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Discussion in 'Questions' started by Lord Greg, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Lord Greg

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    I could have done this as a support ticket, but I think it will be useful to have an answer I can point people to as we're discussing it in our tribal forum - which is W25.

    What are the limits on the various boosts ?

    Obviously the paladin can boost one troop type and more than one pally will boost more.
    You can have a defence flag and that can be doubled by a flag booster (one village for 48 hrs).
    With the current Castle Assault we can also have tribal bonuses (for me +10% spears atm).
    We can also have a variety of medals in our inventories from different games, but can these be added and if so, what is the maximum ? You can have spear and sword separately, but can you mix them with a spear AND sword booster - or a bronze (+5%), silver (+10%) and gold (+15%) sword booster all at once ?

    The obvious answer is to try them and find out, but actually that would be a bit of a waste if we're not being attacked (fakes don't count) and we'd actually like to have an idea just how much villages we're attacking could be boosted. It seems like defence could be doubled (not counting a Paladin with Aletheia's Bonfire where it could be more...)

    Any guidance on what is possible would be great.

    At the moment the most we have (not counting a pally) is:
    Flag: +5% Defense strength (flag)
    Buffs: Spear: +15% defense power (medal)
    Sword: +15% defense power
    Spear: +10% offense and defense power (tribal)

    -or this one-

    +14% Defense strength [​IMG] (flag doubled)
    Buffs: Spear: +15% defense power (medal)
    Sword: +15% defense power
    plus pally
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    I'm not 100% sure on this as I don't really check this sort of stuff anymore.

    I think it is safe to say that buffs of the same type (sword booster and sword booster for example) cancel each other out and only the higher boost remains.
    Other than that I think that you can use any and all boosts at the same time as long as they don't affect the same variable.

    Also, flags, bonus villages, premium bonus and other acquired bonus boosts do not work cumulatively (or however you say that), except in case of the farm. This can be seen in bonus population villages wherein the following is true (assuming all 10% boost):

    base village: 24.000
    + bonus village: 24.000 + (24000/10) = 26400
    + flag bonus: 26400 + (26400/10) = 29040
    + crop bonus: 29040 + (29040/10) = 31944

    I don't have a village to prove this with anymore but I'm positive this works.

    Boosts on resources do not stack like this, they go back to the base amount.
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