UK63 opens 30th June 2022


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Community Manager
Reaction score
Win condition tribe dominance 80% for 4 days

Speed 1.5
Unit speed 0.5
Noble Coins
Smithy Simple tech
Archers Yes
Paladin Yes, No skills
Barb/Bonus Vills Yes Grow/shrink to 1500 points
Church No
Watchtower Yes
Stronghold Yes
Choose start Yes
Beginner Protect 4 days
Tribe Limit 20 No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe,player must be in tribe for 4 days before they can send support
Fake Limit 1%
Morale Points based
20:1 ratio protection for 1st 45 days on the world
Militia yes
Attack/support gap 100ms
Quest system yes
Hauls full with scavenging
Flags yes
Nobles travel maximum 50 fields
Night Bonus 00:00 - 08:00 Defence is X3 stronger

Win condition: Dominance 80% for 4 days

No merges,gifts or internals for a players 1st 30 days on the world, players who have merged on previous worlds will not be allowed to merge again with the same players

Tribelock after ?? days

This world will have transfer to Casual 11

Pre Registration is now open
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