UK49 Win Condition Great Siege


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We are pleased to announce the opening of UK49 on 12th March 2020 Mid morning

Speed 2
Unit Speed 0.51
Noble Coins
Smithy Simple tech
Morale Active (point based)
Fake limit Active (2%)
Barbarian max point 2,000
Church Yes
Watchtower No
Stronghold No
Archer Active
Militia No
Tribe Limit 20
No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe.
Attack/support gap 100ms
Quest system yes
Hauls on with scavenging
Flags yes
Premium Trading Enabled
Bonus villages yes
Night bonus 00:00 - 08:00
Pre-registration is now open

This world will feature the New Improved Great Siege win condition, Information can be found HERE


Please can we have clarification on the rules around sending support.


There's more to it than that. Caught us off-guard as they didn't announce it. Any mods can clarify?


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So a month later and still no reply from any Mod regarding this 5 day block on support. Was it an oversight, did you just think it would be funny or is there a genuine reason behind such an apparently pointless rule!!

TW.PLAYER makes another valid point that Archers are not active as indicated in the rules.

I guess your all too busy working on that Cronenberg of an app that seems doomed to fail at every turn to be courteous enough to provide and explanation or apology. Mistakes happen sure, but leaving your loyal players in the dark is not the way to win our wallets and the continued development of what used to be a very enjoyable game.

Are you really "pleased to announce the opening of UK49 on 12th March 2020 Mid morning" I mean, really!

Is that person to the left seeing if they can find a Mod hidden behind that barrel :p

"Tsk tsk," goes the sound of yet another disappointed customer.
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Some members who have moved tribes recently have been able to send support 3 days after joining the new tribe?