UK8 ~ Settings


[th]My final announcement is due. There we are, the settings for UK8:

world speed ~ 1.6
unit speed ~ 0.6
morale ~ based on points
tech system ~ simple tech system
paladin ~ yes, with enhanced weapons
archers ~ yes
beginners' protection ~ 6 days
farm rule ~ no
church ~ no
fake limit ~ no
barbarian & bonus villages ~ yes, growing up to 3,500 points
academy system ~ gold coins
support outside the own tribe ~ yes
member limit ~ 50 per tribe
tribe win scenario ~ YES: 50 million for 3 months
enforced attack/support gap ~ none
night bonus ~ 00:00 - 08:00
demolishing buildings in headquarter ~ yes​

Start of UK8: 22nd of February 2011
between 8:00 and 12:00 server time

Yes, you've read it correctly: UK8 will be the first standard world in UK with a foreseeable end. The first tribe, which can hold a total of 50 million points for a period of 3 months (90 Days) will win the world. Mind you: Family tribes won't count as one tribe. Only the strongest may win.

I put my personal accrual of 4,000 premium points into the pot as well, so we can announce the following prizes for the winners of UK8:

Prizes for single accounts, according to their ranks at the end of the world:
1st 2,000 premium points
2nd 1,200 premium points
3rd 750 premium points

The winning tribe's members will receive 300 premium points each

Discussion can continue in this thread.