UK60 opens January 6th 2022


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Community Manager
Reaction score
Win condition tribe dominance 80% for 5 days

Speed 1.2
Unit speed 0.8
Noble Coins
Smithy Simple tech
Archers Yes
Paladin Yes, skills
Barb/Bonus Vills Yes Grow/shrink to 1500 points
Church No
Watchtower Yes
Stronghold No
Choose start Yes
Beginner Protect 5 days
Tribe Limit 20 No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe,player must be in tribe for 5 days before they can send support
Fake Limit No
Morale Points based
20:1 ratio protection for 1st 30 days on the world
Militia yes
Attack/support gap 100ms
Quest system yes
Hauls full with scavenging
Flags yes
Nobles travel maximum 50 fields
Night Bonus 23:00 - 07:00

Win condition: Dominance 80% for 7 days

No merges,gifts or internals for a players 1st 30 days on the world

Tribelock after 75 days

This world will have transfer to Casual 10

Pre Registration is now open
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