UK41 Win Condition Tribe Holding 80% dominance for 7 days

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We are pleased to announce the opening of UK41 on 12th December 2018 Mid morning

World Speed: 1x
Unit Speed: 1x
Morale Points/time based
Watch Tower Yes
Church: No
Smithy: Simple
Attack/support gap 100ms
Archers: No
Paladin: Yes multi paladins
Bonus Villages: Yes
Barbs grow to 1500 points
Church: No
Tribe Limit 20
Fake Limit 2% of village points
Militia yes
Hauls on with scavenging
Flags yes
Premium Trading Enabled
Choose start yes
Beginners Protection: 4 Days

Night Bonus: Active 00:00 - 08:00

Win condition : Tribe holding 80%dominance for 7 days

Pre Registration is now open​
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