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Good afternoon all UK8 players.

As this world is drawing to an end and clearly has 1 winner I would like to say it has been a pleasure getting to know and playing with you all.

Well done to DWF who will obviously win this world now unless some kind of act of god happens! But in all seriousness well played and congrats for achieving world domination and maintaining the win condition.

Right down to buisness. As many of you know and have read there have been heated arguments and various name calling and general "bad banter" regarding this world and the original settings etc....

There is nothing you or I can do, the settings were set at game start and all knew what it entailed. Right no amount of Polls with change those settings and the winner is pretty much set in stone now.

Alot of us on this world have grown to love it and the tribes we are in, I for one have thoroughly enjoyed this world and I wish to keep playing it until only 1 tribe left. (this has nothing to do with current settings or to stop the current winners from winning).

As there is nothing in the rules stating we cannot apply or create a Poll for this world to stay open after the it has ended I think it is a good opportunity for everyone to voice their opinions and step up if you would like this world to stay open, after all we pay for the services and effectively pay the wages of the people who work under Innogames, so for customer satisfaction we are entitiled to be heard.

If you would like UK8 to stay open then annotate your in-game name below. I suggest that we also discuss some settings for the world if this all goes through. i.e. Last tribe standing, no new players can join the world, no restarts etc........

I leave up to all UK8 players to voice opinions and lets attempt to keep a world which over 2/3 rds of UK8 love and enjoy.

Kind Regards


aka: MoraleKi11er


[tt]I refuse to keep restating this

The world started with a win condition
The world has reached the win condition
The world is now in its countdown timer
The world will end when the countdown timer reaches zero

That is how it works with a win condition... if you want the world to continue then change the points of the winning tribe and reset the timer otherwise it will close for good when it reaches zero.

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