USA - World's Largest Superpower or World's Largest Clown?

Discussion in 'Market Square Discussions' started by mattyflan, Nov 29, 2010.

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    I also work for the CIA.

    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm right.
  3. Only reason they did not was the germans could not actually get ground troops there had they you would have been decimated and shipped off to work camps. The russians still would have defeated the Nazi's but there just would not have been a free western europe. Other than that nothing changed.

    The french would not have fallen sooner they would have fallen at the same time. The british actually put very few men to the field in comparison to the french they also used inferior tanks to the french. They were encircled which would have happened to the french troops just the same. After that the british did very little to help after dunkirk and the nazi's steam rolled them with out britian nothing would have changed.

    Yes the greeks had just fought off an italian invasion. They were then hit by german panzers which they had little to knock them out with.

    America would not be in he same situation america could never in a million years be invaded by Nazi germany it just wouldn't happed the germans did not have the logistics to invade britian or to supply the africa corps or the eastern front. The idea of an invasion is absurd they US navy would never let them any where near and we had massive shore batteries and we outnumbered the germans by a huge margin the germans were also fighting the soviets and even without british help they still would have lost.

    as for heaven fox so because all they had was radio's and colored smoke it was okay to kill allied troops?
    Those improved systems are probably why there are so few incidences of friendly fire now you guys are just blowing it all out of proportion. Its not like we have killed hundreds of brits.

  4. No they would not have the russians were planning an offensive the germans were unaware of the russians would have invaded them and over whelmed them with massive numbers. All it would make for is a Red europe.
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    Yes, russia prepared for an invasion which probably was supposed to be operated in 1943.

    But Germany could just use their forces to take out Britain first, making it harder for US to invade them and also stag support for various saboteurs and rebelling groups in their other provinces they had invaded. It would easily have been manageable when they only needed to fight on one front. At the same time build up defenses against an Russian invasion, which would probably be easily to defend as the Soviet union have not really shown any great achievements in warfare at that time in cooperation/coordination.

    If they where fast enough then they could have made an offensive against Russia first after taking down Britain with japan on the other side, and the soviet union would have lost. Us would have great difficulties to invade if they did not have any land of any size near the target to operate from, which they would never have if Britain was lost.

    Only thing Germany did which was a fatal mistake was to try and invade Russia at that time, and we can blame Japan for bombing pearl harbor. If the latter had not happen then US would never really interfere in any way or form before it was to late.
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  6. The problem with that is the germans could not have invaded britian. They did war games after the war with the german generals and the german troops never captured a port and were stranded and encircled they got wrecked. The germans did not have the ships nor the air supremacy needed to invade. Operation sealion was an impossibility. The germans should just never have even fought the battle of britain and just used the planes on the russians instead.
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    You have killed hundreds of brits, even thousands if you account the Revolutionary war.

    Since I had some time to kill I took some of the bigger incidents of friendly fire from US history:

    American Revolutionary War:
    In the Battle of Germantown in 1777, a combination of late arrival, poor navigation and overpursuit resulted in Major General Adam Stephen's men colliding with General Anthony Wayne's troops. The two American brigades opened fire on each other, became badly disorganized, and fled.

    American Civil War:

    • During the Battle of Antietam, a Confederate regiment had maneuvered into a gap between two Union regiments and launched a surprise attack during a union advance into a wooded area. The Union regiment hit by the surprise attack hastily began returning fire and unknowingly hit the other Union regiment with musket fire that overshot the Confederate regiment, causing the other Union regiment to return fire in confusion. The two Union regiments had sustained heavy casualties during the lengthy exchange of friendly fire.
    • Confederate General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was wounded as a result of friendly fire in the Battle of Chancellorsville and died eight days later. He and some of his men had been returning, under the cover of night, from an intelligence-gathering mission when a Confederate patrol misidentified them as a Union cavalry scout team.
    • During the Battle of the Wilderness, Confederate Brigadier General Micah Jenkins was killed and another Confederate General James Longstreet was wounded when fellow Confederate forces open fire on their convoy who mistook them for Union soldiers on 6 May 1864, four miles from Chancellorsville, Virginia. Longstreet was unable to attend the rest of the Overland Campaign until he had recovered.

    21 February - Pilots of the 1st American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) strafed retreating Commonwealth forces who were mistaken for an advancing Japanese column during the Burma Campaign, resulting in more than 100 casualties.[19]
    During the night attack of 12/13 November in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, the already damaged light cruiser USS Atlanta was fired on by the cruiser USS San Francisco causing several deaths.

    During the Allied Invasion of Sicily, Operation Husky, 144 C-47 transport planes passed over Allied lines shortly after a German air raid, and were mistakenly fired upon by U.S ground and naval forces. 33 planes were shot down and 37 damaged, resulting in 318 casualties.[24]

    During Operation Cottage after Allied forces landed on Kiska island, both US and Canadian forces mistook each other as Japanese and engaged each other in a deadly nighttime firefight. As a result, 28 Americans and 4 Canadians were killed and 50 others injured. There were no Japanese troops on the island two weeks before the Allied forces landed.

    July 26, 1944, USAAF P-47s mistakenly strafed the US 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion near Perrières, France. 20 men were badly injured but causing no fatalities.[29]

    Major George E. Preddy, commander of the 328th Fighter Squadron was the highest-scoring US ace still in combat in the European Theater when he died on Christmas Day in Belgium at the time. Preddy was chasing a German fighter over an American anti-aircraft battery and was hit by their fire aimed at his intended target.

    Korean War:

    • On September 23, 1950, Hill 282 was attacked by 1st Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, part of the British 27th Infantry Brigade in the United Nations force. Having captured it and facing strong North Korean counter-attacks, the Argylls, devoid of artillery support, called in an allied air-strike. A group of F-51 Mustangs of U.S. Air Force's 18th Fighter Bomber Wing circled the hill. The Argylls had laid down yellow air-recognition panels correctly in accordance with that day's planning, but the North Koreans imitated similar panels on their own positions in white. The Mustangs, confused by the panels, mistakenly napalm-bombed and strafed the Argylls’ hill-top positions. Despite a desperate counter-attack by the Argylls to regain the hill, for which Major Kenneth Muir was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross, the Argylls, much reduced in numbers, were forced to relinquish the position. Over 60 of the Argylls’ casualties were caused by the friendly air-strike.
    Vietnam War:
    A U.S. F4 Phantom aircraft dropped a 500 lb (230 kg) bomb on the command post of the 2nd Battalion (Airborne) 503d Infantry, 173d Airborne Brigade while they were in heavy contact with a numerically superior NVA force on 19 November 1967 during the Battle of Dak To. At least 42 paratroopers were killed and another 45 wounded. Also killed was the Battalion Chaplain Major Charles J. Watters, who was subsequently awarded the Medal of Honor.

    Gulf War:

    • An American AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter fired upon US Army Bradley Fighting Vehicles during night operations, killing several US Army soldiers.
    • Two American soldiers were killed and six others injured when their Bradley Fighting Vehicle was struck by a Hellfire missile fired by an American AH-64D Apache helicopter during night operations.
    • An American A-10 during Operation Desert Storm attacked British Warrior MICVs, killing nine British soldiers and further 11 injured.

    War in Afghanistan:
    In the Tarnak Farm incident of April 18, 2002, four Canadian soldiers were killed and eight others injured when U.S. Air National Guard Major Harry Schmidt, dropped a laser-guided 500 lb (230 kg) bomb from his F-16 jet fighter on the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry regiment which was conducting a night firing exercise near Kandahar. Schmidt was charged with negligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, and dereliction of duty. He was found guilty of the latter charge. During testimony Schmidt blamed the incident on his use of "go pills" (authorized mild stimulants), combined with the 'fog of war'.[68] The Canadian dead received US medals for "bravery", but no apology.

    That was a statement which attempted to illustrate how idiotic your whole "what if" scenario was and still is.

    Also, both sides were building a long highway towards each other, which was in preparation for invasion to allow supplies and tanks to move fast.
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    Would be simple to just use a year on preparing for the British invasion, they only needed to invade Swden and a big chunck of minerals less for britan, it could be used as extra resources for the making of necessary equiment to invade. They also had more soldiers and vehicles to use since they only needed to fight on one front, i would think that britain would fall easily once germany got to the mainland with a big force.
  9. Here is my opinion on the whole U.S. collapse thing.

    In the next 50 years either the U.S. will collapse and drop into anarchy and other countries might get nuked randomly by the U.S. because of it.

    Or the U.S. will become the rulers of the Earth.

    Either or, there is no middle ground.

  10. Should have put since ww2 cause thats what I meant. Cause if we count WW2 brits have also killed hundreds of americans.
  11. Proof? kthxbai
  12. I only need to put one instance

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    Your stupid Americans decided to cross into an area where we were firing, you expect us to differentiate friend from foe if you walk into the firing line the same as they do?
  14. I'm sorry, you walked into an area we were shelling and call that our fault? Were the Americans blind and deaf? Idiots.
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    I have to agree with the last 2 posts, why would they do it?
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    I'm from the USA & I must say...sometimes we can be so ignorant and stupid.

    When we were doing the whole race to the moon thing with Russians we spent about 1.2 billion dollars on a pen that writes in space (as pens work by force of gravity).

    You know what Russians used?

    .............a pencil.
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    That's a common misconception among people. In truth that's a myth.

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    Nice source mate :) actually makes me feel a bit more comfortable lol.
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