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    May 10, 2014
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    Good early morning folks

    For those of you who don't know me (I don't post much here at all, just read) I'm co-duking COR in this world. We'd be the first to admit that Horny have been winning this war so far, especially in several key areas, however we've been wondering how certain players in Horny seemed to know exactly where and who to strike. Additionally, some of our ops were met with almost perfect defensive responses (very hard to not make at least one error which requires desperate sniping or recapping when being opped).

    It has come to our attention that Horny are not only relying on recruiting cannon fodder (Dribbl anyone?) but also on spies. And the spy they had, wow! This traitorous so-and-so didn't just give a few details out, oh no. -Vanderpalmer- gave out details of everything, from our op targets, the splitting of our nukes, support requests, nobles that had been sniped, the amount of support sent to vulnerable targets. You name it, he gave that info away! He would even pretend to snipe for us, only to tell Goodwins or Reduaram so they could counteract the snipe!

    The proof is all below for anyway wanting a long and quite frankly disturbing read.

    I have to say Horny, I'm disappointed. There's a war to be had here. There's spying and then there's -vanderpalmer- level backstabbing. Let's try and fight with at least a modicum of fairness. The two players named above need to take a long hard look at themselves.

    And to all future tribes, players on this server and others. -Vanderpalmer- will stab you in the back if he feels things aren't going his way. He will try and break your players and tribe with no mercy. Don't offer him a place in your tribe, avoid the inevitable.

  2. jaketomsett

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    May 10, 2014
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    Goodwins[/url] Mar 01, 14:33[/u]
    The following is a detailed explanation of why i left to join horny.
    Enjoy the read.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 01, 16:07

    Goodwins Mar 02, 15:04
    Any idea who is supporting gillies?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 15:06
    No mate he put a request in on 29/02 no one replied and no one I have command sharing with is sending

    Goodwins Mar 02, 15:08
    Just hit a stack on one of his villages and lost a nuke, He didn't open the circ i sent yesterday either, so maybe it was just lucky as the train came from short range.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 15:20
    Get the scouts out mate

    Goodwins Mar 02, 15:22
    Already did.

    maybe its his own that he withdrew and stacked I'm not sure, any word from joe82?

    Also you are flatlining :p

    They not offering you internals?

    I see pizza is taking some dispite his talks of quitting is he active much in the forums?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 15:24
    Nothing on forums nope they are gready just give them to their mates etc

    Nothing to attack mate need to leave but I'd lose loads if i did that now

    Hip hop and putridace are two of the most active in the tribe

    Goodwins Mar 02, 15:27
    Yeah i noticed they seem like good players.
    Are the new leadership doing much?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 15:35
    Trying mate but it's a lost cause

    I have/can make 27 nobles

    Goodwins Mar 02, 15:37
    I've 33 at the moment but gonna farm hard all week to try and double that.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 15:40
    Haha your a machine mate I can only do 4 mil no matter how hard I farm

    Goodwins Mar 02, 15:43
    I'll probably do that in the next few hours :D

    What way are you farming?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 16:06

    Goodwins Mar 02, 16:07
    That's probably why. use farm assistant send out scouts to all the barbs around you and then just use the c button you will get tonnes

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 16:09
    So if I send 1 scout on all the villages I farm then tomorrow I'll have the c option?

    Goodwins Mar 02, 16:11
    yep that's how it works and keeps sending 1 scout with every farm run and it will calculate what will be there when your troops arive and sends the correct amount of troops per resources there. meaning full hauls provided no one else hits them in the meantime of course

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 16:12
    Hmm I'll try that tomorrow and see how I get one

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 22:51
    You were right almost 6 million today :)

    Goodwins Mar 02, 22:52
    Now imagine doing that from early doors :)

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 22:53
    Yeah first world for 4 years so I didnt know

    Goodwins Mar 02, 22:56
    Yeah I used to use something called uberfarm before on net.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 22:57
    ill do all day tomorrow using C wonder how much that will bring me :)

    Goodwins Mar 02, 23:18
    I imagine somewhere in the region of 16 mill

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 23:20
    That would be awesome

    Btw I was trying to think of a plan to make my move easier.

    Do you think there is any point taking a cluster of barbs near you in order to build support that I could then send north?

    Goodwins Mar 02, 23:21
    If you hold on tight for another weak or so maybe I could arrange stacking for you.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 02, 23:22
    Thats fine mate im away for 4 days from Friday so wont be doing anything until after

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:12
    Thats horrible mate

    Goodwins Mar 03, 00:13
    Whats horrible?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:14
    Your train against Clayton

    Goodwins Mar 03, 00:15
    I blame noobie, He had all day to send the nuke and ended up sending it night bonus way after my nuke.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:16
    I know stupid

    Goodwins Mar 03, 00:19
    oh well, I'm not to fussed they are letting me kill there def easily by using poor stacks and stacking on low walls.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:20
    Yeah true pal

    Goodwins Mar 03, 00:21
    I'm still pretty pissed about noobie though.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:26
    I bloody would be aswell mate nuking in night bonus unless you know its dead in the water is stupid

    Goodwins Mar 03, 00:29
    I dont know what he is playing at, I specifically told him the attack did not have to be timed just before nb and that he could send it straight away to land at 22:00 or something.

    my initial nuke took 80% of the troops out and his provided he sent it on time could have killed a stack of 9k swords and spears.

    Did they post his nuke?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:33
    No just told me, ill try get it mate

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 00:37

    Goodwins Mar 03, 00:42
    urggh thats so annoying, Even if luck was a fraction better it would be mine.

    He would have barley lost a quater of his nuke had he hit it on time.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 06:37
    Exactly mate poor show

    Goodwins Mar 03, 16:26
    Do you know much about this op they are running?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 16:38
    Op on you or op in general?

    Goodwins Mar 03, 16:39
    in general or both if theres one on me :D

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 16:43
    Nothing on you and the ops done by email so I don't know much more than that

    Goodwins Mar 03, 16:45
    Got 30 incoming support from pitudance on a village i took off gillies, He manages to get support in the other after i got loyalty down to 20

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 03, 16:49
    1nil to you

    Goodwins Mar 04, 18:38
    Hows the farming going?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 04, 18:45
    11.5 mil yesterday

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 04, 18:45
    11.5 mil yesterday

    Goodwins Mar 04, 18:53
    Not bad :) anything new, there seems to be more activity of late.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 04, 18:58
    Yeah gesler and pizza announced today they are quitting

    Goodwins Mar 04, 18:59
    And doing what?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 04, 19:15
    Leaving the world

    Goodwins Mar 04, 19:17
    Are they gifting there villages?

    And did they blame me? :D

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 04, 19:29
    Gifting and no mate blamed merging etc

    Goodwins Mar 04, 19:30
    Sweet, Do you share commands with a lot of the tribe?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 04, 19:49
    Yeah most

    Goodwins Mar 04, 19:51

    Can you keep an eye on that cluster and tell me when nobles are going to them

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 05, 08:32
    Nothing yet mate

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 07, 16:05
    Hey pal

    Back from Germany

    Goodwins Mar 07, 16:06
    How was it?

    James isn't on at the moment goodwins is here until 1630

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 07, 16:06
    Awesome mate, stag do :)

    Goodwins Mar 07, 16:07
    Nice where abouts? Hamburg?

    I went Krakow last month, that was awesome

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 07, 16:10
    No mate Koln was top

    Went to the Koln Vs Schalke game

    Goodwins Mar 07, 16:13
    Ive always wanted to head to a german stadium was the atmosphere as good as it seems on the TV

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 07, 16:24
    Yeah it was great crazy fans and beer on in your seat, what more can you want

    Goodwins Mar 07, 17:15
    James here.

    That sounds mint.

    Has anyone any claims on pizzahappy villages?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 07, 17:52
    No mate dont know whats going on there, need to get up to date

    Goodwins Mar 08, 22:59
    Much happening today mate?

    I heard a rumor they are thinking of hitting pizza?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 08, 23:56
    Nothing mate absolutely dead except people asking for support and snipes

    Not seen anything about internalling pizza and not attacks on my radar anyway

    Goodwins Mar 09, 00:26
    is everything a shared forum over there?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 00:27
    Yeah, just been speaking with Gesler he said hes in talks to get him to rejoin

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 00:47
    Any info on these villages near you?


    Goodwins Mar 09, 00:48
    Became friends with him lately so off limits.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 00:49
    ok, Want to get safe villages in order to build defence

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 23:45
    Hey pal hows things?

    Goodwins Mar 09, 23:48
    Good mate, took a good few these last few days!

    Hows all with you?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 23:48
    Yeah ok mate just feel in limbo to be honest

    Goodwins Mar 09, 23:50
    It is getting closer for you, border is shortening.

    Much talk about me in the forums?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 23:51
    Absolutely nothing mate

    Goodwins Mar 09, 23:55
    Does everyone just seem defeated?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 09, 23:57
    The Up and Down guys yes the COR guys still want to fight

    Goodwins Mar 09, 23:59
    The north west cor players are good.

    Up and down players talk a big game and do nothing to back it up.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:00
    Exactly mate

    Pistache is the biggest turtle ive ever seen

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:02
    Useless, hasen't taken anything other than a barb or internal in over a month.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:02
    I know I think the orginal co players on that account were good but Coefficient etc are muppets

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:15
    Original was max, co-efficent joined after but max is still there.

    Both worse than each either i think

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:16
    Haha fair enough

    Do you rate HipHop and TXP?

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:18
    Hip hop seems okay, don't no much about Txp

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:19
    Do you know why [player]chycarn[/player] left us?

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:20
    Wants to do his own thing i believe.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:20
    Hmmm ok

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:25
    Any communication with Pizza?

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:26
    Bits here and there but he has gone quite kinda.

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:28
    do they still do account checks?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 00:31
    Nah havent had one since the merge

    Goodwins Mar 10, 00:36
    just did a little look at tw stats.

    in the last week my points on my own are up 100k.

    In the last week the whole of Cor extra are up 146k.

    Not looking good.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 10:20
    Nah its not mate well for us it is haha

    Goodwins Mar 10, 10:23
    Jack luck making any noise in the forum, SR are attacking him and he is mailing them trying to convince them to turn on us.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 10:28
    No mate not even a support request

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 10:54

    Goodwins Mar 10, 10:55
    That's more like it!

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 13:54
    Stiring things up with Yes! today

    Goodwins Mar 10, 13:55
    You are yourself or the tribe is?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 13:56
    Just me, one of their players went Barb so I nobled a few villages and am refusing to give them back :)

    Goodwins Mar 10, 13:57
    dead right haha!

    Goodwins Mar 10, 14:33
    Jack luck is trying to convince sr to join up with you guys :D

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 14:35
    Why would they this tribe is terrible

    Goodwins Mar 10, 14:37
    Athium today at 13:18
    Only thing is, if both goodwins and Jamie.s continue growing at this rate, they'll be unstoppable. By both U.S. and you guys in the long run. I know HORNY have the better standing at the moment but give it another couple of weeks and I think that'll greatly change.

    We currently have the worlds 5 top tribes (besides horny obviously) fighting against them. RSR are growing like absolute gods, it's just a matter of time before horny collapse on one of the 4 fronts.

    I just think you guys should reevaluate. But anyway, just my opinion

    Author wrote:

    jack luck today at 14:11
    Just so you know mate, horny will be coming for you soon I have been told they already have a date for there attacks on your tribe. I have been told goodwins will be taking ownership of the op And before that they plan to noble my villages that your tribe takes of my ( by accident) they plan to do this then stay them killing your nukes. I did try to warn you mate hornyF and horny are not your allies
    Delete posts

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 14:39
    haha so much hope nothing to back it up.

    Hows the activity within Horny anyway?

    Goodwins Mar 10, 14:53
    Activity is good enough, There are some things that still need ironing out but its a hell of a lot better than up/down

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 14:54
    so not many internals etc?

    Goodwins Mar 10, 14:55
    Nope, there is a good core of players, not to many internals.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 14:58
    See you moved up to the main tribe

    Goodwins Mar 10, 15:00
    yeah got promoted!

    they said I earned it :D

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 15:15
    Good work pal

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 10, 22:41
    CorE - jack lucktoday at 22:30
    Got another 154 incomings I will loose a village tonight maybe 2 and will loose another 3-4 tomorrow probably all villages of mine named ~SR~. I'm not bother about them villages to much they would eventually be taken because of there location. But when I have incoming from Goodwins I will need support so please send what you can afford when I shout ;D
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    Goodwins Mar 11, 09:49
    Poor fellow, see to be getting in rough and we haven't joined in yet lol

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 09:51
    haha yeah

    Goodwins Mar 11, 09:53
    Sorry my English was awful there, how you getting on?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 09:58
    Yeah good mate, although its weird for me atm as Im not allowed to attack anyone haha

    Goodwins Mar 11, 09:59
    Not again!!! They do that when preparing for operations

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 10:02
    Haha no I mean just me, as I cant attack Horny because ill be joining, I cant attack COR as im currently a member and I cant attack YES as we currently have a nap

    Goodwins Mar 11, 10:04
    Could just go rough or offer to sit one of the noobs near me and ill rim it hahahaha

    Goodwins Mar 11, 10:04

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 10:06
    haha could do

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 10:28

    Goodwins Mar 11, 10:36
    Hes could be on for a real surprise, if I can wake james up!!!1

    I want to come and play lol

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 12:39
    If a barb gets to 1500 points and you cat it will it regrow back to 1500?

    Goodwins Mar 11, 12:41
    yes mate, You can actually groom barbs so they will be better farms that way.

    They randomly grow different buildings until they get to 1500 points so if you keep catting smithy, barracks, stable, Hq ect they will grow the pits and warehouse making for better farms.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 12:42
    Yeah I was doing this but ill start doing it again

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:19
    Let your boys know theres a bonfire here [coord]502|527[/coord]

    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:22
    we are aware, Its been there along time now!
    Stupid really, he should keep that somewhere portable.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:23
    ah fair enough mate

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:24
    Is there a reason Horny dont try take out players like this?


    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:26
    is there much response to his support request?

    He was talking to SR members yesterday and must have sprouted about 100 lies about me.

    He was saying I had an op planned on them and even have a date set for it in our forum, and he was saying he knew me from .net for a long time and knows that I always backstab.

    I never once played with him before haha

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:27
    CorE - jack luck today at 10:24 Thanks Quote
    Alright guys. Took a hard hit yesterday by ~SR~ and today Goodwins has sent me 100+ attacks. All at ram speed but I'm sure he has nobles very close to my villages.

    Need support sent to:

    Betrayal (546|549) K55
    Betrayal (544|551) K55
    Betrayal (542|550) K55
    Betrayal (543|545) K55
    Betrayal (534|543) K55
    Betrayal (543|532) K55

    All villages have been self stacked but can only take out 2-3 nukes each. Any support would be really appreciated
    COR - Radioactive Soldier today at 10:43 Thanks Quote
    Hey when roughly do the attacks start to hit?

    You got a bonfire in any of the villages?

    COR - Radioactive Soldier today at 10:46 Thanks Quote
    1500 hc sent so far bud, got a lot of support out elsewhere but will rustle up some more

    Betrayal (534|543) K55
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    CorE - jack luck today at 10:46 Thanks Quote
    I have bonfire in Betrayal (502|527) K55 attacks are landing all day :/
    COR - Radioactive Soldier today at 10:56 Thanks Quote
    600 cats sent to that bonfire village, land before NB but not till later in the day! Also sent some more hc to that village.

    Come on everyone lets see everyone try get some support in here!!!!! Hc for quick response and also some other units!

    Jack, also create a sniping thread, I am working from home today so may be able to snipe some trains, rather kill nukes but will try get snipes in aswell to give us more of a chance of holding till NB

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    CorE - jack luck today at 11:25 Thanks Quote
    Cheers for your support mate, the only person so far. Still no nobles but will keep you updated
    COR - druth1976 today at 11:42 Thanks Quote
    500+ cats sent to bonfire villa, landing 17:30
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    CorE - jack luck today at 13:16 Thanks Quote
    The village with bonfire is the only one without incomings but thank you for the support mate I will need it in that villa soon
    COR - nobe95 today at 15:02 Thanks Quote
    In the first 3 villages I have already sent some support,I will send you now some support in the last 3.
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    CorE - jack luck today at 15:41 Thanks Quote
    Cheers mate, all the attacks from ~SR~ today have been fakes. Only 5 from goodwins has landing and all fakes apart from one strange attack still got 145 to go

    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:31
    And nope not that I am aware of they are probably just concentrating on cor mainly.

    Thanks for that.

    I must send more fakes at him as its clearly working!, I have no intention of nobling him any time soon.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:33
    haha good work mate youve done amazing work since leaving

    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:37
    Cheers mate, I'm sure you will cause just as much of an impact when you make the move.

    There are some barbs down south here perhaps you should try noble a few, I can claim some here for you?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:38
    What location?

    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:38

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:40
    Already claimed by


    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:42
    I doubt he has the capacity to clear it.

    I should rim him soon, nukes are nearly ready :)

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:43
    Still I cant take it if he has a claim on it

    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:44
    Is there any tribe you don't have a relationship with?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:45
    Non-Aggression-Pact (NAP)

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:48
    What you farmed today?

    Goodwins Mar 11, 18:49
    No avenue for growth, If we got the lower separated 18 villages of yours stacked
    do you reckon you could hold off yes in your northern cluster?

    We could also time it just after an op has been launched.

    I am looter of the day so far.

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 11, 18:54
    Tell me about it.

    Yeah I recon I could

    Looter of the day
    Plunder the most resources in this world.
    8.616.908 / 12.984.331

    Goodwins Mar 11, 19:02
    I will raise it in council now and see how much def we could come up with.

    If we got a shot of bonfires we would be flying.
    The thing is only certain people could stack you or else word would get out.

    Any idea of any upcoming ops?

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    May 10, 2014
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    and finally
  4. brisr949

    brisr949 Member

    Dec 19, 2012
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    I always feel sorry for the tribe mates, some maybe even classed him/her as a friend..All i can say is, If Horny mass recruiters want another recruit, he/she is all yours!! i typed this without a few F words is beyond me!
  5. jamie.s

    jamie.s Member

    Mar 27, 2015
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    Battles I have had spies wasn't used or even heard of so it's not everyone and if someone from a enemy provided me with info without asking would you listen? I think most people would take note
  6. jamie.s

    jamie.s Member

    Mar 27, 2015
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    But I don't agree with spies
  7. DiMatteo030

    DiMatteo030 Guest

    Yet your tribe on 25, and 26 have spies in other tribes. Wow!

    Its the worst tactic in the game. Fight for victory don't rely on spies.
  8. Reduaram

    Reduaram Active Member

    Jun 30, 2009
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    And how did you get this information? Did you hack the account yourself or did you have someone else do it for you?
  9. Goodwins

    Goodwins New Member

    Apr 17, 2013
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    Got to be some kind of breach in data protection to be publishing mails without prior permission lol
  10. taylor2730

    taylor2730 Member

    Feb 9, 2010
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    @ Joe, the bottom of mails say they were forwarded from the VanderPalmer account with a msg saying read mails so guessing one of the co,s on the account sent them over.

    @ Goodwins, if the account was ok to forward the mail onto someone then am sure there is no problem posting them on here as obviously whoever sent them wanted them to be seen.

    Have to say enjoyed running through them and explains why Coronas conquers against Horny have not gone too well.

    Wonder if this will change now or if things will continue to go as they have been doing in this war.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
  11. jaketomsett

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    May 10, 2014
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    I think most people would accept info (you can't not really if somebody mails you something), it's probing for more that is an entirely different matter IMO. Perhaps that's just the way I feel though. I agree it's not everyone, I should have made that clear in the original post.

    Thank you for answering the questions above.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2016
  12. Reduaram

    Reduaram Active Member

    Jun 30, 2009
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    I'm not making a random jab with that accusation. If true it is pretty disgusting. Spies I can live with - both sides use them (COR/Up! first), its part of the game. But hacking and intentional account destruction? That goes beyond spies. Are we seeing a new meta-game for TW?

    -VanderPalmer- Mar 19, 01:41
    I'm out buddy someone's hacked my account sent all my troops out told Cor and now there attacking me

    Take the two villages by you there empty I have no defence nothing to fight with

    Support ticket logged no idea how long it will take to get back to me

    atm the acc is banned
  13. taylor2730

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    Feb 9, 2010
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    I have seen plenty of scout reports showing his troops at home and being smashed so him saying all his troops have been sent out is not true, infact I have a couple of reports myself showing he had full def villas at home

    Am sure if his account was hacked then mods could look into this can't they, tbh am not sure how it all works but must be some way of this being proven.

    I am pretty much with you Joe, spies yeah you expect but hacking some ones account is really low - but I would not look to far into it as am not convinced he was hacked, will apologize if this is proven to be true at some point but doubt it will :icon_eek:
  14. sicilini

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    Dec 24, 2014
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    Mods did look into it and found nothing illegal hence why the account was unbanned. No one in either Corona tribe has his password, nor any of our allied/napped tribes.
  15. Reduaram

    Reduaram Active Member

    Jun 30, 2009
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    Obviously all I have to go on is the players claims. I'll accept the mods ruling in this case, but I am still suspicious. Something abnormal happened on that account.
  16. sicilini

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    Dec 24, 2014
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    He got defender of the day, clearly he had troops to defend with...

    Daily Achievements from 20.03.16

    Defender of the day
  17. brisr949

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    Dec 19, 2012
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    [TABLE="class: vis, width: 799"]

    [TR="class: r1"]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]2016-03-21[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]-VanderPalmer-[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]None[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]79.[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]-141,268[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]-15[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+2,633,164[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]=717,612[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+1,915,552[/TD]
    [TR="class: r2"]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]2016-03-20[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]-VanderPalmer-[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]None[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]17.[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]-451,133[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]-50[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]+1,351,190[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]=717,612[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #FBF4DD"]+633,578[/TD]
    [TR="class: r1"]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]2016-03-19[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]-VanderPalmer-[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]COR[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]13.[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+520,100[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+57[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+803,604[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+717,612[/TD]
    [TD="bgcolor: #F6EBCA"]+85,992[/TD]
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  18. darkraven

    darkraven New Member

    Feb 24, 2014
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    Spies have become part of the game. It good when they are found out, well done on unveiling the scum.

    I play co on one of the horny accounts and feel disgusted in the actions of some of our so called better players. This coupled with all the inhouse squabbling does not sit well with a number of us. Alan807 left due to lack of team work. Its a joke over here and many of us are ashamed to be in horny right now
  19. Co-Efficient

    Co-Efficient New Member

    Mar 1, 2016
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    How refreshing, loving this attitude. By all means, war is war and NONE of us mind fighting it. Espionage and spys, you take the risk dealing with them and it ends up getting exposed. In this case, not just exposed but a demonstration of how bigger players got big. Its interesting to read the ridicule directed at big players (such as ourselves) "You got fat from internals.. you dont know what you are doing" etc etc - but getting fat off of a blow by blow reveal from a traitor within a tribe.. thats the shame.

    Im so happy to see there are honest and decent players in Horny. We may be at war, but my hat goes off to you sir! Well said!

    CoEfficient (Part of Pistache)
  20. Master Faster

    Master Faster New Member

    Jan 12, 2016
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    Hardly got fat with the information above, It hardly even helped that much.
    You are just using it as an over the top justification for all the war caps we have.

    As for you trying to come across all high and mighty about spies I can show us all a few things even more disgusting that you and your leadership in up and down used to get information.

    Don't pretend you never had spies in horny because we both know you went to even more extreme measures for information.