88 23/05/10
2 million: Smile? 30/05/10
5 million: SHERLOCK HOLMES 04/08/10
10 million: lewi192 20/09/10
15 million: lewi192 04/10/10
20 million: lewi192 11/10
30 million: mrlucaboy 07/01/11
50 million: atillathefun 27/02/11
75 million: mrlucaboy 02/06/11
100 million: mrlucaboy 23/06/11
150 million: mrlucaboy 24/10/11
200 million: mrlucaboy 24/02/12
250 million: mrlucaboy 31/05/12
500 million:
750 million:

Awards (1st to)
50 awards: (Unknown, please PM with proof)
100 awards: (Unknown, please PM with proof)
200 awards: Smile? 10/10
500 awards: mrlucaboy 05/07/11
1000 awards: Downlander 08/12
2000 awards:
3000 awards:

Tribe Milestones

Villages (1st to)
500 villages: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 26/05/10
1000 villages: Beyond Imagination 01/07/10
2000 villages: WET 26/09/10
5000 villages: WET 11/10
10000 villages: WET 31/05/11
15000 villages:
20000 villages:

Points (Top 40 Members) (1st to)
50k points: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 18/03/2010
500k Points: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 18/04/10
1 million Points: Beyond Imagination 01/05/10
5 million Points: Beyond Imagination 06/06/10
10 million Points: Beyond Imagination 14/07/10
25 million Points: =FATE= 10/10
50 million Points: WET 29/01/11
75 million Points: =FATE= 08/04/11
100 million Points: WET 07/11
150 million Points:
200 million Points:

Average Points (whole Tribe) (1st to) (min 10 members)
1k points: Beyond Imagination 15/03/2010
5K Points: Beyond Imagination 1/4/2010
50K Points: Beyond Imagination 13/05/10
100K Points: Beyond Imagination 04/06/10
500K Points: Beyond Imagination 26/09/10
1 million Points: =FATE= 09/01/11
2 million Points: =FATE= 28/06/11
5 million Points: =FATE= 07/11
8 million Points:
10 million Points:

Opponents Defeated Attacker (1st to)
50k: Don Juans Love School 11/03/2010
500k: V Dominus 06/04/10
1 million: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 13/04/10
10 million: Beyond Imagination 19/06/10
50 million: Beyond Imagination 19/09/10
100 million: =FATE= 03/11/10
250 million: =FATE= 03/11
500 million: =FATE= 13/06/11
750 million: =FATE= 10/11
1 billion: =FATE= 28/02/12
1.5 billion: =FATE= 09/12
2 billion:
3 billion:

Opponents Defeated Defender (1st to)
50k: Don Juans Love School 25/3/2010
500k: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 12/04/10
1 million: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 02/05/10
10 million: Beyond Imagination 19/06/10
50 million: Beyond Imagination 11/09/10
100 million: =FATE= 30/11/10
250 million: =FATE= 03/11
500 million: =FATE= 06/06/11
750 million: =FATE= 08/11
1 billion: =FATE= 10/11
1.5 billion: WZP 05/12
2 billion: WZP 08/12
3 billion:
5 billion:

Opponents Defeated Total (1st to)
500k: Unknown, please PM if you know with proof
1 million: HTTP 404 - Tribe Not Found 09/04/10
5 million: Beyond Imagination 11/05/2010
10 million: Beyond Imagination 28/05/10
20 million: Beyond Imagination 19/06/10
50 million: Beyond Imagination 08/10
100 million: Beyond Imagination 14/09/10
250 million: =FATE= 11/10
500 million: =FATE= 02/11
750 million: =FATE= 04/11
1 billion: =FATE= 08/06/11
1.5 billion: =FATE= 09/11
2 billion: =FATE= 12/11
3 billion: =FATE= 13/07/12
5 billion:
7.5 billion:

This thread is not for discussing the milestones. Post names of the ones, who reached a milestone, here only. If you need to discuss or comment the milestones, open a new thread for it, please.

UK 4: Timeline

Rep appreciated as always ^_^

World 4 opens 24/2/10

World 4 opened 24/2/10 (time needed)

ilove merged into 404 and became rank 1 10/3/10 2010

Villages 1st to 2 villages: THE RAINMAN 20/03/2010

Points 1st to 1k: Smile? 08/03/2010

Opponents Defeated Attacker 1st to 50k: Don Juans Love School 11/03/2010 (time check required)

scream declare on hybrid 13.03.2010

Opponents Defeated Attacker 1st to 10k: Vera Causa 13/03/2010 (time check required)

Average Points (whole Tribe) 1st to 1k points: iHate (Bi!) 15/03/2010

Tribe of WTC declares on Dream 19/3/10

Points 1st to 10k: Smile? 25/3/2010

Points (Top 40 Members) 1st to 50k points: 404 18/30/2010

404 Disband 05/05/10

Vital is created 05/05/10

+PEST- declare on HYBRID 25/05/10

O.O declare on +PEST- 01/06/10

Gians declare on Urban 25/06/10

?!?, Vital and =FATE= declare war on Bi! (Vital declare first) 26/06/10

Adellion merges into the Smile? account to become co-duke of Bi! 02/07/10

Gians disbands. HYBRID are main beneficiaries. 04/08/10

W A R & END merge 18/08/10

Cold declare on STA 21/08/10

BOBB declares on Bi!. Bi! issues a warning in response. 23/08/10

Leadership of HYBRID defect to +PEST-. +PEST- assume victory. 25/08/10

WETLUV and LUVWET merge 02/09/10

Timeline taken over by Adellion (Smile?). Abuse of powah ftw! XD This be good. Yessss... 08/09/10

BOBB merges into =FATE= 09/09/10

Urban disbands. The best Urban players join Bi!. 15/09/10

Due to a heavy OP by Smile? the former rank 1 Reverend Revelry plummets from rank 1 to rank 3. 16/09/10

Adellion, duke of Bi!, quits TribalWars. 23/09/10

Lies and conflicts cause ex-Urban players to split from Bi! and form GOM!!!. Bi! plummets to rank 5. 24/09/10

+PEST- declares on =FATE= 26/09/10

Grant can't handle the pressure of leading and disbands Bi!. Smile? is promptly crushed by Vital and =FATE. =FATE= declare victory. 26/09/10

Vital merge into =FATE= 27/09/10

Smile?, having lost the only capable player on it, slips to rank 2 as Lindeking storms past to rank 1. 29/09/10

14th - Army Camps Announcement - they will be abolished from the game

16th - W A R disbands, creating tribes (which keep changing names) but Z P (formerly known as BK) declare on Test!
HEROES merging with WET. 6/7 november! War between WET and =FATE= starts
+PEST- declare on Z~P 21/11
everyone enjoys Xmas and New Year's breaks :D


~UR~ declare on +PEST- 02/01
Lindeking quits, scouseseamus takes over his throne.
~UR~ declare on WET 22/02
+PEST- disintegrate, most players defect to WET.
WET start to take the upperhand against =FATE= after much stalemate.
Battleaxe leaves +PEST- and joins WET effectively ending the existence of UK4's oldest surviving tribe. 02/03
Tension between Z~P and ~UR~ over K35 expansion.
=FATE= and ~UR~ merge and storm to rank 1. 2011-04-02
Z~P declare on =FATE= officially starting a world war! 2011-04-20
DND (smiffy) shamelessly declares on his former tribe mates, =FATE=, in order to go out with a bang. 2011-04-27
=FATE= start catching up again with WET on the war statistics.
Thesecondcoming sparks life again on the Uk4 forums in quite a controversial manner.
Mass banning occurs in =FATE= causing a big loss in points and villas.
Jimmy White takes rank 1 away from Scouseseamus at the beginning of the month but halfway through mrlucaboy takes over at the top of the rankings.
mrlucaboy has a "little" sleepy time
mrlucaboy wakes up from sleepy time, to find not much has changed, fate people still quitting and WZP ever so slightly edging away at =FATE= territory.
The war continues as always however for the first (I think so right?) time on the uk servers the whole world agrees on a ceasefire for the Christmas and New Year holidays.


After the special Christmas and New Years organized ceasefire the war resumes. Highlights include an Op on sour-kraut with a record breaking 3,800 incomings at one point.
A slow start to the month but towards the end losses for WZP reach a new time high with scous and harry ripped apart by an invigorated =FATE=. Scooby and richy also leave WZP to form a new tribe =TBG=.
March goes how February ended with =FATE= roaring back. The starts clearing starting to change. =TGB= press delete, however inside-trouble for WZP seems far from over.
A massive op brings JIMMY down from 2nd place to 3rd. The only positive note for WZP is Randy pushing back Alastor quite impressively. =FATE= for the first time infront on the all time war stats.
Redfella goes on a weird, then punished, barb nobling spree. WZP continue to sustain heavy losses. The war is rapidly swinging in =FATE='s favour.
JIMMY quite spectacularly loses 200 in the first weekend of June, falling from 3rd to 7th in emphatic fashion. =FATE= overtake WZP in number of viillages for the first time in months, confirming the change in momentum over the past few months.
Redleg and Penmaen take a bashing in a relatively quiet month which sees =FATE= continue to munch WZP villas whilst DarkLordSauron presses delete
Klazee goes crazy as he leaves his tribe and starts attacking anything near him and forms his own little tribe.

Will be updated as events occur...

UK 4: Awards

World Records for the most important Awards

Rep appreciated as always ^_^


Plunderer : Morning Star (20.018 villages) --- Attacker : mrlucaboy (1.187.109 units) --- Defender : Redleg (7.918.815 units) --- Great Power of Day : Reverend Revelry (56 villages) --- Looter of the Day : JIMMY WHITE (68.574.363 resources)

Rep appreciated as always!
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This needs updating so I can clean it up........if you dont mind.


Forgot to post this one:

I might increase that in the next couple of months though :p


wayyy to much free time on your hands, there is absolutely no reason to farm anymore


There is reason:
1) to beat the world record
2) increase noble production
3) get nukes built as quickly as possible

One day of farming a month really helps :p

Sir Jermainium

1) i'm gonna beat your record just to annoy you Phil!
2) doubt anyone is lacking in those lazy fat buggers
3) queues should be building 24/7 anyway so more ressies won't make em' recruit faster :p

Sir Jermainium

sorry phil, i didnt even mean to yesterday but i did say i'd beat it......

Sent May 19, 2012 00:00:04
22x Looter of the day

You plundered the most resources in this world on 18.05.2012 (68.574.363 resources)!


If I didn't have exams coming up I would actually beat that right now :p

Sir Jermainium

haha, we'll have a farming duel over the summer ;)

(cos we're so cool ofc)


I refuse to update that award due to the level of insanity you guys must have reached in order to be battling over it


Try UK7, we actually had farming competitions in KnK :p I wouldn't be surprised if they run several on w12 that you will get dragged into luca :p

My next w4 target for looter is 180 mill :p


Your account is nearly double the size of mine, of course you will always beat me if you put the effort in :p

Sir Jermainium

(nods) i reckon we could beat luca too, he's noob really (phil help me try and wind him up so that he joins in our madness too ;))


new Attacker and Defender of the day records updated! Congrats to both


New world record for Attacker of the Day Award

Attacker of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as an attacker on today (1.187.109 units)!


just a massive thank you to WZP for making this possible, i couldn't have done this without you